Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong Date Again After 11-Year Separation

After a decade of separation, including divorce from their respective partners, 34-year-old Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) and 45-year-old Faye Wong (王菲) are dating again. Nicholas went back to Faye’s house in Beijing where they spent a total of four days and four nights together.

The photos showed Faye sitting on Nicholas’ lap as he gave her lingering kisses on her living room couch. Nicholas cooked and the couple continued their intimate embraces while washing dishes in the kitchen.

It is understood that Vicki Zhao (趙薇) helped the couple get back together six months ago.

Nicholas Tse Faye Wong kissing

Faye’s Rocky Love Life

Despite being a popular singer in the 1990s, Faye became pregnant in 1996 with her first child and opted for a flash marriage. However, the marriage with her first husband, Beijing rocker Dou Wei (竇唯), ended after only three years.

Returning to Hong Kong with her daughter to resume her work, Faye met Nicholas, who is 11 years her junior. They fell in love and announced their relationship status in 2000. They broke up in 2002, and briefly reunited again before finally ending their relationship in 2003.

Faye met her second husband, Mainland actor Li Yapeng (李亞鵬), in 2004 and gave birth to her second daughter in 2006. Faye reduced her workload significantly to dedicate more time on her family. In their nine-year relationship, Faye and Yapeng were regarded as a perfect couple. The public was shocked when they announced their divorce in September 2013.

Since Faye’s divorce, it was speculated that Nicholas had intentions of rekindling their former love and was only waiting for the right opportunity. Earlier this year, Nicholas and Faye were spotted together in Paris. The rumors remained to be speculations until photos of the lovers kissing in Beijing emerged today.

Nicholas’ Response

Asked about his reconciliation with Faye, Nicholas replied, “I’m working in Sichuan right now and will not respond to any questions!”

Nicholas’ manager released an official statement stating that the press invaded on Nicholas’ personal privacy by spying and publishing photos of him in a non-public place. Nicholas will maintain the rights to pursue legal action over the future.

Cecilia Cheung in the Hospital

As news of Nicholas and Faye’s reconciliation spread today, it was discovered that Nicholas’ ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝), has been hospitalized while filming She’s My Family <明星到我家>. Diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis, Cecilia has been on saline drip for days. Looking haggard on the hospital bed, Cecilia evidently lost a lot of weight.

Cecilia and Nicholas’ relationship has been always filled with controversy. In 2002, Cecilia dated Nicholas, but he later returned to Faye Wong. In 2006, Cecilia and Nicholas reconciled and married in a secret ceremony in the Philippines two years later. Although the couple have two sons together, they filed for divorce in 2011 and ended their five-year marriage due to incompatibility.

Many felt sorry for Cecilia who has been suffering in the hospital at the same time that news broke of Nicholas and Faye’s reconciliation.

Sources:;;; Oriental Daily

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  1. This is quite surreal! When they were in Paris, rumors surfaced that Nicholas and Faye may be back together, but I thought it was mere speculation.

    They kept their dating relationship well-hidden for the past 6 months!

    1. my friend dated Jen Tse and predicted Nic and Faye would be together at the end due to their chemistry.

      I know, it’s kind of bs for me to say this after the fact .. lol, just thought it was ironic.

      the two of them seem like a hollywood movie.

      1. pandamao,
        Sometimes you can’t forget a former love and it’s about the right timing. After their respective divorces, Nicholas and Faye probably feel a lot closer and have more common ground.

      2. (1) ELEVEN years older than the dude

        when my mother said this was front page – I didnt even bother to pull out my ragged oft-used copy of shenanigans.

        And now she is supposed to be pregnant – why is Wong Faye the broodmare for the Chinese propaganda bureau?

        That makes her the greatest beast of burden in this perception war.

    1. yeah he looks even younger and immature vs her experienced air than before

      this is CRAZY

      I hate the publicity bureau and their stupid ideas.

      Yeah, we get it. teenage Japanese soldiers were perfectly capable of violating older Chinese women in their forties like Wong Fay, in their fifties like Rosamund Kwan and in their sixties like Vera Wang who lost a family member to the Japanese.


      Japan wants to wipe away the Korean comfort women because they were “employed” but they didn’t hire the Chinese girls and boys and women and maybe even men that they home invaded so their tactic will be different so China’s excellent and wise publicity bureau is making us suffering THIS.

