Cecilia Cheung Rushes Home to Spend Day With Two Sons at Disneyland

According to Oriental Daily, Cecilia Cheung (张柏芝) was extremely busy filming Dangerous Liaisons <危险关系> in Shanghai while recording for her new songs. As the mother of two sons, Cecilia will fly back to Hong Kong to see Lucas and Quintus whenever her work schedule permits. Yesterday, Cecilia took one day off from filming to take an early morning flight from Shanghai to Hong Kong, in order to take the boys to Disneyland for a day of fun.

Both Cecilia and Quintus wore a white tank top, while Lucas wore a red and white striped shirt and held a cartoon umbrella. Due to the theme park’s Halloween atmosphere, Lucas also sported a fun face painting. Many onlookers recognized  Cecilia and the boys. An onlooker even took out a camera to take pictures!

Cecilia gained obvious weight due to the Dangerous Liaisons film crew taking very good care of her. The crew “fattened” her by bringing piles of snacks on the set for Cecilia.

Source: Sohu.com

Jayne: Lucas and Quintus are such beautiful kids! Sounds like a hectic schedule to fly to Hong Kong for a day trip at Disneyland.

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  1. Sometimes, I wonder why the HK media even bother on reporting such meaningless news. Hopefully, now that Nic has dumped Cecilia, the media will tame down on the news surrounding such untalented entertainers…………She really still can’t sing or act and her biggest claim to fame is her pornographic venture with Edison……just do a porn film with him and get it over with…………

    1. she can’t act or sing and just has sex and people still read her news and watch her performances and hear her sing. people are full of crap and dumb, huh? lmao. we are all dumb for “love.”

      you are obviously jealous that she got some great sex with two experienced guys lmao

    2. Yuaida,
      “She really still can’t sing or act and her biggest claim to fame is her pornographic venture with Edison”

      Cecilia won the HKFA Best Actress Award before the Edison scandal. Despite her controversial news, I think Cecilia still works hard and tries to be a good mother, as much as she is capable of.

      “biggest claim to fame is her pornographic venture”

      This may apply more towards Paris Hilton.

      1. Winning awards don’t mean a lot these days.
        Her acting bores me to death

    3. I agree that her singing is not good but he can act. And she is famous even before the incident with Edison. So it isn’t her biggest claim to fame.

      1. Cecilia got opportunities and good characters in movies because of her looks in the first place. She’s not that great of an actress but she was lucky. Her looks overshadows everything. Her singing is terrible.

    4. My goodness. She already got fame before the Edison scandal. Her acting is a hit and miss. I didn’t like her acting in most films, but I definitely enjoyed her acting in Mighty Baby and Lion Roars. She really did great in those films.

  2. I think it was all about public relation. Sometimes I just wondered whether it is one requiremenrt of her contract that she needs to show to public her time. It is kind of common PR in Hollywood. Build a good image ..

    I did not say she does not love her kids.. But it was too much of PR..

    I don’t think her acts are good at all. Her singing is terrible. It is hard to explain why people are so crazy about her. She looked beautiful when she was young.

  3. I think she cannot sing and act. I also think she’s got a crazy personality, sometimes when she talks there isn’t a point or whatever she talks about is dumb/pointless however I still like her because I think she looks great as long as she don’t act or talk like a crazy woman I like her. I think it’s great that she’s making the effort to spend some qulity time with her kids but at the same time I think watching your kids grow up in every step of the way is more important then making money so she should stop working so much.

  4. I agree. She mentions that she’s working so hard to show her kids that she can climb up after falling down. But, really? Kids don’t care about that at the moment. Kids need lots of love from their parents. Both her and Nic need to cut down on their work and spend more time with their children or they’ll just grow up with personality disorders just like themselves.

    1. They are kids, little kids. They are only care if the parents are with them, spending time together. Years need to be passed before they mind how hard she works.

      Maybe I am poor so I do not understand these rich people. If I had a few milion usd in my bank and I had little kids, I would even retire to play with the kids.

      1. That’s what I said. They’re little kids and need lots of love from both of their parents–meaning they need their time.

  5. First time i saw Cecilia on screen, my jaw dropped! She was so cuteeeee. She was so pure back then. She still pretty but ofcourse age has taken a toll on her.

  6. For those who said she can’t act, please check out this movie “Lost in Time”
    Then if you’re still saying she can’t act, then I don’t know who else can act.

  7. First time I saw Cecilia was on her Polaris mv. Her looks reminded me very much of a young Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia, very pretty. And then I heard her speak; I was shocked by her husky voice, so incongruous to her delicate appearance.

    1. Of course she’s not fat. She’s too thin! Do these stick thin HK celebs even eat?

  8. I personally think that Cecilia can act really well. Yea, she is pretty but at least she can act. Well, as for singing, it does not really match up to her looks but still I will read her news and stuff.

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