Cammi Tse to Expose Edison Chen’s Bedroom Stories in Autobiography?

Recent rumors surfaced that Edison Chen (陈冠希) may be back together with 17-year-old model and school girl, Cammi Tse (谢芷蕙) ! At the end of February, a witness spotted Cammi leaving Edison’s apartment. This fueled speculations that the pair re-ignited love sparks despite publicly stating that they had broken up last November. In addition, Cammi will be releasing her autobiography later this year, in which she is expected to reveal torrid details of her relationship with Edison!

A Predatory Relationship Frowned Upon

In November 2011, Edison and Cammi’s kissing photos surfaced widely. It was speculated that Cammi may have released the photos herself, in order to gain publicity. Since Cammi was only 16 years old at the time, public outrage ensued that 31-year-old Edison was nearly robbing the cradle! Concerns arose as to whether the pair had sexual relations and whether Edison may have slept with an underage Cammi. Eager to deflect the scandalous rumors, Edison announced that he and Cammi had broken up.

The public was shocked to learn that Edison and Cammi may still be secretly seeing each other. Cammi had revealed that Edison did not wish to go out when they were dating. Their past dates took place at his home, on his bed. In fact, the intimate photos that circulated last year showed Cammi and Edison’s naked shoulders, taken on Edison’s bed.

Regarding the rumors that he was back together with Cammi, Edison denied the allegations at a fashion promotional event appearance in March. Edison claimed that he has been single for a very long time.

Cammi Tse’s Photos in Pink Undies Leaked

In February, photos of Cammi Tse in pink panties were leaked on the web. Cammi lay sprawled on her bed wearing striped boy-shorts, in various suggestive poses. The photos showed the curve of her bottom and legs. The photos went viral and Cammi was again back in tabloid news headlines.

Cammi Tse to Sell Love Secrets in Autobiography?

Last November, Cammi admitted to filming an erotic video for Edison’s private viewing pleasure, professing she was clothed in the video clip, but was too scared to reveal additional details. Since Cammi’s romance with Edison was exposed, she went from an unknown model to an overnight celebrity.

Capitalizing on the intense public interest, Cammi will be releasing an autobiography later this year. Cammi stated that she will write about “the romantic stories of a teenage girl, regarding past dating relationships with ex-boyfriends.” No doubt, Cammi will be writing about her relationship with Edison Chen!

Although Edison’s nude photos have leaked in 2006, none of Edison’s previous lovers have dared to comment on his bed skills. After the public saw Edison’s most private parts, perhaps they were eager to hear about his bed skills as well!

Andy Lau’s Bed Skills Exposed

This was not the first time in which a Hong Kong actor’s love life was exposed in a tell-all for money. In 2004, Andy Lau’s (劉德華) Taiwanese ex-girlfriend, Yu Ke Xin (俞可欣) released an autobiography, revealing that she and Andy had sexual relations months after meeting each other. The pair signed a marriage certificate 27 years ago and spent 6 months together living the life of a husband and wife.

Regarding Andy’s love making skills, Yu Ke Xin was full of praises, writing, “He (Andy Lau) was like a dragon. In this aspect, he truly gave me a lot of pleasure many times!”



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Jayne: No doubt, celebrities’ bedroom stories have a huge market. The question remains as to the amount of bedroom details to be exposed in Cammi’s autobiography regarding her relationship with Edison Chen.

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  1. Edison and bedroom stories can never get separated ROFL

    1. Vivien,
      Many Hollywood celebrities’ careers’ became much bigger after their nude photos/ sex videos surfaced.

      Is Asia following the same trend? Cammi Tse’s current celebrity (notoreity) is due to her bedroom link with Edison Chen. People are not curious about Cammi because of her simply dating Edison, but rather because of the sexual angle of it. Cammi’s kissing photos with Edison were taken on his bed, so people naturally think about sex. Now she leaks photos of herself in her undies….

      Cammi is only 17 and while she takes all those wide-eyed photos and cried before the camera, she is relishing all this attention on her. Writing a book is the best well to make the most money out of it.

      1. Not in Asia Jayne.

        Anyway what is there to reveal? Just release the sex tape. Everythng else in words is not interesting anymore since we have seen Edison fully naked.

        As for Andy and the dragon description, that was funny! But I am sure that was Andy’s most passionate time. Seems like it.

      2. Funn,
        You’ll rather watch Edison’s sex tape and determine for yourself whether he has good bedroom skills?

        The tape will never be released by cammi because she will have to appear fully nude in it herself. Writing a book is ghe right way to do it. She can tell us in words about Edison’s technique of chasing her and their bedroom stories. Sometimes reading is better than watching, if your are interested in her perspective.

      3. Edison has got to be good in bed if he gets so many ladies and is not packing a big one

      4. Jayne,

        “You’ll rather watch Edison’s sex tape and determine for yourself whether he has good bedroom skills?”

        Frankly not to determine his bedroom skills but curious. I mean teasing us with those photos after photos but none of them about the real deed itself. So might as well complete the collection I suppose.

  2. She looks scary without makeup. A big transformation.

    1. Many celebs and people that rely on it do…

      1. Other celebs are still passable. Cammi is just…plain looking. A lot of makeup, photoshop, etc.

      1. SDS,
        “She looks like a goat.”

        Maybe with some plastic surgery down the road, Cammi Tse will turn into a beautiful goddess. But the poses do look like she is doing somersaults in bed.

        I think the fact that Cammi just turned 17 and her body that of a young teen, just like a schoolgirl, makes her pictures even more forbidden. Kind of like the type of pictorials you see in the Japanese market. It’s Cammi’s normalcy that makes her appealing and sexy to some, just like amateurs versus professional porn stars.

