Cecilia Cheung Falls in Love Madly Every Time

Raised by her father, Cecilia Cheung‘s (張柏芝) parents split when she was only 9 years old. In contrast to most children who cry when they heard about their parents’ divorce, Cecilia was thrilled when she heard the news. Despite their separation, Cecilia retained a very positive outlook on life and became very mature at an early age.

Since her father was a big gambler, Cecilia’s family moved around a lot when she was a child. After each loss, her parents would then get into huge arguments. Cecilia recalls, “We moved into a really beautiful and newly renovated house, but we had to move out the very next day because of my father’s gambling losses. We only got to spend one night there, and we had to move the very next day.”

Thinking about her childhood, the 41-year-old smiled and said that she is not someone who places blame, and will always find silver linings in terrible things. Cecilia felt more love and care from both her parents after the divorce, than during their marriage.

Cecilia’s Take on Love

From her divorce with Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) to her having a third child, Cecilia’s love life has always been under scrutiny. Admitting that she lacks luck in love, Cecilia once said, “I’m overly invested in each relationship. To me, love is super serious. That’s why there’s so much pressure on the men whom I date. I’m just too stubborn when it comes to love – I love without any reservations from the beginning to the end.”

Despite being a single mother, Cecilia seems to have it all: a busy career and three beautiful children. When asked what advice she can give to young women, Cecilia expressed, “You have to accept your past self. Once you feel this sense of security, all these so-called worries and insecurities will disappear. You have to learn to stop seeking other people’s approval. Know your own beauty – that’s the true value of loving yourself.”

The actress also carries this positive attitude when she works. Taking part in music reality competition, Sisters Who Make Waves 2 <乘風破浪的姐姐2> earlier, Cecilia’s goal was not to win, nor was she scared of being eliminated from the competition. The actress explained, “It doesn’t matter how good you are–you still have a chance of losing. There will eventually be a day when you won’t win.”

Source: HK01

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com

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  1. She is a woman that went thru “hell” repeatedly and back… but to still be able look at a glass of water and see it Half full then Half empty… that is her blessing… Regardless of her past, her current life is settled. Her sons love her to bits and that is definitely most important.

  2. Loving without reservations is a good thing as long as she can walk away with no reservations either. Plus, it’s already obvious she’s independent and not clingy. Only the wrong person will feel the pressure. The right person will find it sweet. Every man or woman wants their partner to love them to the healthiest level possible. It’s safe to say Nic was just the wrong person but he did love her at some point but not enough. It’s safe to say Cecilia loved him more but was also able to accept the marriage ending no matter how painful. There’s no right or wrong but it just looks bad when Nic isn’t involved as much as a parent as the media paints him.

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