Lucas said Nicholas Tse is an Absent Father

Though Cecilia Cheung (张柏芝) and Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋) have been divorced for eight years, they still remain in contact for the sake of their two sons, 12-year-old Lucas (谢振轩) and 9-year-old Quintus (谢振南). In the eyes of many, both parents are doing their part for their children. Speaking with the press recently, Lucas revealed that Nicholas is actually an absent father in their lives.

With Quintus being too young and Lucas on the quieter side, the Tse brothers do not often speak to the press. Breaking his usual silence, Lucas shared that he and Quintus rarely see their father because of his busy work schedule. Lucas said, “When I’m sick or my brother has fever, only Mom is with us. I don’t regret that Mom and Dad separated, because he’s not good enough for Mom.”

Though Lucas is still very young, Cecilia has mentioned in the past how mature he is for his age and often takes care of his brothers and herself. When the couple was still together, photos of the family of four were seen quite often. After the divorce, only Cecilia was seen driving her children to and from school, and taking them on vacation. In the past many considered Lucas to be Nicholas’ mini-me, but the time spent apart has drifted the father and son.

Source: Sohu

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Update Oct 22, 2019: Nicholas’ management company EEG issued a statement.

Nicholas Tse Issues Statement Over Relationship with His Children


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  1. Get in! The truth is revealed for once from the ones that count. Though the argument fir Nicholas is that with the mother moving the children out of HK, it does make it hard for Nicholas to regularly take care of the children. Also how can a kid know who is the bad person in a relationship? Hate divorces. Always poor parental balance and brainwashing…

  2. Not surprising. He hasn’t talked to his own sister when she just had a baby and is probably going through one of the most vulnerable times of her life. Family does not mean much to him it seems.

    1. @potatochip Very true! When you don’t even speak to your sibling for a year? That’s unreal. I guess all his amazing cuisines are just for Faye Wong and not for his family members.

    2. @potatochip yup; not as important as work.

      but to be fair, workaholics don’t even have time for themselves. It’s always work, work and more work. when they don’t even care for their own needs, what else can’t they sacrifice? it’s a mental illness IMO. they may not recognize they’re losing the bigger picture for the short term goal. maybe it stems from financial insecurities he had when he was a kid.

  3. Sometimes you just have to give up on the children. If one parent brainwashes the children day by day while living with them, the other parent is helpless. It is impossible to overcome. Seen that happen plenty. In the end all the father provides is money while the child will treat the new father more as the real father…

    1. @jimmyszeto
      True, but only if the other parent is willing to keep a relationship with their children, then there is still hope. Nowadays, with technology, calls, messages, or even FaceTime, can help keep in contact with their children.

      As for the parent who lives with the children, some are truly brainwashed because they’ve been hurt and they exaggerate and lie to children, but some are just responding through their perspective so it only “appears” as a brainwash.

      Through Nicholas’ childhood and how he’s been brought up (articles/interviews/his own words), I don’t think he gave up because Cecilia brainwashed them, especially when Lucas (who I think is old enough to realize the difference) said that “he’s not good enough for Mom.”

      1. @mi520 Agreed. There are ways to stay in contact and be present, so to speak, if he wanted to be. But it looks like he hasn’t made the effort…

  4. When Lucas said “dad always busy with work and mom always by ourside”
    I have to say…. yah. Because your mom take money from your dad, she don’t need to work to have money, for sure have time by your side.

    Somemore ur dad is too kind to pay her after divorce. When he can actually refuse to pay her any cent. By using the photo of she wearing engagement ring had affair with his best friend.

    1. @josqi Not saying he completely dismisses his sons. He’s paying because those 2 are still his sons, but just doesn’t take the effort/time to care about them.

    2. @josqi Sorry but I don’t understand this logic. So, the kids not supposed to expect the fathers (who supports them financially) to be present fathers in their life especially in time of sickness? This is a poor excuse. A father’s job is not only to provide for money. Does it make it OK and acceptable for kids with moms as housewife to have absent fathers if we use this logic?

      Like someone has stated above. In today’s technology, one doesn’t need to meet in person to be keep in contact with each other. How many of us here who lives in different cities/countries from our relatives or closest friends yet still maintain close relationships? All it takes is the willingness to spend time for it.

    3. @josqi
      i thought the fling between cecilia and edison happened before the marriage while nicolas and her were on a break.

      true that they are divorced and she probably gets good payments from nic. doesn’t mean that he had to be completely absent. a phone call few times a week. family time once or twice every few weeks to stay in the kid’s life. sleepovers or ask ceceilia to be closer to him.

      1. @m0m0 You are right. The fling with Edison was before he got back together with Nic and later married. But the pictures were exposed after she had Lucas and it’s not the first time that I have seen people who defends him (for being absent father) are spreading false information to Cecilia’s pictures scandal against her. Which is such a low move as she was a victim (as the rest of the girls) in that fiasco

    4. @josqi a man or a woman’s promiscuity has nothing to do with how good of a parent they are not to mention as outsiders, we don’t even know if those pictures were taken when she was with Nic or not. I personally don’t believe that they were and have always found Cecilia to be the one who loved Nic more than the other way around. Doubtful that she would throw that all away if she was indeed still with Nic during that time.

      Would not be surprised if Nic really is an absent father. Aint no brainwashing needed for a 12-year-old to feel like his father doesn’t care to be in his life. Technology is so advanced now and even babies know how to use smartphones. No excuse for Nic not to be in touch with his kids despite the distance.

  5. If the interview did take place, it is unethical of the media to a minor especially he is not a professional child actor.

    If this is another media defamation, then his parents should file a legal action against defamation and for children privacy protection.

    It is also unethical for the commenters here, hopefully your children don’t follow your footstep to be nosy and gossipy when they are at your age one day.

  6. I have to say Yang Mi is also an absent mom too she barely get to see her daughter because of work?

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