Nicholas Tse Pays HK$80 Million for Cecilia Cheung’s Spousal Support

Despite allegedly receiving spousal support of $80 Million Hong Kong dollars every year from her ex-husband Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) never thought about quitting her career.

While taking care of her three sons, Lucas, Quintus, and Marcus, Cecilia is a super mom who also continues to work and earn money on her own. Often sharing tidbits about her home life and homecooked meals for her sons, Cecilia also shares fitness and exercise tips with her followers on social media.

Although she can live comfortably with her three boys without having to work, Cecilia chooses to continue making her own money while planning for her children’s futures.

In an interview several years ago, Lucas  slipped that the reason his mother works so hard is all for the children. He  was quoted saying, “Mom saves up all the money that Dad gives us. She hopes to leave the alimony untouched for us to use when we [Lucas and Quintus] grow up.”

Later, Cecilia confirmed this information, adding that when she is older, she hopes that the children will have money under their names. Furthermore, she hopes that the savings will give them a boost when they are off on their own.

Despite all the publicity and allegations surrounding their divorce, Nicholas and Cecilia continue to remain cordial with one another. In an interview, Nicholas also expressed how grateful he is to Cecilia for saying good things about him in front of the children and encouraging positive father and son relations.

Source: HK01

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  1. 80HK mil would be $10mil yearly. Nicolas net worth according to google is $190mill (per 2020 article and that’s not cash but more of his investment too).

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