How Faye Wong Overcame Heartbreaks to Find Love with Nicholas Tse

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How Faye Wong Overcame Heartbreaks to Find Love with Nicholas Tse

Faye Wong (王菲) is well-loved by fans for using her angelic voice to sing both the joy and challenges of love and relationships. Like her music, Faye’s personal love life was not easy, and it cost her two divorces before finding happiness again with boyfriend, Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒).

Faye’s First Love, Dou Wei

Soon after moving from Beijing to Hong Kong, Faye met Dou Wei (竇唯), a member of the rock band Black Panther. Although Faye was madly in love, it was the start of her troubling relationship as Dou Wei had another girlfriend at the time. The love triangle exhausted Faye, who distanced herself from the relationship by leaving for the United States to study music.

When Dou Wei finally ended his relationship with his girlfriend, Faye often flew to Beijing and moved in together. At the age of 27, Faye gave birth to their daughter and married Dou Wei. The couple’s marriage ended after three years, when Dou Wei cheated on Faye with a photographer.

“Taboo Love” with Nicholas Tse

In 2000, Faye who was 31 years old at the time, fell in love with Nicholas. As Faye was older than Nicholas by 11 years, the public disapproved of the relationship as it was taboo for an older woman to date such a younger man at the time.

Faye and Nicholas dated for a year despite the public’s judgement. However, the couple broke up when  Nicholas got involved with now ex-wife Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝). While Faye was hurt by the breakup, she put a brave front and carried on with her life.

Marriage with Li Yapeng

While Faye worked to move past her failed relationship, fate bought Li Yapeng (李亞鵬) into her life. The Chinese actor fell in love at first sight when he saw Faye on the stage, and went to great lengths to pursue her. Touched by Li Yapeng’s sincerity, Faye eventually agreed to marriage and after giving birth to a daughter, she slowly faded out of the music scene.

Although the couple had high respect for each other, their personality differences made it difficult to uphold their marriage. When they filed for divorce after 10 years together Faye clarified that the divorce was amicable, “The divorce was my choice. There was no third-party, no discord with in-laws, no financial troubles or bad blood. The peaceful breakup is just another way to get along. To my children, I say we are still a family.”

Reconciling with Nicholas

Despite two failed marriages, Faye still believed in love. One year after her divorce with Li Yapeng, Faye reconnected with Nicholas, who had also gotten divorced. Though they had split for 11 years, it was the perfect timing for Faye and Nicholas to reconcile as both had matured through the years.

Grateful to have another chance to be together, Nicholas gave a rare glimpse of his feelings for Faye when he guested in Jay Chou’s (周杰倫) travel program J-Style Trip <周遊記>. Nicholas revealed what he liked best in Faye by drawing comparisons to Jay’s personality. Nicholas said, “Jay Chou is a cute person. I really like simple people, but there are fewer of them in the world. I know he is actually a simple person. Jay and Faye Wong are similarly simple.”

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10 comments to How Faye Wong Overcame Heartbreaks to Find Love with Nicholas Tse

  1. applelim says:

    So this is his way to admit they are back together???

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  2. coralie says:

    Off-topic, but wow did she dodge a bullet with her ex Dou Wei. He is looking his age and more. I don’t have much faith with Nic Tse just because of his history and lack of proper role models, but we’ll see. Hope them all the best!

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  3. dramas4me says:

    Life is too short. As long as that they are happy with each other than I think it’s ok.

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    • hetieshou replied:

      I agree and what’s with all the negativity? Life is short and they both had long roller coasters in their love lives and now are back together again. Maybe they are fated and meant to be. Hope they are happy.

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      • dramas4me replied:

        I agree with you. It must be even more meaningful to them now that they both went through some rocky times and found each other again.

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      • hetieshou replied:

        Exactly but sadly many do not get it and always think negatively. Why can’t they just be happy together? Many complain about Nick but what about Faye? They both went through a lot and finally found each other again. It is not easy to find someone in life that you love this much and that you will love them back. I hope they treasure each other.

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  4. coralie says:

    Uhh well, not sure where y’all are getting NEGATIVITY when it’s literally stated in Nic’s history that he was messing around with both Faye and Ceci and then chose Ceci in the end. Faye has a history of selecting partners who are unfaithful, but did have a decade with a man who is monogamous. Nic happens to be a bachelor when Faye divorced and wanted her back. But who knows how long this streak will last. His family history isn’t exactly stellar and neither is his past. It’s fair to assume that based on this trajectory on both ends, that it might not lead to a happy ending. It’s not NEGATIVE, it’s called a pattern.

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    • hetieshou replied:

      It is true that Nic is not the best guy around but Faye does not seem like an angel either. She divorced Li Ya Peng and he did not cheat on her or anything. But if they can find happiness after everything then that is great. The past is the past and his family history should not affect his current life. It is kind of like your parents can be happy while you are not and vice versa. People can change for the better as well. Time will tell all and no one can determine how someone else’s life is.

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      • coralie replied:

        @hetieshou are you serious? So her requesting divorce even though her ex was monogamous makes her “not an angel”? That’s your argument for her moral failing? What kind of backwards 1800s idea is that? People get divorced because of incompatibility. Monogamy is a basic requirement regardless of compatibility unless otherwise specified. Just because her ex is a perfectly fine guy doesn’t mean they can’t have compatibility problems.

        Whenever people react negatively there is always a reason that you can tie back to their past. It is NOT always a given that they will behave differently just because they have a second chance. There’s a reason they say history repeats. I did say I do hope the best for them because they were the couple people root for, but I don’t have my hopes up because of past history.

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  5. exodus says:

    I feel like they’ll end up being together for a long time, if anything Nic was probably too immature back then to know what he really had. Plus I doubt he’ll follow in his father’s footsteps but who knows…Plus Faye looks like one of those cougars haha…so I’m sure she can take Nic 😉

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