Edison Chen’s Urban Culture Powerhouse: CLOT Media

Edison Chen’s (陈冠希) photography fetish in capturing sexual acts with his past girlfriends was often criticized as obscene. Asked whether he considered his self-taken photography fetish to be a perverted act, he replied, “No.” As he had initially responded to the leaking of his nude photos with Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐) and Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) in 2006, Edison took the photos for private pleasure, never intending them to be seen by the public eye.

Edison Chen Plays Hard and Works Hard

Despite Edison’s notorious sexual escapades, including his involvement with then 16-year-old Cammi Tse (谢芷蕙) last November, his fashion company, CLOT, was a budding business. While Edison was a pleasure seeker, he was also a successful entrepeneur. Disney and Nike happened to be two of CLOT’s partners, developing new products together celebrating youth urban culture. Edison loved Hip Hop culture since he was a young boy growing up in Canada. Currently, he oversaw the fashion vision for his retail clothing stores, Juice, which were highly popular with youths in Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, and Kuala Lumpur.

Since he was discovered at the age of 19 and won the hearts of millions of fangirls, Edison stated that he has worked very hard in his career over the last 12 years. Appearing in Los Angeles, USA, to promote his Juice brand last week, Edison noted that life in Hong Kong was constantly about work, with little room to breathe. “Asia is all about business: the club, lunch, the gym, everywhere. Out there it is like a Matrix!”

Despite this, Asia was still the central target market for Edison’s fashion brand, where demand for street culture goods, were on the rise. Edison was well traveled, found inspiration in the urban culture from overseas, and injected the inspiration into products for CLOT. Edison laughed, “One time I saw a bum wearing a bag, so we came up with a bag-hat, that looks like a bag but you wear it like a hat!”

Edison Thanks Haters

Despite the heated “Edison-hate” that often erupted in online communities, Edison was aware of the intense reactions, but was unapologetic for who he was. The backlash that resulted after his lastest scandal with Cammi Tse did not stop Edison in his tracks, only motivating him to work harder. Edison spoke about growing the Juice brand further, “We got tons of collabos.  Hopefully, we got enough gas in the tank because there are lots of projects out there. Super love to all the people who have shown us love and support! And super love to our haters, I thank you too! Otherwise, we would not be working so hard!”

Still Has Aspirations In Entertainment Circle

Edison also revealed that he will be releasing a music album in July 2012. Regarding criticism that he had once vowed to leave the entertainment industry after the nude photo scandal in 2006, Edison noted that he had never stated that he would leave the industry forever.

As for future film roles, Edison said that he wished to portray a gay character or psychotic murderer. Despite the public’s perception of his strong, lusty desires for women, Edison vowed that he would be able to portray a convincing gay character onscreen.

The public often perceived Edison as surrounded by women in his love life, an image which he attempted to erase. Edison stated that he has not dated for a long time, drawing the line clearly at recent rumors that claimed he was still seeing Cammi Tse secretly.

At an earlier interview, Edison was spotted wearing a bracelet which was a love token from his ex-girlfriend of 5 years, Vincy Yeung–neice of Hong Kong billionaire and EEG founder, Albert Yeung. The former couple split last September. Asked if he still thought of Vincy, Edison replied simply, “Yes, I do.”

Sources: koolearn.com, xinhuanet.com, CLOT

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Jayne: It’s not Edison who cannot stop talking about the women in his love life, but the women, such as Gloria Wong and Cammi Tse, who sought to increase their own exposure and fame over the last year.

I do believe that Edison works hard for his money. Running a fashion business is not an easy job. Perhaps he plays hard and works equally hard.

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  1. He needs to go to Castle Peak psychiatric hospital in Tuen Man; that is his best option.

  2. Working hard does not give him the right to have sexual relationship with a minor. He is old enough to know better. Having said that the females he gets involved with gives all women a bad reputation

    1. “Working hard does not give him the right to have sexual relationship with a minor.”

      she was 16+ at the time so he was not breaking any Hong Kong laws as the age of consent is 16. Actually a majority of the world is around that age some even younger

      1. He is 30ish and the girl is 16 or 17. What would he and the girl have in common apart from sex (on his part) and on her part (getting exposure and being “famous). Not sure why some people think he is attractive, he is ugly with a personality to match.

