Cammi Tse: Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman; “I Love Edison Chen for His Maturity!”

It has been five months since 17-year-old model, Cammi Tse ( 謝芷蕙), became an overnight celebrity after her lip-locking photos with Edison Chen (陳冠希) surfaced. Everyone wanted a piece of Cammi, to find out more about her forbidden romance with Edison, which was marked by a 15-year age gap. Cammi Tse represented a “guilty pleasure” for adults, who while shocked by the alleged sex rumors, could not help but watch with perverted enthrallment as the teenage Cammi was about to leave innocence behind forever and enter adulthood. A larger world of fame, money, and temptation loomed over Cammi, whose intimate love life was a catalyst for the world’s attention upon her now.  Will Cammi remain a one-time curiosity or was she ready to become a bigger star in her own right?

Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman

Cammi Tse represented a contradiction. Despite her youthful school girl image, she also possessed a temptress reputation in her romantic rumors with Edison Chen and alleged involvement with TVB actor, Vincent Wong (王浩信) prior to his wedding. In Cammi’s modeling and self-taken photos, she often possessed a wide-eyed look (complimentary of circle contact lenses), pouty lips, and long, girly bangs. Pink was her favorite color.

Despite her innocent appearance, there was a budding sexuality in her, namely found in recent photos where she rolled in bed in her pink boy-shorts underwear.  Aside from the widely-circulated kissing photos taken on Edison’s bed, Cammi was rumored to be the subject of more explicit nude photos and video clip, where a young woman was seen giving oral sex to an unknown man. The video clip had circulated online last November.

Cammi denied several times that she was the girl featured in the oral sex clip. “Of course that was not me! I felt it was very funny that people said that the girl looked like me, because she does not resemble me at all! I did not look see the video clip. I wanted to search for it, but could not find it.” She protested again, “It looks like a screencap from a video. That was not me!” Cammi also denied that she was not the nude woman featured in tabloid photos.

The baby-faced 17-year-old was frequently criticized as to being too plain-looking. Cammi admitted that she lacked confidence in her looks, but felt that it was necessary to be able to accept criticism as a model and actress. Cammi said, “Actually, I do not have much confidence in myself. When I look in the mirror and smile, I feel awkward. I feel that I do not look good when I smile. But if I did not smile, then I look worse! I have my own contradictions. Perhaps other people have criticized me frequently, thus I think that I do not look good. I do realize that this is a terrible shortcoming in this line of work, so I am trying to change myself.”

Cammi Reveals Why She Loves Edison Chen

Cammi admitted that she has already dated three times, in which Edison Chen was one of her ex-boyfriends. Further details of her love life will be revealed in an upcoming autobiography, to be released later this year. Asked why she had dated Edison, Cammi said, “Because I liked him, so we were together! It is a very natural feeling.” Cammi admitted that Edison was very attentive towards her, but did not choose to elaborate further on the details. Asked why she was attracted to Edison, Cammi said, “I don’t know. When I fall in love each time, I just consider my feelings about the person and wish to be with him!”

Since Cammi had already started working while still a student and seen more of the world, she felt that boys who were the same age as her were immature. “Actually, I feel that every man can be very immature. However, their mentality will allow them to act maturely during the appropriate situations. Asked whether Edison showed his maturity by being attentive to her, Cammi said, “Yes.”

Tabloids reported earlier that Cammi had given her virginity to Edison, while days later she denied the allegations. Cammi stated, “Of course I have to deny this because I never made such a statement! The implications were too serious; my family was stunned!”

Despite her youth, Cammi was already convinced that all men cheated in relationships. “Even if a man loves his girlfriend very much, he will be unable to resist temptation and cheating. Perhaps I am a Pisces, thus I often struggle with this issue. Perhaps I will possess the same attitude as some women, by telling myself, ‘Let it go! It will be okay when I go home,’” Cammi laughed.

Income Increased Twenty-fold 

Cammi’s recognition levels soared after her intimate photos with Edison were released. Job offers were showered upon her. She hosted numerous variety programs on subjects such as a makeup and supernatural matters. A mainland China producer was interested in casting Cammi in a 40-episode drama where she will have a major role.  Advertisers were willing to pay the model over $10,000 HKD per promotional event appearance, which was a twenty-fold increase from her old fees.

Cammi even received a style award from a mainland Chinese media company in 2012. She will be releasing a pictorial and autobiography later this year. Notoriety or celebrity, it was clear that Cammi was heavily in demand, making an envious salary for a 17 year old.

“My Family Was Upset I Had Dated Edison”

After Cammi’s intimate photos with Edison surfaced, her father erupted in anger. Mr. Tse was not aware that Cammi had been dating Edison for months until he saw her photos in the newspaper! Her family was very upset and they did not talk to Cammi for a period of time. “At the time, I was alone, without anyone to help me. I was very helpless. Fortunately, they are my family and will support me. I clarified many issues with them, that [my relationship with Edison] was in the past. I told them that there were no such nude photos as claimed by the media.”

