Faye Wong and Li Yapeng Announce Divorce

Celebrity super couple, Faye Wong (王菲) and Li Yapeng (李亞鵬), have ended their eight-year marriage. The couple individually announced their divorce through their official Weibos.

“Our fate as husband and wife has ended in this lifetime. I am still okay. You also take care,” Faye wrote on September 13.

Yapeng, however, delivered a much more thorough statement through his official Weibo an hour later, stating, “What I want is a family. Yet, you are destined to be a legend. [I am] cherishing all the beautiful memories we have shared in the past ten years. Still love you like before. Regrettably, letting go – is something that I can only do for you. Hope that you are living happily now, my girl.”

The former mainland Chinese actor further announced that their daughter, 7-year-old Li Yan (李嫣), will be living with him. He added that since they are both financially independent, they will not be involved in any property disputes.

Yapeng ended the statement, writing, “I hope everyone is well. The sun will continue to rise tomorrow!”

On Friday morning, the couple was seen filing for divorce in the Xinjiang Ughur Autonomous Region, where Yapeng was born. In the released photo, Faye and Yapeng appeared calm and sat side by side.

A Turbulent Past

Yapeng is Faye’s second husband. Faye previously married Chinese rock star Dou Wei (竇唯), with whom she has one daughter with. The couple divorced in 1999.

Faye and Yapeng tied the knot in July 2005 after dating for two years. The couple held a small wedding ceremony in Yapeng’s hometown Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang. Their wedding was witnessed by Yapeng’s elder brother, Li Yawei (李亞偉), and a close friend. Their marriage was met with scrutiny as Yapeng’s popularity at the time was incomparable to Faye’s, who carries immense popularity in East Asia.

The Chinese singer-songwriter remained inactive in the music industry thereafter, until February 2010, when she made a performance at CCTV’s New Year’s Gala. In July 2010, Faye announced her comeback concert tour, which concluded its tour of 19 Asian cities in June 2012.

Around the same time Faye announced her comeback, Yapeng announced his retirement from the acting industry, expressing his wishes to concentrate on his family and business. Yapeng’s business ventures in entertainment production and restaurants were also supported by Faye.

However, rumors claimed that Faye’s sudden 2010 comeback was to support Yapeng, whose businesses were slowly failing. Around this time, Faye accepted a shampoo commercial for $20 million HKD.

Yapeng Cheated on Faye?

A speculation cropped up that the couple divorced because Yapeng had been cheating on Faye with mainland Chinese actress Miao Pu (苗圃) since 2007. The pair were seen eating meals together, with some paparazzi claiming that they were holding hands. Coincidentally, Miao Pu updated her Weibo on the same day Faye and Yapeng announced their divorce. Miao Pu wrote, “To me, today is a day that is… only one word can describe it… happy!”

Carina Lau Comments on Divorce

Although the public is shocked by Faye’s sudden divorce announcement, Faye’s good friend Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) revealed that the decision was not made in haste. Carina said, “I know they made this decision for some time. It is difficult for other people to judge. As they have already entered this stage, there was many problems between them and other people cannot interfere.”

Carina added that Faye, who has returned to Beijing, is very strong and calmly facing her divorce.

Sources: Apple Daily; Apple Daily; Apple Daily; Apple Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. i am quite shocked. I thought they loved each other after what happened to their lil daughter. I love to see Faye comming back to entertainment industry.

  2. That Miao Pu is a horrible person if this is true. Way to become a popularly hated actress since Faye has such a large fan base.

    1. Who is Miao Pu? Is she the lady who played Nick’s wife in Beast Stalker? I agree with your comment that If she did indeed refer to the divorce as a happy thing, then it is very inconsiderate and horrible.

  3. Seriously after reading how horrible her first marriage was, now this…

    1. I know practically nothing about Faye Wong except she has dated/live w/Nicholas Tse at one time. Who is the first hubby and how horrible was it?

      1. Faye Wong’s first husband was a rock star Dou Wei. Faye Wong became pregnant with his child, so she decided to marry him.
        I guess the paparazzi sense estrangement so they followed him.
        “Several days later, they caught Dou with another woman inside a restaurant in Beijing. Asked who she was, Dou immediately answered, ‘She is Gao Yuan. My lover’. Wong was already famous in the mainland by 1999, so this news caused a shock in the entertainment industry across the Chinese-speaking world. Due to the relatively conservative social values in Chinese society, overwhelming media coverage appeared, ferociously condemning Dou’s infidelity. Reports and rumors were flying around, including one that said Gao admitted she and Dou had been lovers for years and had never really separated even after the wedding. Wong’s enormous group of multinational fans maintained relentless attacks on Dou for a long time. However, he declared that all had been set up by Wong’s agent and company from the very beginning. Their friends in the Beijing music circle also declined to comment. On the other hand, Wong remained silent and secluded during the whole time and never talked about it in public later on, with a few exceptions when she mentioned the future life of her daughter, whom she won custody of after the following divorce.”