  3. Everyone in those photos know what they were getting into. Gillian has been in the entertainment industry for a few years when the photos were taken. She’s not as innocent as she claims. Don’t buy all the tears. People needs to take responsiblity for their own action. Even Cammi. Yes she’s 16 but there’s no way she never heard of Edison or the ‘scandal’. If people think that at her age she doesn’t know right or wrong, then it’s her parents that should be protecting her. Don’t put all the responsiblity on the society. Family upbringing makes a difference.

    1. I totally agree w/u. that twin girl is all innocent please its all an act. yes n this 16 year is dump but still doesnt she watch the news? ahaha lord shes a minor n get involved w/such a dude he might be prince charming to some but still grow a brain girlie hahaha..lol….unbelievable these ppl

    2. Well said. None of these girls are innocent. I don’t understand why hk people are so upset over private photos of someone else?!?

    3. I don’t think anyone in the circle is innocent because IF they were, then they would not be in the circle in the first place. We can assume that they are based on the image that they present, but that does NOT mean that they are….

      1. Agreed. No one in the entertainment circle is innocent. They all have an image that they must live up to. They’re entertainers after all

      2. i think linda is pretty innocent…. (not saying she has anything to do with Edison)

      3. That’s wat I always blv: If they are really innocent, they can’t exist in the showbiz.

  4. If Edison is not a pervert then the definition of the word “pervert” needs to be changed.

  5. I can’t say I feel sorry for these women. Even at 16, you are still responsible for your actions. With that said, Edison sounds like a jerk. You work hard, so what? A lot of people work hard and many deserve much more success than him.

    1. Yea, just because you work hard does not give the right to do stupid things… I think he is still so lucky than so many other artists, but yet it doesn’t seem like he has learned his lesson yet.

  6. Edison is the man! he can bang 13 years old girl n people still love him….only Edison can do it!

  7. Very good article of Edison that shows another side of him. I like reading this kind of article more than the sex-gate type.

    1. Kidd,
      More people prefer sexcapade stories than stories about chasing business dreams. 🙂

      Here is an interesting video link to watch Edison’s interview in English, in which I based this article on. I provided the link in the sources section, but in case you missed it, here it is (make sure you wait for the video to finish loading on site):


      1. Wow, thanks for the video Jayne!
        Pictures of Edison through the media don’t do him any justice. In live motion he actually look quite young. In all the English interviews I seen him in he always looking around acting paranoid. What’s that about?

        Anyways, his clothing line seem to be very successful so I don’t understand his need to throw himself back into the entertainment world knowing he’s considered a “pervert” by majority of the audience. At first, I was all for him coming back into industry because I felt if the public can give Gillian & Cecilia another chance why not Edison. But he’s constantly in one scandal after the next due his sexual needs. Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about the guy. On one hand I dislike him and on the other I respect his ideals on business like seen on the above video. Well, let’s see how the public respond to his second album.

      2. Thanks Jayne for the video link. Interesting interview.

        Could it be that many girls are attracted to him not only because of his bed skill but also because of his success in other ventures?

      3. That video is old. I saw that on YouTube last year. I notice Edison never looks directly into the camera. He can’t be camera day 😛

      4. Kidd, Fez

        “Could it be that many girls are attracted to him not only because of his bed skill but also because of his success in other ventures?”

        Regarding why Edison continues to get women to sleep with him, he’s apparently a charmer. Younger girls, who may value the fun factor more than stability and fidelity, appear to be especially attracted to Edison.

        Edison is a “bad boy” that perhaps some women find to be exciting and thrilling to be with.

        He is also famous, which makes some women willing to sleep with him. So by association with Edison (such as Cammi), the woman also feels that she is more important herself. Like how good we feel when we go to a singer’s concert and shake their hands.

        Maybe sleeping with a celebrity such as Edison will be a life time memory, simply because “I slept with someone famous!” It becomes a personal trophy, which Cammi appears to relish.

