Edison Chen’s Pick Up Line to Nita Chang: “You’re So Hot!”

Professing that his favorite activity in the past was sex, Edison Chen (陈冠希) was never without romantic rumors for long. The Clot fashion brand owner indeed kept his prospects wide open, as his taste in women varied widely. Last November, Edison had stunned the world when it was exposed that he had dated 16-year-old school girl and model, Cammi Tse. It turned out that Edison’s latest romantic target was Nita Chang (张亚兰), a Taiwanese-Spanish model of mixed heritage.

Twenty-two-year-old Nita Chang took part in Jay Chou’s (周杰伦) music video, Across Time <跨时代> earlier. Nita recently posted sexy photos of herself on a popular online photo-sharing site. Known for her daring photo shoots, pictures of Nita’s bare back and in lingerie outfits populated the web. Nita’s 32C figure and beautiful looks immediately attracted Edison’s attention.  Marking his new target, Edison “liked” Nita’s numerous photos and even sent increasing suggestive private messages, flirting with her.

In an interview, Nita described the nature of Edison’s messages, “‘You’re so hot! Let’s catch up!’ His messages grew increasingly bold, thus I ignored him. However, he continued to send me private messages via Weibo!”

Edison Sour Faced When Confronted By Press

At a February 22nd promotional event, Edison was asked by the press regarding his alleged pursuit of Nita Chang. At the mention of Nita’s name, Edison became sour faced and tight lipped, refusing to respond to further questions.

It was rumored that due to Edison’s declining public image since his 2008 nude photo scandal, as well as frequent negative romantic rumors, Edison’s fashion chain store, Clot’s sales also suffered. It was understood that Edison even relocated his Hong Kong Clot store location from a larger storefront, requiring $60,000 HKD in monthly rent, to a much smaller retail space costing $20,000 HKD per month.

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    1. hahahahah……….with all these potential single girls avoiding him like a plague, looks like Edison needs a lot of oil and moisturizers for his hands…..from the blisters he’s gonna get from masturbating……….hahahaa

  1. Has he gone to rehab? I’m surprised that he hasn’t befriended Tiger Woods yet.

    1. I don’t think Tiger woods wants to befriend with pedophile. Edison Chen has become a well known pedophile/child molester in this country. If he is smart, don’t come to the US. Usually pedophiles get murdered in jail and even before their trial date. The legal age to consent to have sex in California is 18.

      1. Although legal age is 18 in California, I don’t consider someone dating a 16 year old as a pedophile. 16 year old is a teenager not a little child.

      2. It is called hebephile (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hebephilia), someone who dates young ones onset of puberty or early teenagers. Strictly speaking it is borderline case since that’s the age of consent. I am surprised the land of sin (apart from Vegas) that is California, legal age is 18. That’s shocking in fact.

        Edison Chen is no paedophile, but I suspect he is a hebephile or someone who knows the law gets him if he goes below age of consent so he sticks to the borderline. Doesn’t make him less sick and a jerk. He needs help. How can any girl get turned on by that lazy pick up line. What happened to sweet nothings? Is it so simple these days? “You are hot” and voila, bed.

      3. Honestly though, do you think he didn’t have sex with those 16 year old girls knowing his past history. Well, just hope he doesn’t do anything like that in the US, otherwise he will find out the hard way in jail before trial.

      4. @kidd, it doesn’t matter if he dates minors, as long as the girls don’t brag about having sex with him, he is fine. Otherwise, he will be in trouble even if he didn’t do it. There are so many teachers, males and females having sex with minors in the US, it is because they bragged about it to friends, that got the teachers in jail and even some of them got murdered before trial. All i am saying is that Edison should be careful dating minors, if only ONE brags about having sex with him, he is in deep trouble especially in the US.

    1. I don’t think she wants a boyfriend who is a child molester/pedophile. It will definitely ruin her image.

  2. This gal may seem smart but eventually will become one of Edison’s favorite prostitutes(unlucky baits)…hahaha

  3. Let’s just hope that this gal falls into his trap……..Edison, you need to work hard!……so that we can have another great sex video to watch.

  4. This girl is asking trouble herself, if she didn’t wear sexy lingeries and post pics of them online..h0rnybag like edison wouldn’t even disturb her. She’s asking for it.. and why can’t she dress decently????

    1. are you serious? just cos she likes to dress sexy and to take pics she is asking for it? some girls likes to show their body, and why not? it doesnt mean they are asking for it, if youve got it then flaunt it.
      i dont see why you think just cos u dress sexy that means you are asking it, that is a load of BS!

      1. Flaunt your sexiness at party, dinner etc is okay but excessive flaunting online? I don’t think that’s necessary. You don’t have to flaunt your sexiness online just to prove you’re sexy and pretty imo. You can show it in a different way and it’s okay to dress in strippy shirt, short pant but lingerie photo online?? R u paid to dress like those lingerie models? if not, then you’re simply asking for attention and trouble.

        Men are easily attracted to sexy stuff and some might will project “disturbing” images in their mind if they saw pretty girls or etc. So can’t blame them if they start harrassing you whether sexually or not..just because you, yourself didn’t respect your own body.

