Tony Leung is Grateful to Have Carina Lau As His Manager

Hong Kong crime thriller When the Wind Blows <風再起時> was first announced in 2017 and it made many fans excited to see Tony Leung (梁朝偉) and Aaron Kwok (郭富城) appearing on the silver screen together. While the film was ultimately delayed several times, Tony was not bothered and depends on his wife Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) as his manager.

Although Tony merges his personal life and professional life by working closely with Carina, Tony believes there are benefits to this arrangement, “She knows exactly what I like. Communication is easier.”

Tony shares that the two have a tacit understanding when they are choosing a script, “Sometimes when she receives the script, she will email it to me. If I like it, I will film it. If I don’t like it, I will drop it. I only either like or dislike the script. Since there is rarely any middle ground, we rarely argue.”

Tony on Finding the Right Script

As an established actor, Tony is often on the hunt for well-written script and admits having to turn down many scripts in recent years, “Sometimes I can’t read the script after a few pages or sometimes I don’t like the story at all. I always think filming is due to fate and I don’t know when I will come across something I really like. However, lately, I have accepted more movies because there are things I want to try.”

With a relaxed mindset, Tony shares that it was fate that brought him to the cast of When the Wind Blows. Tong explains, “When deciding whether to accept the project, I often talk to the director first. If I feel good about it, I would want to give it a try. I need to be able to trust the director. “

Tony continues, “This time, I read the script first and then told director Yung Tsz Kwong (翁子光) that I wanted to his work. I then watched his work, Port of Call <踏血尋梅> I thought it was quite interesting and that his story about a police officer in the 60’s would also be very unique.”

In When the Wind Blows, it follows the power struggles between two police officers played by Aaron and Tony. The characters are based on real life people and inspired a film. However, Tony shares that he deliberately charted his own interpretation of the character and did not deliberately compare to any previous works.

Connecting with the Character

Tony reveals that he enjoys revisiting a different time period and finds a connection through his character, “My character does not have big ambition. He likes to play the piano and shoots guns. He loves a woman but never expresses it. These moods are similar to mine so it was hard not to get invested in the role.”

Tony also likes how the film shows a glimpse of Hong Kong’s past and provides a journey to revisit time, I think this film has such intentions. It writes about the experiences of people in this era. Through some special edit, it comes together like pieces of a dream. The director has his own unique style. The characters are neither black or white. Everyone is just trying to survive in this era.”

Source: Topick HK

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  1. This is one marriage that surprised me when news of them dating were released. Now, both are still together, another unexpected on goings…

  2. I was a bit surprised by them being together and marrying but now I can see why they are still together and happy. It is because they not only love but tolerate, accommodate and do many things for each other in spite of having opposite personalities. They also have similar family backgrounds in the sense that they are the eldest and had to provide for their families which one if the reasons why they bonded in the first place. Carina was patient to Tony and never pressured him in marriage or anything. Basically, they both always compromised and tolerated each other which are some very important traits to have in any relationship and marriage. I don’t get why some are still wondering why they are together after so many years.

  3. Recall one of their celebrity friends once commented that she takes very good care of him. I thought he and Margie were compatible but theirs just didn’t work out.

    1. @BearBear,
      Yes that was what I heard too. With Margie, they loved each other but were not compatible as I heard she was spoiled being the youngest in her family. Her family was more well off while his family was poor as his father left them. She wanted to get married but he was not ready. I think that also caused friction between them which resulted in break up. Carina and him have similar family backgrounds so bonded better. Carina also waited for many years for him to be ready for marriage and never pressured him. She not only takes care of him but accommodated him which is why I can see why they worked out in spite of differences in their personalities.

    2. @BearBear Your comment just reminded me of a incident I read afew years ago. Tony and Maggie met up without telling Carina, but fans saw and posted online. Carina was told and ran to find them. Tony then quickly send Maggie of the opposite direction so the 2 women did not meet.
      I am unsure how true the news is but I did laugh when I read about it… it was all done in public thus many people saw it.

      1. @Hohliu members of public witnessed it? I always thought until now it was only a rumour, hahaha.
        Is it true that Carina and he are staying apart? Just saw a clip about it. Interesting relationship if it’s true.

      2. @BearBear That I dont know… But they have somehow made their relationship work for each other. It could well be a good professional relationship… I feel as long as Carina wants to stay married, Tony will never divorce her. Whether they are still in love or not, I do not know but Tony will always be responsible for her as long as she wants. Again this is only my personal opinion.

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