Edison Chen Hosts Party with Big Crowd of Fans

After announcing his retirement from the entertainment industry in 2008, Edison Chen (陳冠希) has switched gears to focus on managing his fashion brand. The business was a success and Edison recently celebrated his brand’s 20th anniversary with a grand smash party.

As the brand’s manager, Edison was wearing his brand apparels and made sure to entertain his guest by being the DJ and rapping on the spot. The venue attracted many guests, and the crowds even described the party as “so crowded that it was hard to breathe.”

Many young beautiful fans attend the party, and they used their phones to capture the night. As netizens shared videos of Edison rapping and move to the rhythm of the music, many praised Edison for being the “Chinese version of Kanye West” and “sounding like it came from a CD.”

Edison’s good friend Sam Lee (李璨琛) and his wife Shupei Qin (秦舒培) were also in attendance. At the party, netizens filmed the married couple flirting. Edison was seen smoking and chatting, and then Shupei hugged Edison from behind. The couple looked affectionate and were stuck to each other’s side

Source: HK01

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I always thought what he and the other girls went thru was too much of a punishment for something that wasn’t that big of a deal. They were consenting adults and were knowingly filmed. It was unfortunately how everybody almost got canceled afterwards.

  2. Agree, all those innocents, which is sad as I liked
    one of them. Same situation happen to the Hollywood folks like Jennifer Lawrence per se. Edison just a playboy. Too bad as well I always did like his music. Although curious as to who actually buys his clothing line…or where you even get it…

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