      2. Wow, how crazy. I like some of her songs but i am not a huge fan or anything. The pic of her above looks a bit diff than i remember her as well.
        Wow, what a jerk of a first husband then.

  4. Life is so unpredictable… Things can just happen out of the blue.

  5. i know fave is hurt but i hope this opens up a path for her and nicholas to get back together 🙂

    1. That was my initial thoughts too. If Nic really has no chance getting back together with Cecilia, then maybe there’s possibility of reconciliation with Faye. But maybe they’re too alike in temperament to be together for long? Don’t know them personally, but from outward appearances, both seem the quiet, emotions bottle-up inside kind of person who prefer silence (which is commendable when dealing with media/public, but may not be healthy between couples).

  6. Well, Wong Faye isn’t stupid enough to do what Ivana Trump did which is to alter her face when her marriage was on the rocks but here we see her looking like Nicole Kidman who is also very clever just as Cate Blanchette is about her wardrobe choices so is that the big Tell that this is not just another boring celebrity divorce and did Wong Faye act as surrogate mother to Li Yapeng and Miao Pu’s daughter – for what purpose? that celebs divorce? I think that Wong Faye’s expert mimicry of the Cranberries is not laudable and I find her songs tedious but then the real joke is Karen Mok who happily is not as successful as Wong Faye so maybe Wong Faye exists to block the likes of Karen Mok – skinny, aping the West but without the irritant of Karen Mok’s bursts of English.

    I like Wong Faye’s first husband Dou Wei and their baby. I can’t believe she was stupid enough to be attracted to younger Tse Teng Fung so maybe MAYBE all this stuff since Dou Wei is just fabricated.

    In order for that to be true, Zhou Xun could not have been dated and dumped by Li Yapeng either and Li Yapeng is some second-generation (at least) operative. His Shanghainese family was posted to Uighurville.

    1. How can you even support her first husband??? he cheated on Faye Wong and came out with his so-called mistress to the public while humilating Faye Wong and her daughther… this whole publicity led to FaYe Wong to divorce.. her first husband never wanted to marry her but he felt trapped when she became pregnant…. and used that as a excuse.. what a man!

      1. WOW, is that true? I don’t understand how these thingss leak out if they are really true. I only remember that I like Dou Wei’s type of face and taciturn behavior towards the press. But I didn’t think badly about wong Faye when they broke up only that their faces don’t match because her thin lips make her appear more fragile than his thick but spry Beijing mantou features. What IF they get back together? it seems a shame that there are all these multiple Chinese marriages – it doesn’t feel REAL. Kaiser Kuo’s one and only marriage feels real and what I would expect of that band of artistic no longer young Beijing hipsters and I remember Li Yapeng in a pbs documentary about Chinese expats in Beijing where he stroked Kaiser Kuo’s sister’s arm so I thought maybe Li Yapeng is an operative of the propaganda department who is used to make the young people appear gigolo-ish.

      2. he threw a temper tantrum when she was about to give birth to Li Yapeng’s daughter so maybe this is all a setup for an ultimate reconciliation with her first husband and a new even HUGER career as she finally has the gravitas/tragedy to dominate a la Anita Miu and Teresa Teng – neither of whom are my taste and I am sorry to not appreciate her beauty and talent but I’m like “uh, her again?” I don’t care if she is gorgeous in real life, they are going to have to make her seem more original and quirkier. There’s no one really entertaining these days. ZZY was nice in grandmaster but maybe all the girls are too pale these days or something – there’s no one really interesting or maybe it is just that Maggie had really good roles. I didn’t like Wong Faye in Chunking Express either. Right now, only To Kei Fung type of crime thrillers are entertaining to me and that has nothing to do with the actresses who usually just look like Iris Chang.

      3. apart from syphillis, why would you leave if you were crazy about Dou Wei (I’m not crazy about Dou Wei but he seems very amusing).

      4. Dou Wei did not cheat on Faye, in fact Faye was the third party. He cheated on the other lady with Faye and got her pregnant.

    2. cleo can’t speak or write english … using google translator.. i assume.. haha

      1. yeah, I am officially an internet troll with this theory. It’s ALL in my mind. Dou Wei and Wong Faye never broke up and this bad news sets the foundation for the next stellar phase of her career. We’ll see.

  7. because some guy when I was temping at as a litigation did the same thing to my forearm and it felt completely false and comical at the time – so I totally believe that Li Yapeng was not PERVING on Kaiser Kuo’s sister but “acting” so does this mean that his marriage with Wong faye is “acting” – but if that is the case, how could Ma Pu stayed away from his/their daughter for so many years … that part makes my scenario difficult to believe – although if Daniel Pearl is not really dead, he should be suffering not being with his child as well ….

    what would be the POINT of all these CRAZY multiple marriages and childbirths with different partners – who has SUCH a convoluted family tree as this? Don’t most of us on this planet have a straightforward family tree branches from one husband – one wife – no remarriages regardless and then children who carry on that straight tradition.

    this is CRAZY – look at Wong Faye – does she look like someone who would have different baby daddys for her kids? She is nothing like Heidi Klum after all.

