Cecilia Cheung Cancels Event Appearance to Avoid Edison Chen At All Costs

When Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) ran into ex-flame, Edison Chen (陈冠希), on an airplane earlier, her former hatred for Edison due to their nude photo scandal apparently dissolved. Cecilia and Edison’s friendly photo collaboration on the airplane became the instigating factor leading to Cecilia and Nicholas Tse’s (謝霆鋒) divorce. Cecilia was afraid to run into Edison and afraid to appear in Shanghai again!

Over the last three months, each time Edison appeared in Shanghai, Cecilia would certainly arrive in Shanghai the day before. There was no exception over the last week as well:

July 13: Nicholas Tse went to a hair salon to cut his hair in the Central district, while Edison Chen passed by on the same street.

July 14: Edison Chen appeared in Shanghai to attend the opening ceremony of an exhibition.

July 15: Originally planning on attending the launch celebration by Oriental TV, Cecilia missed the event.

July 17: Cecilia went to Shanghai to attend a fashion show.

The day before, Oriental TV held a grand launch celebration for their dancing program, <舞林大会>. Cecilia originally promised to sing a song at the launch celebration. Over eighty artists appeared at the grand event, including Vaness Wu (吴建豪), Wu Xiubo (吴秀波), Li Yuchun (李宇春), Jiang Yingrong (江映蓉), Yoga Lin (林宥嘉), Yu Entai (喻恩泰), Tien Hsin (天心), and Zhang Yishan (张一山) were present.

Since Edison Chen was in Shanghai, it was speculated that in order to avoid seeing him there and the paparazzi’s subsequent questions, Cecilia cancelled her event appearance on the dance program. Earlier, the event organizers told reporters that Cecilia had promised to appear on the show on July 17th. Yesterday, dozens of reporters rushed to Shanghai, but there was still no sign of Cecilia Cheung at 4 PM, two hours after the program had started.

Edison Chen To Blame For Cecilia Cheung’s Missed Appointment?

When reporters were disappointed by Cecilia’s absence, a staff member from the event explained that Cecilia did promise her appearance a few days ago. However, due to a sudden reason, she was unable to attend. Another member of the organizing committee revealed that Cecilia very happily agreed to appear on the dance program. At a Shanghai fashion show on July 14th, Cecilia once again confirmed her attendance in person for the July 17th appearance. It was planned that Cecilia would sing and also dance the program’s opening section. When she was in Shanghai earlier, Cecilia secretly practiced her dance steps.

To Cecilia’s unexpected surprise, Edison Chen appeared in Shanghai from July 15th to 18th to attend a brand promotional activities. On July 15th, Nicholas Tse’s younger sister, Jennifer Tse (谢婷婷), was also in Shanghai. Although Jennifer and Cecilia got along well in the past, Jennifer has recently stood by her brother’s side amidst the divorce scandal.

A staff member said that Cecilia was afraid to meet Edison in Shanghai and make Nicholas unhappy. As a result, she missed  her appointment. There were news that stated Cecilia Cheung was busy filming and could not appear for the event. Allegedly, due to her two sons, Lucas and Quintus, Cecilia will not easily agree to divorcing Nicholas. After filming The Lion Roars Again <河东狮吼2>, Cecilia will wholeheartedly take care of her two sons.

Source: Sohu.com

Jayne: Indeed Edison has been caught in an awkward situation in Cecilia and Nic’s divorce crisis. Edison has been blamed for instigating the divorce and now, the reason why Cecilia missed appearing in a promo event.

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  1. There’s no need to avoid him now. What’s done is done! The divorce is going to go through whether she avoids Edison or not. Also, If she wants to continue in the industry then she should show up to events she promised to attend.

  2. She should have done this earlier… I think it is a bit late to be avoiding him now… WHat is the point of it now??

    1. @HeTieShou:

      Definitely agree with you! If she should avoid, she should have had the sensibility to avoid him on the plane and not request to be seated next to him and even to snap a photo with him (oh, the irony) back then.