        Women who value stability, fidelity, and long-term relationships will not go for Edison. Perhaps this is another reason why he seems to prefer younger girls, since they have less expectations of a long-term future together.

      5. Hahaha yeah, he definitely has charms. I mean, I remember back in the days, when winglin was FILLED with fanfics about him and Twins… Yet, the whole sex scandal really ruined his reputation.

        Personally I think.. people’s sex lives are there own business. If they have consensual sex and choose to record it, it’s their business and to be vilified for it is just wrong. That and he was never the good boy role model type anyways LOL. I think it’s the fact that Asian culture is more conservative and sex seems like a taboo there so everyone reacted pretty badly.

        The whole thing with Cammi.. ehh. She don’t seem that innocent to me lol and seriously but .. that was worse to me than the whole sex scandal because it just shows a lack of control on his part. Seriously, it’s not illegal but it is creepy.

    2. @ Jayne

      Yes, as you mentioned, it is a prize for girls to score with Edison.

      I am in two minds about Edison after this article which seems to show a different side to him, and Cammi’s continued milking of her relationship with him for fame.

      Edison in the past before his fall, already had a “bad boy” image that he was “cool” because he said what he said, no apologies and was slightly arrogant. That was his charm whether he lost it or not.

      Perhaps his upbringing was in western countries where many celebrities have sex tapes or photos and it didn’t hurt their career.

      I still think that he is too bad in his actions and properly what many asian audiences cannot accept. He is a bad boy gone awry, a wasted life, perhaps he did not receive sufficient guidance not to use women as sex objects or sleep around regularly.

      Nicholas Tse was another “bad” boy image but Nicholas seem to have grown up. His handling of his marriage crisis, although he still has his impatience, shows a more thoughtful, matured decision making process.

      1. The difference between Edison and Nicholas that the public can’t accept Edison for is that he uses women as sex objects…no strings attached. He can have sex with women and discard them the next day like a used toilet paper. At least with Nic, every one of his exes was someone whom he actually loved. Edison is still immature, and we can see it from him hitting on underaged, immature girls like Cammi.

      2. Frankly I believe Edison has always been the same, private or public except now he is exposed people say he is a pervert when he was a pervert before, still a pervert now, difference is his perversion made it to public. He is still the same guy.

        Sex tapes wouldn’t hurt in western world, some even is crying to make one, dying to be in one, intentionally release one. In asia, we are still reserved, thank you very much. I think why we are rather disgusted with Edison is simple; the photos he took is beyond artistic, it is meant purely to showoff. I think if the pictures were not revealing and half the women didn’t look drugged or reluctant or some innocent image, maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference.

  8. Much to my hatred against him, yet, i have been constantly reminding myself – how many girls he had screwed up has nothing to do with me. If his songs are nice and movies are worth watching, i will still support him for i pay for entertainment and his personal matters have nothing to do with me.

  9. Just out of curiosity, if Edison saw you girls here, and wanted to have one night stand no strings attached, would you girls do it?

    He seems to get any girl he wants!

    1. and risk the chance of herpes? no way. the chance of getting herpes increases the more you sleep around

    2. He does seem to get any girls he wants. Maybe he is able to connect with the girls better since he is quite knowledgeable about fashion. It makes shopping a lot funner.

    3. If those girls think of all of the possible STDs that he may contract, then they will think twice before they go to bed with him. He has had so many partners that who knoww what he may have contracted???

    4. Nopes. The whole Cammi thing was a turn off for me. I don’t want to be anyone’s one-night conquest lol

  10. Taking pictures of initimatcy, videos of bedroom actions and talking about it. Pervert or not, he’s an animal. Why do you need to take a moment to cherish on film, or in pictures, you want to show this to kids, or do you want to show machoism, or your a man’s man. If I had a friend like that, I would totally invalidate him and I would give him more than a shout out, if he was doing to my family member. I hope you have heart gives out the next time you…….

  11. It takes 2 to tango but he’s still disgusting & a terrible role model. had ppl protested doubt disney would partner w him. havent seen his stuff but doubt its all that since no one says hes really talented. why young ppl support his line is beyond me.

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