Faye Wong Stars in New Ad by Wong Kar Wai

Rarely appearing in the public eye in recent years, queen of pop and film icon Faye Wong (王菲) has been enjoying life and maintaining a low profile. However, the elusive 52-year-old will make a rare ad appearance for a project helmed by renowned auteur Wong Kar-wai (王家卫), making it the duo’s collaboration after 18 years, much to fans’ delight!

With behind-the-scenes snaps of the commercial project making its rounds online, netizens have showered praise on how well-kept and awesome the diva still looks, despite her long absence from the limelight.

Sporting a chic short hairdo with minimal gold jewellery, Faye appears refreshed and radiant in a shoulder-baring, elegant white tube gown that reveals her endless gams. A second silver metallic outfit channels cyber chic, and complements her distinct cool perfectly, as she emotes through her eyes.

The two worked together on genre-bending Chungking Express and again for romantic drama 2046.

Source: ChinaPress

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  1. I find it silly and comical at the same time when netizens respond to an article without reading it… obviously.

    1. I just said she look 50’s something…
      That mean she look her age… do you want me tí said that she did not old at all…

      1. Because your comment has zero relevance to the actual text and btw as she looks absolutely amazing why she should not look her age? what’s the catch? Is it bad to look absolutely smashing and your age? Personally I am bored and tired of youth-is-the-only-good-look comments/articles etc How about a bit of being different and unique? She always was!

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