Cammi stated that her family was most angry about her dating Edison. After she explained that the relationship was already in the past, they supported her in the end. “They understand my hurt and pain. At the time, my family suffered as well.” She added that her family trusted her that she was not the girl featured in tabloid nude photos.

The aftermath of Cammi’s scandal with Edison continued to reverberate in her current life, making it necessary to change schools. “After the scandal, many students’ parents called the school to complain. Reporters called my school to ask questions about me. The school was bombarded by many problems; I gave them a lot of trouble.” Cammi added that some of her classmates were kind to her, while she tried to remove herself from the complaints. Although her modeling and acting opportunities were increasing, Cammi wished to complete her high school education.

Dealing With Public Backlash

When Cammi hosted a variety program earlier, an audience member dialed into the program, attacking Cammi for her poor hosting skills and unattractive appearance. Unable to withstand the humiliation, Cammi burst into tears. Reflecting upon the incident, Cammi had visibly calmed down. “At this time, I wish to let go. Many people do not like me. But I also think, when many people do not like me, it is time for me to prove myself to them. I can rely on my efforts to work hard and hope that they accept me. The complaint call into the variety program was live. My heart beat very fast. I panicked and did not know what to do. My heart was torn, thus I could not hold back my tears. When it was time for commercial break, I went away….

Despite a moment of weakness, Cammi quickly gathered herself. “At the time, I thought of thanking him. It is due to such unpleasant experiences which allow me to slowly mature.” Whether people scolded Cammi for her plain looks or alleged sexcapades, the “child-woman” possessed a strong survivor instinct allowing her to weather the aftermath of her scandal with Edison Chen.


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Jayne: Cammi Tse looks like a young girl, but seems to be older beyond her years. She is already pessimistic about love and men’s cheating habits in relationships. Aside from a few tearful bursts in the past, her interview responses are well oiled, giving details and dodging them vaguely when she wishes. 

She realizes the public’s strong negativity towards her, but that will not stop her from chasing her dreams of becoming a star. Cammi seems to know the rules of the entertainment industry well already.

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  1. She should get together with Albert Yeung…

    Her parents need to pay more attention to her; at least know who she’s dating…

    Sounds like she’s on the Hsu Chi path to stardom…

    1. Shu Qi, no! She did not involve in scandal or sexual photos, neither did she hook up with sex idol to get famous. Cammi…she is rotten at her age! Wth, she thought exposing intimate photos or stories with Edison can bring her wealth and fame? Go back to school, young lady.

      1. does school guarantee you a stable job compared to the amount of money you pay them? NOPE.

      2. Debatable. If one is lucky and successful within one’s lifespan, then education is a cheap and beneficial tools than scams. I am pretty conservative in terms of education for children. A 17 y.o youngster (ok, neglect the ‘lady’) should go back to complete formal education.

  2. I find it sad that she has to take this type of path in order to try to get famous.I guess that is her only way since she has no other connections or actual talent.How far would anyone go to achieve their dreams??? Sometimes you’d think back and really wonder once you have achieved your dreams(if you do) whether it was worth it or not???

    1. Agreed. Though I do think in response to Jayne, that her mentality might be realistic in the entertainment industry.

      1. Yea, I agree that her mentality is realistic since the entertainment industry can be a really dark world to enter. However, I think there are many other better and safer ways to enter, but I don’t think she has those resources to do so. Therefore, she has to take this route which I find very sad.

    2. as long as kim karadashian is famous, having sex tapes = fame & money

  3. “I Love Edison Chen for His Maturity!”

    Did she love him for his maturity when the scandal first broke out?

    1. Make up does wonders for many actresses and normal girls which is why they all can’t live without it…

  4. She is one of very and extremely mature for 17 years old. Is it ppl are getting fast to mature even faster to reach puberty nowaday. My MIL told me nowadays girls reach puberty by 9 years old , just wonder if it’s true.

    1. Mature? I think she is plain selfish, coniving and pretentious. Not a big fan of Edison, but poor guy got used.

      1. i guess you haven’t met “mature” people who are also conniving and pretentious and malicious lol

      2. Why is Edison the ‘poor guy’ ? I don’t think either one of them is using each other. Edison had his past scandals and so does Cammi. They probably knew what was happening.

      3. I am saying mature in a bad way not good way. It’s a mutual beneficial for both of them. Uncle Edison got young chick, and she is riding on his fame. So, no sympathy for both of them.

  5. inorder to be famous, she can go many ways.

    for a 17 year old like her, is a disappointment to the 90’s generation.

    1. “inorder to be famous, she can go many ways.”

      false assumption. people with talent, people without talent, it is difficult to make it in the entertainment.

