Nicholas Tse Returns from Snowboarding Trip with Son

Captured in a rare photo with his 16-year-old son Lucas (謝振軒) at the HK airport, 42-year-old actor-singer Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) is back from a snowboarding trip in Australia!

Most assumed it would only be a short trip when it was spilled that Nicholas brought his eldest son to Australia on a vacation, but the pair spent a good 3 weeks together, and finally returned to Hong Kong on Thursday, August 3.

Nic was dressed in his usual low-profile getup with a black cap and shades, while Lucas looked dashing in white active wear and was almost as tall as his dad. The teen was spotted pushing his luggage by himself on touching down and tailing behind Nic. Approached by fans who bumped into them in Australia, it is said that Nicholas had been very accommodating to photo requests while on holiday.

Parted Ways at HK Airport
Asked if Lucas learned how to snowboarding this time, Nicholas responded that he had already picked it up before the trip, but only gave a one-word reply “normal” when reporters asked if Lucas made further progress this time round. Touching down on Hong Kong, father and son headed for the carpark before leaving the airport in separate 7-seater vehicles, after a quick exchange of parting words.

While it was often speculated that Nicholas did not share a close relationship with his sons Lucas and Quintus (谢振南), since they did not meet up regularly over the past 3 years, the trip proved rumors wrong. In a rare move, Nicholas shared many snowboarding photos to his personal Weibo page with the caption, “Snowboarding in summer”.

Source: WorldJournal

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