Li Yapeng Admits to Being Millions In Debt

Knee-deep in debts amounting to 40 Million RMB due to failed business investments, Faye Wong’s (王菲) ex-husband, actor Li Yapeng (李亞鵬) is being pressed by the courts to make repayments!

Still Owes Hi Staff Wages

According to reports, Li Yapeng recently took to Weibo to provide updates on the status of his debt repayments. He admitted to being more than 40 Million Yuan in debts, and also owes many of his longtime workers their compensation wages. Sharing that his business had been struggling in the past few years, he added that he resorted to mass retrenchments began in 2022, and expressed gratitude towards his staff who allowed him to repay his debts bit by bit.

In his statement, the 51-year-old said, “Repaying my debts, and paying for my own mistakes is only right, there’s nothing more to add,” Li Yapeng stated that he has already settled on a repayment schedule with his creditors, and that the court sanctions were “merely a legal procedure”.

Admits to Being Overly Ambitious

Li Yapeng invites fans to watch his livestream.

Splurging 3.5 billion yuan to build a township through his company Lijiang Snow Mountain investments from years 2012 to 2015, he was later forced to sell the largely unsold villas off at under 2 hundred million yuan.

Admitting his previously unrealistic ambition, the actor poked fun at himself and invited netizens to tune in to his livestream broadcast “to see how a failed man looks”. Announcing that he would be peddling Pu’ Er tea, he added “There’s nothing that a cup of tea can’t resolve!” Leaving encouraging comments, netizens gave him the thumbs-up for recognizing his mistakes and hopes he can settle all outstanding debt soon.

Divorcing Faye Wong in 2013, Li later remarried Haiha Jinxi (海哈金喜), an ethnic minority who is 19 years his junior in 2022. The couple have a daughter, Li Xia, who is suspected to be suffering from a genetic disease. Reportedly living a frugal lifestyle due to the situation, it is said that Haiha Jinxi would mend tears in Li Yapeng’s trousers for 30 RMB instead of getting a new pair, and source for cheap shirts for her husband online which cost just 4.90 RMB.

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. Many business people go into debts…no need to hound this guy…he is still trying to repay his debt.

    1. @Hohliu agreed. He is candid with his debts and money issues. If he’s not tied to Faye, this news wouldn’t even be news. He’s at least trying to climb back up from where he fell.

  2. Poor guy. Isn’t he a successful actor? Can he not come back out to act? I feel like he can still make a good living as an actor if he chose to come back.

    1. I strongly doubt that he can come back to acting scene. He had less than 10 films in total and was never A or even B list actor, plus acting market in China is soooo competitive, specially in his age group where there are many highly skilled and experienced actors that never stopped working and improved over the years. Not to mention that technology of filming changed so much in past 10 years. That is why many seek income in celebrity or social media roles. He still has some public recognition that could be an option rather than acting itself.

      1. You know when they announced the marriage between LYP and FW years back, I remember being very confused why he was such a big deal because a lot of folks came out and vouched for him being a really smart, talented and amazing actor. They pumped and hyped him up (much like Hu Ge) and since I’ve never seen his works, I assumed he was prob a good actor that I didn’t know anything about.

      2. @Coralie Was Hu Ge hyped in the past too? I started my CDrama journey when Hu Ge was quite popular, along with Zhang Han and Wallace Huo etc…I always like Hu Ge, enjoyed his dramas. But I noticed a huge growth in his acting after his accident.. I feel he is deserving of the hype. But he is quite a private person and never really lap up the hype…
        As for Li Yapeng, I only knew him because of Faye…

      3. @Hohliu I feel Hu Ge is overrated, but that’s just me. He can act adequately, but the hype around him feels mismatched with what he can actually accomplish.

    2. @coralie I have no doubt he was hyped. I am sure you are right. On the other note I am not sure why he was hyped. His works are nothing to write home about, no work that stands out, but also no bad works. He retired in 2010. Even before retirement he made long break. I am not sure he had even 10 films and dramas in total. He is in the same age group like Chen Kun or Huang Bo. Sure, he is not their league but there are number of excellent actors that acted in support roles last decade. You had good line of thinking but I am not sure how he would reenter industry, he has neither fame, nor awards, nor following (social media), no media recognition, no recent experience. That’s why i commented. Even now he is recognized due to FW mostly. It would be hard sale even if he kept good connections. But I want to give him a credit for honoring his debt and doing right by all those people. That is very rare and good thing to do.

      1. I google on him and just saw how he looked when he was younger…. Age have not been as kind to him. He looked good when he was married to Faye.

      2. @Hohliu oh yes, he did not age well, totally agree. Back than he was the part of THE circle, with Faye, Zhou Xun, Vicky, Chen Kun, etc Everyone expected him to grow, he had good looks, talent not lacking, right connections, but he faded away quickly, it felt like he did not want to be part of the c-ent at all. During their marriage he was already not so active and officially retired from the industry in the middle of it. When they divorced there were rumours of infidelity while he claimed that he only wants family and she is destined for more. She was so active back than. What ethereal voice she has!

      3. I love her voice !!! Now I like the new male singer Zhou Shen’s voice.

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