    1. also in this segment, she does this REALLY Western celebrity thing where she squinches her shoulders at her own cute anecdote – that’s NOT very Chinese – are they having us on or what?

      1. I mean she didn’t need to mimic that Cranberries song however ably – I hate the original and her rendition is no different/better.

        Why can’t there be Chinese versions of Human League and I dont’ mean Chinese Whispers remix of “Human.”

      2. conversely, Anita Mui gave great down to earth self-respectful interviews were she was all marrow that girl, she was true to the bone even though I didn’t care for her music or want to watch her performances – Leslie also gave a good impressive interview but alas, Wong Fay gave a somewhat pretentious intervierw – Li Yapeng looked like he was wary of her.

      3. I hope and pray that Wong Fay like Gwyneth Paltrow is not as pretentious as she comes off and is just blocking the likes of Karen Mok who is pretentious and worse. Bleugh – blood on her guitar, anyone? BLEURGH.

      4. so let me get this straight:

        Wong Faye is shown to great public approval living in hutong with Dou Wei and mother in law with no private plumbing. Wong Faye is besties with Dou Wei’s sister and Dou Wei’s mother loves her. Wong Faye is based in Beijing despite both Li Yapeng and Wong Faye being Shanghainese.

        Dou Wei writes soulfully, authentically and uniquely:


        Wong Faye despite breaking up with him for reported infidelity performs HIS song with him happily drumming away behind her as she belts out HIS SONG which gives her street cred and superior artistry despite her embarassingly albeit expert mimicry of Cranberries:


        And Dou Wei wrote THIS – another soulful, heartfelt, original song for her:



        These two never broke up and he’s been saving all of his authentic postwar true blue Beijing body and soul songs for her comeback post humiliating emotional setback (a la Na Ying’s romantic travails) and coincidentally, this neutral, water under the bridge collaboration will raise no eyebrows – they’re writing songs.

        Maybe eventually they will reveal publicly that they have “reunited” like Andy and Sammi who never broke up either.

      5. I look forward to respecting and liking Wong Faye’s future music if I am right. More importantly, I am so thankful that Dou Wei’s talent wasn’t unrewarded. NICE.

        And this is because it would not do for Beijinger especially to shine – because their rock bands are GENUINE unlike Japan’s impersonations so this is one more thing that had to be cloaked from goblin frenzy envy.

        I can’t forget when Noriko Sakai gave Wong Faye a very ugly oversized sweater with a giant goldfish on it as a GIFT when Wong Faye held her first concert in Japan. It was too much for them – all of them – that China’s first star easily adapted to both Hong Kong and English and starred in a Wong Kar Wai movie.

        I think she was the surrogate mother for Li Yapeng and Ma Pu’s daughter.

      6. it’s not a coincidence that for the Japanese video of a song called SEPARATE ways (fen sau?), she has hair shorn, wearing MEN’s not androgynouse clothing exactly as Chinese females did hopint to avoid being raped by the Japanese invaders.

        “if” I didn’t guess wrong, all the crazy unchaste news for generations of Chinese celebrity news fed to the diaspora probably including Ruan lingyu’s suicide as portrayed by maggie cheung has all been a fakeout as propaganda to control Japanese perception in the ongoing war.

        That’s why we are subjected to films of Eileen Chang’s in love with hanjian fabrications.

        I doubt that I guessed wrong. The minute Japan plants those operatives on Diaoyutaim, they will finally see China ungentle – I’m sure they are far more curious than they are fearful.

        good luck!

    2. where did you learn english.. it’s terrible. you should go and ask for your money back. or… stop using a translator because you make no sense!

      1. cleo has a reputation of incoherent rambling on other forums as well.

      2. He sounds like those who preaches the bible stuff on the subways or the streets b/c he/she might be crazy hahaha..lol..

      3. yes, I have two crazy theories now: (1) japan and germany are not finished waging war and (2) all the Hong Kong celebrity gossip is ALL FAKE.

  8. Miao Pu’s comment is extremely tasteless. And I don’t think people should be commenting about the matter like that either. (I’m looking at you, Carina!) With that said I hope both sides will eventually find happiness and may they raise their daughter in peace.

    1. I don’t think Carina was saying much. As Faye’s friend, she was likely asked about the incident, and perfected the art of talking a lot about nothing. She gave nothing away from the obvious. Afterall, if ppl divorce, of course there’s problems in their marriage.

      1. There are problems in every marriage but are you able to resolve them or not is what makes a marriage everlasting.

  9. Now,she and Nic could reconcile and that would be a fairytale ending.

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