Nicholas Tse Issues Statement Over Relationship with His Children

Recently, there are reports circulating online regarding the poor relationship between Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋) and his children with Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝). Allegedly, his eldest son, 12-year-old Lucas Tse (謝振軒) said in an interview that when he or his 9-year-old brother Quintus (谢振南) are sick, only Cecilia is by their side. Although Nicholas’ manager Mani Fok (霍汶希) denied the allegations and declined to comment further, Nicholas’ management company EEG issued a statement today.

The full statement is as follows:

“Our company recently found a number of media/platforms circulating reports that the eldest son of our artiste, Mr. Nicholas Tse, commented on their relationship. For commercial purposes, deceitful headlines and false reports were used to mislead the public and readers.

Our company and our artiste (Nicholas) pay great attention to this matter. We hereby solemnly declare: Our artiste has a good relationship with his children and they get along well with each other. These misleading and or false reports are causing harmful, insulting, and inflammatory remarks to grow online. It is affecting the children and causing serious problems. Our artiste reiterates that he will use all methods to protect his children and avoid unnecessary impact on his children. He will not endure any individual, organization, and or media or platform to use his children to drum up false news. For the sake of the children, we hope the media will stop disrupting their lives with misleading and or false reports. It will not only affect the children but also bring about serious inconvenience.

These harmful reports have not only misled the public and readers, but they have also caused serious damage and adverse effects on the rights and reputation of our company and our artiste. This has crossed our artiste’s bottom line, caused damage to his positive image, and seriously affected his standing in society. Our company urges the public and readers to recognize the facts and avoid misleading content.

Our company and our artiste hereby strongly condemn the above misconduct, and urge relevant individuals, organizations, and/or media/platform to immediately stop, or else our company and our artiste will use legal means to pursue the matter.”

Source: Oncc

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Lucas said Nicholas Tse is an Absent Father

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  1. uhh does this mean the previous reports about his son’s claims were false? or he just wants to send a cease and desist letter to keep things from getting too inflammatory?

  2. He son personally made the statements. He is making it out the media are lying.
    People are not stupid Nicholas. Your statement is a joke!!

    1. @hohliu haha don’t worry. His fans would readily eat his statement as their first reactions to the news is to blame the mother for brainwashed the kid (as if 12 years old in today age and technology won’t be able to tell who are there in times of their needs) and slut shame the mother for being the caused of the divorced and for having a third with unknown father (according to them) as if that would excuse the father to be OK for being an absent father.

      1. @nicex I read about the comments about mum brainwashing kids too. His fans are very loyal to him.
        If only he was as loyal to his family.

      2. @hohliu yes. His fans are loyal to him but to the point of defending him blindly and behaving like crazy dogs madly biting on his ex-wife in attempt to put all the blame on the woman side. This is what I noticed being a passer-by and what I found very irritating

  3. The reports have already done seriously damage to his image but Nicholas is only issuing a warning to maybe pursue through legal means next time? Obviously the statements made by the son were real so he can’t do anything other than release this pathetic statement as a poor attempt to salvage something..

  4. the damage is already done…whether or not he is a good father is none of our business leave the kids alone they are innocent let them have there normal childhood

  5. Thats obviously just a standard issue by his management.

    As with his son, he cant be bothered finding time to personally respond to any allegations.

  6. We are all outsiders in someone else’s family business. So let us not comment. Each family has their own issues. The only bad thing about being celebrities is that even their personal problems becomes some else’s discussion. When we talk about others who doesn’t concern us, it’s call gossiping.

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