Nicholas Tse Grows Riches through Stock Investments   

Starting out in entertainment as a singer and actor, Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) has proven himself to be a savvy investor over the years, leveraging his celebrity to helm various businesses such as post-production, food and beverage retail and dining successfully. Now, news spilled that the 41-year-old has earned over $56.6 million HKD from dabbling in stock investment in under a year! 

Experts Thought His Decision Was Foolhardy, But He Had the Last Laugh

Nicholas has since established Post Production Office Limited as well as his own mini F&B empire. On his social profiles, he describes himself as founder of his brand Chef Nic, in addition to having his own restaurant and food travelogue show. 

Nicholas branded himself as an F&B chef and critic.

A shareholder of Chinese sports brand XStep since July 2016, Nicholas is said to have spent a staggering $12.4 million HKD in October last year to buy over five million new shares at a subscription price of $2.48 HKD per share. His stocks investment came with a one-year lockup period, which prohibited him to sell the stocks he owns during that time. Some stock analysts had an axe to grind with this investment decision of his, thinking it was risky of the actor to spend that huge a sum.

However, Nicholas has proven his foresight as the price per share has since multiplied to reach $13.80 as of September 17 this year. That means Nicholas has already pocketed $56.6 million HKD in book value in less than half a year, and would be able to sell off for a sizeable profit!  

Source: HK01

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  1. Currently, he holds the stocks… Until he sells the stocks at the high value, his wealth is only on paper. So, we can watch when he will sell the stocks and who will buy them. Then he can laugh his way to the bank.

    1. Let’s also not forget that insider trading is more common than what we know. No amount of fundamental or technical analysis can beat the information that gets shared among those circles.

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