Nicholas Tse Doesn’t Want to Get Married Again

Nicholas Tse () and Faye Wong (王菲) have been in a low-profile relationship since reuniting in 2014. Earlier, there were speculations that the two could be tying the knot soon and even have children together. However, Nicholas’ agency immediately denied those rumors and the actor  clearly stated that he would not be getting married again.

After Nicholas and Faye broke up in 2002, they married different partners and had children before getting divorced. It would take 11 years later for the pair to reconnect, and give their love a second chance. As Faye is 11 years older than Nicholas and also has two ex-husbands from two previous divorces, spending time with the right partner is more important than another marriage.

In July, rumors had spread over the Internet that Faye had secretly given birth to a daughter, and that the child belongs to Nicholas. However, he clarified that those speculations were inaccurate, which led to even more rumors spreading that Nicholas either changed his will for his potential daughter or that the couple had broken up. Given that the news was false, the articles were deleted immediately.

Constantly questioned whether or not he would marry again, Nicholas shared in an interview that he would not! Given how comfortable he and Faye are in their current status, there must have been a joint discussion that led to the decision to remain unmarried. Many of their fans believe that the two do not need to marry to prove their love for each other. 

Netizens commented, “It is not necessary to have a marriage license to prove your relationship,” “Marriage is a personal matter. It only matters that you are doing good,” and “Spend more time taking care of your two sons instead!”  

Source: World Journal

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Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong Date Again After 11-Year Separation

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