      1. what the hell is wrong with her nose? looks weird. Cecilia cheung is no doubt better

    1. “Nicholas’ manager released an official statement stating that the press invaded on Nicholas’ personal privacy by spying and publishing photos of him in a non-public place. Nicholas will maintain the rights to pursue legal action over the future”

      HIS MANAGER CONFIRMED it’s him in the pictures KISSING Faye Wong.

      1. dudes, the Chinese press and the subject matter are in on it even if they didnt uncharacteristically kiss in front of an uncovered window facing the outside world instead of an interior courtyard.

        I have thick curtains always pulled in my house and double layer of duct tape on the web cam of my laptop and my brother’s tablet.

      2. no doubt its good to have your web cam covered, there is another spot in your laptop screen that ‘they’ can spy you..

  2. I agree with Jayne but these kinda things most probably only happened with celebrities. But perhaps they are now more sure of what they want in a relationship. Love love love I wish them all the best

    1. That is not true that it only happens to celebs. I remember once watchI get a show about how past loves who have dated in the past,then married,divorced and then ended up together again. I just thought how strange and funny in the various ways that fate works.

      1. I don’t think that is true at all – I think that once a connection is replaced by another connection, there is no reconnection with the penultimate or any other earlier connections other than the latest connection if at all.

        I think that human beings emotionally are like that hilarious gotye song.

        wah gee nay say

      2. maybe that is just worn off idealism replaced by tactical cynical choice to not live alone

        I think a lot of people can do that if they have discipline and good manners so they can be consistently courteous and tolerate one another.

  3. It’s creepy that the papz are taking picture into someone’s understand if it’s public places. But come on, it’s her house. Privacy anyone? If peeping tom gets fine so should they!

    1. well, Bosco was a good example of privacy invasion. He practically had full frontal nude shots taken of him from outside his appartment as paps tried to take a glimpse of his private life. They sure did get snapshots of his ‘private’ life.

    2. yes, those paps are now emotionally tainted – if their one and onlys find out, they will see them as impure

      in nyc a nordic/germanic type did the same thing that that German guy Michael Wolf iirc did in hong kong i.e. film inside the homes of people

      I totally understand craving light and ventilation in your home but it is never worth ending up in some coffee table book

      i dont understand why the nYC judge was unsympathetic to the unwilling subject matter of the photographs.

  4. They might have had dinner as friends but this article is a humilation to botth paties

    1. I did not realize that regular friends would kiss on the lips. Hm…

      1. Why is it so hard for some people to accept that Nicolas and Faye have gotten close again?. Accept the fact that he and Cecilia are never , never, ever getting back together. hey also need to realize he is not going to date any of his girlfanatics.

        I wish him well. I wish Cecilia well in their separate love lives.

      2. It is not that most people cannot accept that they are together again. Many just find it hard to believe. Do not assume that all his fan girls are dreaming of dating him or being with him. I sure that many of them are now grown up and are married themselves and have grown out of that stage centuries ago. But anyways, I wish them well and actually always liked them as a couple in spite of the age gap.

      1. @J.H

        Just finished it with the family and we are going to have a swim and BBQ before the rain starts.

      2. Trini:

        Have fun – enjoy the warm weather while it’s still around.

  5. I’m surprised. But from the sounds of it, it may be more lust? Rather than love, especially since their last relationship was on and off but just a couple to a few years? But perhaps both have matured and have clearer visions on what they are looking for from each other.

    1. I highly doubt it is lust. IF his parents are nice people and that boy is a good boy, then no he does not have deviant degenerate thoughts about an older sister.

      1. Oh, because 40, 50, 60 year old men who still wants a 20 year youngster is the norm and SO MUCH BETTER, right?

      2. if it was someone cool, then it would be understandable if they found someone who happened to be younger but not if they are weird.
        Isabella with li Ka shing’s son didnt look creepy and not because he has money but he looked decent and possibly nice but Jay Chou looks weird with Hannah Quinlaven.

  6. When both is destined to be together, no matter what happens they will eventually ended to be together again. If this is true, I’m truly happy for them. Age is just a number.

    1. They are mean to be together, no matter what happen they will end up together.
      Happy that they reconciled and I hope the paparazzi will give them space.
      I wish them all the best.

