Nicholas Tse Gave Up Canadian Citizenship for Faye Wong?

When Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) made a surprising announcement that he renounced his Canadian citizenship to become a Chinese citizen, many netizens assumed that the move was in response to the Chinese government’s scrutiny over artistes with foreign citizenship. Although Nicholas’ business ties to China played a role, the star may have made the the decision to be closer to his longtime girlfriend, Faye Wong (王菲).

At a young age, Nicholas and his family immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong, which thereby allowed him to enjoy the benefit of having a Hong Kong passport and Canadian passport.  When his singing career took off in Hong Kong, the star looked for entrepreneurial opportunities and established his own entertainment post-production business at the age 23 years old. Over the years, Nicholas was able to rapidly grow his net worth in China only from his television appearance and by creating own food and restaurants brand.

When Nicholas reconciled his relationship with Faye, he reportedly rented an apartment in Beijing to stay closer to Faye while building their “love nest.”  Given that Faye has a huge following in China, Nicholas is speculated to have given up on his Canadian citizenship to protect Faye’s career while giving him the flexibility to further grow his businesses in China.

Sources: Yahoo HK

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  1. Not trying to be mean, but it was and is about their money, nothing to do with how they love their country and how they want to show everyone how dedicated they are. China let their population go out and build their empires and now its getting out of hand as their economy is in a state and they are trying to use their controlling ways to reel in everyone who uses China as their money making platform. As for Wong Fei career does she still have the same level of career as she did in her prime? Also for him, he has found a market in china for his food shows, but anywhere else i dont think anyone really bothers with him, his music career went down the pan, not that his music career was that good anyway, and his film career he is nothing like his parents in the acting level and it ways seems he only has one expression or pose.

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