Is Cecilia Cheung Pregnant with Fourth Baby?

43-year-old Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) is reported to have vanished from social media for over a month since January, and stopped all work engagements in order to focus on her pregnancy.

The former actress has two sons, Lucas and Quintus from her marriage to Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒). She welcomed her third son Marcus six years ago but remained tight-lipped about the identity of his father. Bringing up her three sons, Cecilia remains active on social media over the years by sharing snippets of her family life and children. She maintains a thriving career with regular endorsement deals and a strong livestreaming performance, and saw her popularity boosted to an all-time high after appearing on season 2 of popular music survival show Sisters Who Make Waves <乘風破浪的姊姊> in 2021.

Recently, Hong Kong media reported that the former actress is pregnant with her fourth child, citing how Cecilia has stopped updating her Xiaohongshu profile since January 13 and is also unusually quiet across her other social profiles. In her last Douyin update, Cecilia is seen dressed in a loose-fitting white top with only the top half of her body revealed.

When asked how many family members she will be celebrating lunar new year with, Cecilia acted blur and cheekily replied, “Ya, how many people are there?”

An unidentified source spilled that Cecilia has been suffering from a serious bout of morning sickness, which explains her lack of social updates. The single mother has previously expressed that she would love to have a daughter. Always quick to deny swirling rumors of pregnancy previously, she has remained silent so far.

Source: WorldJournal

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