Edison Chen Says Money Can’t Buy Him Happiness

Filming a promotional video for a brand of beer in mainland China, Edison Chen (陳冠希) was asked by the interviewer on his thoughts about money. Edison’s philosophy on money is simple—it’s very important, but it can’t buy happiness.

While money can give him and his family a sense of security, he would rather lose all of it if he didn’t have happiness. “I’ve met many rich people, and I know a lot of them are not very happy,” said Edison. “Even if you have $30 billion, what is a good life if you don’t know what you want?”

If Edison was to choose between getting rich overnight, or to slowly build up wealth, Edison immediately said, “I prefer taking it slow. When I was still young, I remember earning a lot of money in very little time after I debuted. I spent all of that money within a week. That’s why I think it’s important to slowly earn your wealth. That’s when you learn the true meaning of money. If that money isn’t hard earned, then you won’t learn to appreciate what you have.”

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. What happened to him, he really did not age well. He was so good looking in the movie Initial D back then. Nicholas Tse still look good tho.

    1. @hayden I was literally about to say the same thing!! lol He definitely is not aging well. He looks gaunt and dehydrated.

  2. “money is simple—it’s very important, but it can’t buy happiness.”
    That is so true. I live by that too.

  3. Agree with his words on money. Funny thing is most people who are wealthy (except those born into wealth) spend most of their time chasing money. But then they work so much to make all that money, that they don’t have time for family or for themselves. What is the point of being rich if you can’t enjoy it and you neglect everything and everyone else? Money is a basic necessity but it doesn’t equate to happiness, definitely spot on.

  4. yea that’s why your rated R pics got leaked and bring joy to some lunatic fans, it didn’t cost them anything!

    1. @vodka You mean x-rated pics haha, and why he doesn’t look aged well, probably too much partying it up and what not catching up to him.

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