    2. no its not

      its peer

      its chemistry

      its a team

      its why people have high school reunions and why each decade of music sounds different to others

      plus Wong Faye is a mother, there is no way as a mother, she thinks Nicolas Tse should be with an older woman

    3. If people are still intent on mentioning their age gap, which is not great at all, it means these people still have a darn lot of hang-ups about younger man, older woman relationships.


      some fans grow out of their pre teen fantasy, while others never do, even if they get married, they still secretly habor ridiculous thoughts. Good for those who can move on from their pipe dreams.

      1. Age is just a number…BUT NOT when you’ve already had two marriages and 2 kids from different fathers?!

        Seriously. Im not offending you Trini, but Faye wong must be some lady to take away Nicholas like that.

        Yuk, the woman needs to learn how to control herself. I bet you her children are being bullied a lot because of their mother

      2. No. I am not offended, not in the least. You have every right to give your opinion. Having two different children from two different husbands does not make Faye a sl(v)t. I would be more put off if she had chosen to abort the children. So she got pregnant from two different husbands, so what is the sin???. Should we expect these women to bury themselves in shame because they have children who do not belong to their current lover/husband?. Should these women go and hide because they are considered used goods.

        Asian society has a warped and backward perception of women, and it is a pity it is being passed down from generation to generation. I don’t hear anyone saying Nicolas comes with a past and baggage of two children. OHWAIT!!!!.He is a man so the moral rules and expectations do not apply to him, only the women. If these women do not live up to the moral code, throw them under the bus and treat them like lepers and outcasts. What a world we live in.

        I hope no one thinks that a woman cannot move on with a man because she comes with a past and/or children. Are we in 2014, or 1420?. We are not living in the stone age. I really feel sorry for anyone who is stuck in dinosaur world, really sorry.

  7. someone should make a movie based on their love life with its twists and turns.

    1. GROSS!

      that would be secret love kdrama right?

      that was HELLACIOUS and I didnt even watch it – just saw the two actors – one obviously a sophisticated career woman – the other a teenage doofus with musical talent

      I bet that is why the Korean domestic audience ignored the later airing of Temptation starring Winter SOnata and some obviously less careworn younger male lead – I think Korean audiences couldnt take anymore bullshi.


      1. yeah, and that’s why everyone hates the Taeyeon-Beakhyun relationship

  8. People are usually attracted to people who have similar facial features and their relationships tend to last longer. Mark my words … Bosco n Myolie will get back together.

    1. “People who have similar facial features and their relationship tend to last longer”. Yup, I quite agreed on this. I have the same feeling for Boscolie too.

      1. Celin, don’t you think it is time to stop believing and living vicariously through superstitions???. There are so many couples who look so similar in facial features and yet their marriages or relationships do not last long.

      2. Trini, I think your comment is indirectly replying to my post so let me answer your ignorant question… What Celin thinks or/and I think are based on observations, NOT superstition! I said “usually” … “tend to” … NOT “everyone” or “all couples” so don’t jump to conclusions. Thx.

      3. Hmm!

        I can see a new angle which plastic surgeons can exploit.

        C’mon couples, come for a procedure together so your relationship can last.

      4. Michael Mui and Jamie Chik are good example of similar facial features.

        Felix and wife facial features are not similar. 😀 🙁 LOL!

      5. “C’mon couples, come for a procedure together so your relationship can last.”


        Hey, please don’t give those money hungry surgeons any more ideas. We already have way too many lookalikes.

    2. Really? I find that hard to believe and have never heard of that.

      1. Or, just look at the above pictures of Nic and Faye. They have similar eyes, face shape, lips n smile.

    3. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait for 11 years like Faye and Nicolas 😛
      I really do hope Boscolie get back together though!

      1. I was thinking the same when I read this article! It took 7 years for Sammi & Andy to get back together; now this one took 11 years. Yikes, I sure hope Boscolie will not take 20 years. I’ll be too old to be their fan then.

    4. people might find others with similar features PRETTY – but that is not what foo chai seung means – it means there is an air of partnership – of being on the same team between two people with totally different looks

      its not like that weirdo lookalike sibling vibe look from Naruhito and Masako

    5. @Tanya,

      AAAAhhh, good old observation. Thank God for observation. Hope you never get ignorant to base relationship longivety on facial similarity and good old observation.

      1. Hey, yes long time no see.

        Interesting and a little unbelievable too….

  9. In a way, I kind of feel sorry for Cecilia….

    Was Nic using Cecilia as a rebound all this time?