      I think Cecilia’s way of handling this is considered quite immature to me, Hong Kong and the entertainment industry is only that small, they are bound to bump into each other at some event sooner or later, they can’t possibly avoid each other forever.

      But, well, having said that, I do feel confused too if I were Cecilia as to what to do since the act of avoiding and not avoiding Edison would also end up in the tabloid. If she sees Edison, should she 01. ignore him and walk away? Or 02. she should act like nothing ever happened and wave and smile to him?

      Regardless of which method above Cecilia chose, it will still end up being a media report but I guess method no. 2 would be the last thing she should do if she still harbor hopes of salvaging her marriage with Nicholas as Nicholas will probably feel put off just as he was about the plane incident between Cecilia and Edison.

      Hmm…I also think Cecilia was quite irresponsible in not turning up for the dancing program at the very last minute when she had promised twice that she would turn up. Sure, the program still had the coverage they were guaranteed for but I think the media probably felt deceived as they waited two hours in vain for Cecilia to arrive. I guess that would be the final time the Oriental TV would ever ask Cecilia to be on their show?

      “Although Jennifer and Cecilia got along well in the past, Jennifer has recently stood by her brother’s side amidst the divorce scandal.”

      If I’m Jennifer, regardless of how bad my brother is in real life, I would still stand by my brother too cause “blood is always thicker than water” and I admit I’m not as righteous as Lee Ka Ding lahs haha, I won’t ever eliminate my loved ones just for the sake of upholding justice (大义灭亲) heehee!

      1. @Stephy:

        LOL! Haha no lahs, I’m a neutral party of both Shirley and Gregory’s family! But I do admire Lee Ka Ding for being somewhat neutral and carrying out his promise to his son to withhold his silence and try his best not to insult Shirley, especially since we know those expletives that he is capable of lol!

      2. @Ah K,
        I totally agree with you and yea, Jennifer should stand by her brother’s side. You know the saying “Your siblings are like your limbs, while your wife/husband are like clothing”. I also don’t think her brother is as bad they say. Cecilia may not be 100% wrong either, but the way that she handles some things is really immature.

  3. Uh huh..and I thought this fiasco is cooling down. Perhaps not yet….:P

  4. i think she has reasson why she doing this, maybe she didnt want the paparazzi follow her and worry become big news if she still respon edison.

  5. Remember she’s fighting the kids custody with Nic, if she got photographed with Edison. How will the court view her?

    1. So true! She wants to make a good impression in order to have more ammunitions against Nic. She can’t take a risk now especially everything is up in the air. She previously played with fire and got burnt in the process, hopefully she learned to wise up after this incident.

  6. LOL, maybe she is afraid that she cannot resist Edison when she meets him in person.

  7. Honestly, I really like Cecilia. But I don’t get it why must she took pic with Edison during the flight. If I were Nicholas, I would be super furious as well. I really dun understand what is in her mind at times. Yea, maybe she is forgiving, but taking pic is kind of ridiculous to me. Sometimes, certain celebrities make me dumbfounded with their actions. Either they are too free to create scandals and cause troubles or they are just plain dumb.

  8. I can’t help feeling a little sorry for Edison. Yeah, I know he’s a creep and pervert but it was Cecilia who decided to change seats to take friendly photos with him. Now the media putting all the blame on him for a already messed up marriage. I honestly can’t understand why Edison insist on trying regain his fame when media makes it impossible. He should really just focus on his clothing line.

  9. After reading so many reports and watching so many interviews of Nic and Ceci, I feel that Edison is the ultimate underlying reason for the breakdown of the couple’s marriage. As stated reportedly, the marriage came into crisis early this year–that’s the same time Edison becomes active again in the entertainment industry. Early this year, reporters asked Ceci if she would ever forgive Edison, she said yes she would, and that if she sees him she wouldn’t avoid him. This must have worried Nic and could be the underlying reason for Nic not wanting Ceci to return to the entertainment business. Nic is possessive of Cecilia and she is obsessed with him. He would give her the silent treatment from time to time whenever he feels annoyed with her, and she not understanding his cold treatment towards her, would react explosively, thus leading to arguments.

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