  6. Hmm… starting to wonder who is the victim here, Edison, or Cammi. Seems like she almost had this in mind the whole time. A way for her to gain publicity and start her career. Could it be that Edison has been objectified just like he has done to the women he dated? It would be karma no?

  7. I wonder if she accepted the mainland drama and what’s her role be isn’t she too young to play a major role already?

    1. She said “i want to finish my high school education first” but I think she’s going to accept the major role anyway.

  8. I feel sorry for her, this industry will most likely swallow her up and spit her out because of her hunger for fame and fortune.
    I hope her parents will give her more guidance, maybe they do but she is too wild in personality.

    1. you seem to live in the “sky” so of course mundane matters are —yawn—

  9. Major role? Seriously, what the hell are they thinking?! This girl who isn’t even ‘mature’ enough to take responsibility for her own actions, and they still want to make her more famous?! Wth

    1. Yea, it seems like anyone who wants to enter the circle these days can do it, even someone like her. I find that really sad that the standards for entering the circle have gone down the drain…

  10. Besides the whole model thing, she’s a pretty typical teenager nowadays. Kids grow up way too fast. What happened to curfews and rules and limitations?

  11. Bottom line…Cammi is a notoriety and money seeking individual who would sell, trade or give anything to achieve that. Remember although she is 17 and not of legal age to drink, her parents are condoning her actions because they are greedyindividuals who are getting monetary benefits from the publicity as well, thus no family values at all.

    1. you believed her parents condone her because she said so? lmao. an example of people who believe everything they read.

    1. she’s not that famous….. never seen her in any show, any series, any modelling ad

    2. I never heard of her until Edison’s scandal became a hit.

    3. Took that all away, she won’t be able to have those sexy and cute pose anymore. Because eyeliners, big doll contacts and long Eye lashes is her confidence.

  12. For the respondent who thinks I am believing everything I read, maybe yes but if her parents had any decency or family values, they would have rein her in until she was at least 18 years old, graduated from high school or something. Her parents would have attempted to contact the tabloids to cease and desist all contact with their daughter until she is of age or until they feel she is more mature to handle the situation. Unfortunately, her parents have been suspicious mum about the situation. But what other readers and I surmise here is that she is controlling the situation not her parents trying to manipulate a name for herself which implies that her parents have tacitly approved. Now if you continue to think that Cammi is all that innocent and virtuous and her parents have been disapproving all along, dream on.

  13. Reading this interview, she sounds very mature. But, in a recorded short interview of hers I’ve heard before, she talks like a 12 year old. Can see that this girl is very worldly. She probably talk baby talk in that old interview to make her seem innocent.

    1. I feel she is immature in the sense she thinks she is mature but she is not. Not worldly also but you can say she is pretty experienced and “used”. The career path she is taking is dangerous and the photos she took is emulating a young girl in a sexual position. If you ask me, no she is not innocent but that doesn’t make her mature or worldly. Just make her “used’ if you know what I mean.

      1. Agreed. She seems to know and realise the dark and corrupt aspects of the world, yet she isn’t mature enough to steer clear from it. In a sense, she is fearless yet immature in thinking she has control over her actions and choosing that path. However, she may later realise that she was trying to be an adult when she was still a young girl.

  14. Besides the nude photos, I read that Cammi was rumored to be pregnant with Vincent’s baby but he took her to abort it. He also gave her shut-up money???

    1. Cammi pregnant with Vincent Wong’s baby? I don’t believe it. He and Yoyo are match made in heaven and a chummy couple. It might be only her made up story to get popular

      1. I know it sounds ridiculous but then you never really know since anything seems to be possible in the circle. VIncent and Yoyo aren’t that popular so why would she want to associate with them to get popular??

  15. what the f***? She banged gep gep with Vincent Wong? That TVB guy? Who the f*** wants to bang gep this cow?

  16. holy cow she is so ugly without makeup. all these guys that banged her must have eye problems.

  17. She is smart but not the book smart type. Her character is suitable for the ent. industry, but she lacks the star shine.

      1. I don’t think her look has a problem. She lacks the star feel, not that her look is bad. After makeup, she looks quite model.

      2. I am sorry but I do not see any X factor in her. Neither the looks nor have yet to see the talent. Unless she does a complete overhaul or grows up into a different person

  18. And I thought in the old day Pauline chan was bad. At least Pauline has beauty and height.

  19. With all the comments from the above readers about Cammi sleeping around most likely for monetary incentives, she should be ridiculed as much as Edision should be.

  20. She’s already 16 or 17 and already love attention.. guess the path she’s going isn’t going to be something nice at all.

  21. I watched the episode where the viewer called in to the live show on supernatural topics and gave Cammi a good scolding. The viewer said she has no looks, no life experiences, no prior tv hosting skills nor any knowledge of paranormal issues and was a poor choice by the tv station to make her a host on the show.
    I totally agreed with what this viewer said and if Cammi continues to be the host, this program will lose its audience for sure!
    God knows what they were thinking when they chose her!

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