    1. well, when they split up the first time back in 2002, it was said the reason was because nic was cheating on her with cecilia. cecilia had just broken up with daniel chan and nic was apparently always around comforting her and badmouthing daniel to the press on her behalf. then nic went back to faye, and cecilia went a bit crazy. this was probably when she started seeing edison, and then dated a foreigner, claiming to want to have blue eyed babies with him. maybe nic has always loved faye but she had less faith in him, seeing as he was only 22 at the time and hadn’t sowed his wild oats yet. what a messy love triangle.

      1. Just curious, what was the reason for Cecilia and this Daniel Chan’s breakup? Why was Nicholas bad mouthing Daniel and comforting Cecilia when he was dating Faye at the time?

    2. I believe so. When Faye married Li Yapeng he was acting all love sick and dedicating songs to her at while performing (look up him singing ‘making love out of nothing at all’). Then he SUDDENLY got back with Cecilia after Faye’s marriage. And even married Cecilia in the same year Faye gave birth to her daughter. Of course I believe Nicolas carted for Cecilia in his own way but it’s clear that faire is the love of his life and he was never really able to get over her.

    3. it wouldnt matter if he had polluted himself with Cheri and the Last of Cheri previously if he had met the right person and I only know CCP from about three excellent early films that indicated she could replace Maggie Cheung in delivering internationally accepted performances of emotional depth.

      That was also what is obvious from the very insane Life Unexpected – Shiri Appleby differs from the rest of the cast and is in her own show with her performance because of her emotional depth exactly the way Sarah Michelle Gellar was separate from the rest of the Buffy cast performances.

      “if depth of feeling is a currenceee….”

      that’s what the Mayor of Simpleton song is about – its not about the beauteous Megan Fox or Elizabeth Taylor getting all verklempt over Sebastian’s final holiday – its about behind the skin seething of Vivien Leigh.

      So NO I don’t think Nicolas tse entered a hellish spiral of degeneracy with Wong Faye who was very clean perfect little girl singing on Commie CHinese tv – these celebs never hurt other people – there is NO WAY this news is authentic and not a performance WRITTEN by propagandists.

      I think if he has nice parents (his mother took my mother to eat dan dan noodles and was friendly to her as a little girl) then they got really lucky and got a very talented daughter in law in CCP who is a MUCH better actor than her secretly still husband.

  10. I feel so sad for Cecilia. She lost the love of her life because of the scandal. Probably during when Nick went back with Faye, so to ease her depression she probably party wildly, hence the sex scandal photos. I believe it is no fault on her part, what was in the past, before their marriage…should be forgiven, forgotten, but I suppose Nick has not forgiven her.
    In actuality, plagued by a scandal that big, most Asian women would have taken the coward way out by taking their own lives, I praised her for her strength and courage to continue to live. Living with a broken heart, takes great strength. I pray that Cecilia will be able to overcome this obstacle too. I wish you well, I wish you happiness, and I wish you love Cecilia Cheung! Keep your chin up!

    1. Rumours has it she did wanted to jump off the building but Nic persuaded her otherwise. To his credit at the height of this scandal he married her. If he had minded, he wouldn’t have married her and stayed married to her. They parted ways probably due to themselves rather than the scandal. And they have divorced so long ago, she has no excuse not to be happy for Nic and his refound love so to speak. She should move on rather than acting like a spoilt princess everytime husband dates someone. People all move on and so should she. Why be sad for her? Not like he just dumped her a week ago. This has nothing to do with Cecilia anymore. Move on with life.

      1. Err, he didn’t marry her after the scandal. The scandal broke (the old sex pictures) after they married a few years. I think it is someone’s right to feel sorry for Cecilia. Why bother to tell her to feel otherwise? lolz.

      2. I totally agreed with you. Cecelia always make some news to gain public sympathy whenever Nicholas dates someone.
        She is not matured.
        I don’t think every husband can take such a scandal. Cecelia should move on.

      3. Nic and CC were married before the scandal broke out but he still stood by her through the hard times. He did not dump her because of the scandal.

        I agree with Funn that their divorce was probably due to clashing personalities. Love can only take you so far in a relationship. But to live together for the rest of your life takes a great commitment and sacrifice. It just didn’t work out for Nic and CC. Nor for Faye and Yapeng.

        Both CC and Nic should move and find their own happiness. But they will be forever linked due to their kids.