      2. idk there’s a thin line between dressing up and dressing down. Unless people walk around in public with lingerie, I don’t see why theyre so willing to post pics of themselves in lingerie online…for ANYONE to see. However, seems like she’s not into him so that’s good.

        Man, I remember the times when he had such a large fanbase and was the teen pinup. He killed his own career lol.

      3. Each and every person has all the rights to post what pics they like, its more of ed that has the problem not hers.
        Im going to respect your opinion even though i do not agree with it.

        Anyhow all in four words: Edison is a PERV!

  5. i’m eddie fan but just really dislike his actions n he need to go in rehab.

    1. Ekinfan, you seem to be saying that very frequently. You must be exhausted!

  6. Edison should comes to the US and try to have sex with minors and see what will happen to him. Convicted pedophiles/child molesters will have to register as a sex offenders for his entire lives. All their personal information and even photos will be on a database for citizens to look up. It has known recently in the news that criminals usually murder pedophiles/child molesters in jail even before their trial date.

    1. He didn’t have sex with minors. It is a huge jump to that sort of life changing accusations. Be very careful before saying paedophile.

      1. No one knows if he had sex with minors, but in the US, if any minor accuses him of having sex, he will be in deep trouble. Trust me, there have been many cases on the news especially teachers having sex with minors and end up in jail and being murdered before trial.

      2. What if one day a mature looking minor comes at him and they have mutual attraction. Will he check her id first for her real age before getting it on with her or will he follow Little Edison?

      3. Actually, he could sue for defamation if you said he had sex with minors because the criteria for that differs with different countries and jurisdictions. Not saying that its likely, but its a good distinction to make. Given his age, it is undeniably immoral but not illegal (in HK).

      4. @ Funn Lim & lychii04

        please go read the article from jaynestars regarding Cammi Tse telling the press that she gave her virginity to edison. That means he had sex with her and under most countries, he is considered a pedophile. Only sick individuals pick on little kids.

      5. Cammi is not a little kid. And it is untrue and age of consent in most countries is 18. Most countries have age of consent at 16.

        If US people really consider having sex with a 17 year old as a pedophile, there really is something wrong with their understand. Should a 17 year old go to a pediatrician for their sickness. 17 year old can even hold a driver’s license in US.

  7. I think all the negative news regarding edison is good, one day it will definitely come back and haunt him especially when he gets caught for having sex with minors again.

    1. If it is good news, he needs to get out of Hong Kong entertainment arena.

  8. ehhh she’s cute, but not pretty in my opinion. i think hes into the import model car type of girls.

  9. Ehhh, Edison needs a wake up call. Not many self-respecting girl will come when you beckon now, with your hobbies splashed all over the internet. Which aspiring actress (who doesn’t want to be the next AV model) wants to worry about their bits being aired for everyone to see? Unless they are really too young and dumb to think for themselves (Cammi Tse who is 16)
    Maybe try a call girl.

  10. Nita is somehow like Camie in the second pic but Camie’s face is longer.

  11. Edison is just a mess up person.

    He even can not be recognized in the HK marathon when he finish his “not a bad boy” race.

    What ever happens to Church or devoted to ‘God’ that he is a change man…. ha!

  12. Why can’t he stay single for a while? Its been proven with the Camie Tse incident that he really needs help badly. I’m shocked he still hanging around the industry hoping for another chance. Seriously, someone please to tell him its over!

  13. Back in the old days, I just thought Edison Chen was a phony, smirky-faced Canadian who wished he was ghetto. Now, it’s just creepy that he hits on teenage (and near-teen) girls. Ugh; hope that there is no career revival for this guy.

  14. “You’re hot” is the laziest, most lame pick-up line I’ve ever heard of. And people say this guy’s got game?! He needs to go into rehab.

    1. Bridget,
      ““You’re hot” is the laziest, most lame pick-up line I’ve ever heard of.”

      I think the pick up line is fine. If delivered properly over a candlelight dinner and with sincerity, it actually can be quite sexy. What I find to be an effective pick up line is that it is said with sincerity and not just as an open used for just anyone. So the follow up conversation afterwards is very important.

      If not delivered properly, it may come across as lazy and desperate. It depends on what it is followed up by.

      If a man has a true game plan in his pick up lines, there should be more back up rather than a one-liner.

      Perhaps guys would appreciate it too if women went up to them and said, “You’re so hot.”

      In the end, whatever pick up lines we use are not so important. It is just an opener to lead to further conversation. If the person is receptive to your flirting, you don’t even have to say a word. Making eye contact and a smiling would be enough. I

      f there is attraction, the person will respond no matter how lame the pick up line is. If there isn’t, well it wouldn’t matter what you say.

    2. Bridget,
      Just curious regarding your standards, what would you find to be a good pick up line? Do you prefer physical compliments or situational conversational openers?

    3. Again, I think the person delivering the pick up line determines our reaction as well. A good looking young guy saying, “You’re hot” versus a random, old man on the train saying, “You’re hot” will get very different reactions from us.

      So the line probrably doesn’t really matter as we may already have predisposition against the person saying it.

      Hehe maybe you don’t like Edison much to begin with, thus his line is very lame to you?

  15. My god. Edison Chen needs to learn how to control himself. He just wants it easy, not serious relationship at all.

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