        In the end, if Cammi doesn’t have long-lasting appeal and commercial value, her fame will not last. Stay tuned for my Cammi interview, to be released later tonight! 🙂

    1. Last time when the pics of her and edison surfaces, her father was extremely mad as like he was trying to beat her up for her stupid act.. I wonder why doesn’t her father stop Cammi from releasing this sexual biograph? WAs the father seeking popularity too or he was just putting an act?

      1. Maybe her father is trying to make money from this as well?? You never know…

  3. Ugh.. please, save us the details. Does anyone really want to know what Edison does in the bedroom 😛

    I guess you can’t fault Cammi for looking to cash in on her 15 minutes of fame. After this she’ll be back to obscurity…

  4. girl like her really have no self respect and i wonder what her parent think about her actions.

    1. Maybe it was her parents who encourage her to release this biography?

    2. Yea, maybe her parents just want her to cash in while she can.

    3. maybe maybe
      that’s ashame of them if it’s true

  5. 2 comments:

    1. I am flabbergasted.

    2. She makes Viann and PSS looks good.

    1. Canto,
      When Mavis Pan exposed her bed photos with Raymond Lam, she was motivated by revenge. Mavis didn’t really care about money, thus we will never see her autobiography where she comments on Raymond’s bedroom stories.

      Cammi Tse is motivated by fame and money. She is only 17 years old and likely relishing all this. I do think that her autobiography section regarding Edison will be quite juicy. Her recent underwear pics seem to showcase her flaunting side, screaming, “look at me!”

  6. Me me wanna puke whenever there’s news about her. She hav an innocent face but deep down don’t think she is. Recently she was signed up to host Unbelievable with Nel Nel, her evil twin lookalike. Guess what, a caller make rude comment about her hosting the show and she should go back to school instead. The show was totally embarrassing as they show her crying and viewers should pity her age for reason she is there to gain work experience!?

    1. Looks can be deceiving.. Just because someone looks innocent doesn’t mean that they are.

      1. Her looks look innocent during the time of the steamy photos with crackhead Edison.

    1. P.Tan,
      “She’s underaged and what are her parents doing?”

      Many teenagers lead alternate lives that parents are unaware of, such as chatting with older strangers online and getting into adult situations.

      Where I live, some parents allow high school kids to party until 3 AM on Friday nights. I see the girls dressed in micro shorts in the winter, hanging out in groups on Friday nights. As I’m heading home, the kids are just partying.

      Some parents are too busy working. In an older article, it was revealed that Cammi’s father was very upset to find out through the news that she was involved with Edison. But modeling brings in good income, so her family allows it and all the vices associated with the entertainment industry.

      Some parents take the easy route out: they let their child make their own friends and lead certain lifestyles by a certain age; 16 or 18 for example. Let them make their own mistakes and learn so to say.

  7. she looks literally like a cow. mooo mooo!!!!!! got milk?

  8. Her family must be so so so proud of her! Cammie looks are not even great, this is why she needs to unleashed her bedroom stories! HK don’t have age law? Edison lucky you moved out of Canada, if he was to do such thing here you would be in big big trouble!

    1. have to agree cammie is not very attracting looking…to unleash bedroom stories to get known is low!

  9. Where is her dad when we need him to control his daughter?

  10. she’s a attention seeker. youtube some videos of her talking. she sounds dumb …. like a child.. oh wait she is a child.

    she’s the typical “tam mo hui wing” cutey-wannabe school girl that don’t want to go to school and instead like to date older boys, have sex and ‘fat ming sing mung’.

    not interested in her, but would like to see the sex tape she’s talking about hehe – i want to see how asians do it.

  11. She is pathetic. I don’t think she is pretty, in fact she looks very normal and the worse is she has a very bad and unhealthy motive for doing all these.

  12. A 16 yo with a 31 yo is nothing. 20 something with 50 something in Sydney is very common. Its’ very scary what some people go to to get PR (permanent residency) status. I feel sad for their parents see their daughter with something their age or older. >_<

  13. How sad, that a young girl (a child, really!) would be so motivated in this day and age to sexualize herself in public for money and attention.

    Then again, who am I kidding. Girls have been doing this since the dawn of time. I just wish that there were also a few positive role models for girls to look up to and aspire to be instead. Where are the female celebrities who are intelligent, educated, talented enough to write their own material, and witty enough to laugh about themselves??

  14. do we even care? autobiography of a 16 years old girl?

  15. Why release a autobiography? Do I really believe she has the requisite literary skills to even write 2 pages on one idea? Does anyone believe she can even write erotic fiction? She should just release a picture book. Especially one with fold out pictures.

    1. SDS,
      “Does anyone believe she can even write erotic fiction? She should just release a picture book. Especially one with fold out pictures.”

      Celebrity autobiographies are usually written by ghost writers, where such writers’ names may or may not be mentioned. A good book takes more than a few months time to write, so even if the celebrities have the writing skills, they do not have the time to write such a lengthy project. So Cammi will tell her story to a writer, who will piece together the stories into some coherent teen romance novel with bedroom twist to it. There must be some sexual content, otherwise people wouldn’t be interested in her story.

      I think she will also release a pictorial book this year. However, with the saturated leng mo market, Cammi’s book wouldn’t really stand out. Her expose about Edison Chen will sell more copies. I don’t think people will be reading it for erotic fulfillment, but rather to appeal our voyeuristic side. 🙂

  16. I read from somewhere that Edison is impotent, which could explain why there’s no pics of him having sexual intercourse with the ladies. Oh wait, it was Came herself who implied that Edison was impotent.

  17. those pictures are not sexy nor attractive in any way… and is her nose for real? it can cover all of Texas….

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