      4. People are entitled to being sad for whoever they want. Besides, Nicholas going back to Faye just like that make it seem like Cecilia is a rebound this whole time, it’s easy to feel sorry for her. Especially when the vibe I’ve always got from their relationship is that Cecilia is the one who loves her spouse the most. And it looks like Nicholas indeed never got over Faye. Even when married to Cecilia.

      5. nic had quintus with cecilia after the scandal broke out, so it seems they were willing to work things out. it was only after cecilia bumped into edison on a flight and started acting friendly with him (according to the press) that things went haywire.

      6. he’s probably a very nice boy and probably her end all be all so she wouldnnt get over him – but they are probably not really divorced and it is excused as hiding leverage from her dad’s debtors

    2. what’s wrong with Nic finding love again if it just hasn’t worked with Cecilia all this time? they simply don’t match. don’t say he didn’t try. if anything, Cecilia was the third party or otherwise, Faye and Nic would of been together long ago. in the end, God works his ways. how many times and crazy things does Cecilia have to control Nic and prevent him from having love and happiness again, she is so manipulative. when he’s dating Janice man, she goes take a picture with a foreigner, when she hears he’s getting back with faye, each time its something stupid like pulling the kids out of school to control him. seriously, stop already.

      1. I find the generalization about asian women being weak utterly disgusting, patronizing, and racist. there is a lot of sacrifice involved in Asian upbringing and culture, how do you know the strength of each person’s character out there? what do you know of their journey. you turned some entertainment news into berating an ethnic group of ppl you will never know or understand. have some respect.

      2. @Uhh
        Geez, why do you get super sensitive about this “about asian women…”?? It seems to me that you are indeed the racist one.
        What I meant to say was Asian especially Chinese are considered to be the more reserved, family oriented culture, given the thousand years of Chinese history, “do honor to the family name”
        Don’t tell me that I am wrong on this. Just because we live in a modern society, does not mean that those principle and thousand years Confucius teaching have cease to exists inside each one of us. C’mon, get real.

        Being plagued by a sex scandal of this caliber, especially as a public figure, is a sentence worst than death. She constantly has to battle ridicule. Worst, is she has to deal with her kids when they are a bit older.
        What she did behind closed door when she was single and available is between her and her partner, no one else’s business. It is unfortunate that those pictures leaked out. So entangled in a scandal this big, I am sure the mother-in-law probably whispered a few things here and there to Nick. Asian family are less forgiving, and if you think otherwise, you are being delusional.

        Anyway, in many of the news article, I see Cecilia as the one taking care of the kids or the one smiling beside her husband.
        Maybe you don’t understand the pain it feels to be forced into a divorce. She didn’t want it. Maybe you could never understand the pain of being discarded by the one you love most in the world. She must have felt the stab of betrayal. If Nick had gotten together with any other girl, it wouldn’t be as painful, but he choose to get back to Faye, it is definitely, adding salt to the already open wound.
        Regards to report about the crazy things she did to control Nick, I find it hard to believe. Feeling hurt and desperate to get back the love of your life is hardly considered “manipulative” If you were in the situation, anyone would go the extra miles in hope to be back with with their lost love. If Cecilia didn’t, then it clearly illustrated that she doesn’t love Nick enough to bother to put up a fight. She clearly did all she could but failed. But again, who knows what really went on behind close doors. It truth remain that she is the one that was left behind.

        So yes, I could care less what you think, I am entitled to my personal feeling and that is, I feel sorry for her. I am sending my best regards and sympathy to Cecilia Cheung. I wish her well, and I wish her happiness, and most of all, I will her love.

      3. They both were players, they wanted to be the next Chinese Brat and Angie. When the playing gets tough they get divorce. As for her scandal, it is an insult to Nick from head to toe because he married her. Of course that’s the end to every marriage with her giving bj to someone else but him. For sure he will not go back to his ex wife. As for the kids, take a good look at the parents.

        As for Faye and Nick, he cheated on her at the time because he’s like his dad lol. You can’t change that. Getting back together this time will definitely be for business and pleasure. Whether it is good for them or not who knows, time will tell. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 😀 🙁 LOL!

      4. BTW, the thing about celebs are always fun because they can afford it. 😀 🙁 LOL!

      5. @kiwi
        You seem to have a wicked and a vicious tongue. So your comments aren’t not worth anything. If you continue to keep spreading ills about others, it speaking loudly about your own character.

      6. My respond wasn’t to you. The only paragraph i read was this little one. From that little one, you’re a stubborn one. Don’t read anything you don’t like. 😀 🙁 LOL!

  11. I actually like this couple. I think both parties have matured and they have a lot of similarities which could help them progress. I’ve seen it happen before where people end up dating old flings again and it actually works out for the better.

    1. i think wong faye belongs with dou wei and their lookalike daughter

      i think that would be too much for japanese hipsters to bear that beijing was so cool and emerged so fully shining from communism

      so we suffer THIS

      instead of meeting Beijing in full flower

      we are being denied Beijing cool – tang wei, zhang ziyi exposed with vivi nevo, wong faye’s pseudo-japanese-noriko-sakai-descent into grossness – all bullshi.

  12. He’s had always hinted in interviews that Faye Wong is the love of his life. I think it’s natural to feel sorry for Cecilia. If Nicholas is dating any other woman then it’s different, but the fact that he went back to Faye right after her divorce does seem like he was never fully able to get over her even when he was married to Cecilia. Not to mention he at the time suddenly married Cecilia after Faye’s marriage and giving birth to her daughter. the timing makes Cecilia seem like a rebound for him after being hurt by his one true love.

    Gotta give it to him though: this guy’s love for that woman runs very deep.

    1. it takes two

      so if he wasnt crazy about CCP in return, she would have to be tactical and greedy to be so hung up on him and despite all the reports of her greed, her behavior speaks otherwise


      if CCP is crazy about him, then NT is crazy about her

      and if he was besotted inexplicably with an older woman (ya never hear this about Joey Wong who looks like a Chinese Ava Gardner) then wouldn’t CCP have brained him with a shoe by now?

      because if he doesnt like CCP then CCP would be totally indifferent – fine keep walking and say whatever you want to say about Wong Faye – but if she did like him then his praising about Wong Faye is either a lie or if it is true – that is impossible – if that were true – wouldn’t she murder him like Michelle Reis did to Lai Ming in Fallen Angels?

  13. Can anyone summarise this whole love triangle including Cecilia’s and Nic’s marriage?

    1. 2000: Faye and Nicholas are together ‘officially’.
      2002: Faye and Nic’s first break up. Rumoured also surfaced with him and Cecilia at the time due to doing a film together and growing closer.
      2003: Faye and Nic are back together.
      2003: Cecilia suffers from eating disorders.
      2003: Cecilia rumoured to be dating Edison as a rebound.
      2003: Faye dumped Nic.
      2004: Faye met Li Yapeng.
      2005: Faye got married to Li Yapeng.
      2005: Nic sining and publically dedicating ‘Making Love out of Nothing at All’ to Faye. Making clear he’s hurt by her sudden marriage.
      Early 2006: Nic started dating Cecilia.
      Mid 2006: Faye gave birth to her daughter.
      End 2006: Nic and Cecilia suddenly also got married.
      2007: Cecilia gave birth to their first son.
      2010: Cecilia gave birth to their second son.
      2011-2012: Nic and Cecilia divorced.
      2013: Faye’s divorce.
      2014: Faye and Nic are back together.

      1. I remember cecilia and nic dated before she dated daniel chan.. but they broke up when nicolas was caught lying about behind the wheel?

      2. @LETSHOPEITLASTS: Actually Nic pursued Cecilia when she was still together with Daniel Chan. Cecilia was filming ‘Second time around’ back then and she was very confused but the director told her to ‘go with her heart’ (source: the director has talked about this before). But then Nicholas broke up with Cecilia at the time to get back together with Faye. That’s when she developed an eating disorder and the whole image change and partying with Edison Chen.

      3. at the time I found all of these people so boring I was just annoyed by the news and disbelieved completely that Wong Faye was so cheap and insane as to return Nicolas Tse’s obviously perverted predatory interest but I did not disbelieve that he was attracted to CCP at some TVB variety show where she sprained her ankle.

        like aged people ESPECIALLY youth have a specific chemistry especially when FROM boys dealing with girls their own age when the girls are at their height of prettiness.

        I don’t care if you are Vivien Leigh – NO WAY.

        NO WAY.

        its the vibe of youthful cluelessness and openness – its an energy they have at that age – like freshly made cantouloupe juice – it will never come again – where everything tastes PINK and nice.

        NO WAYYYYYYYYYYY did he choose wong faye AT ALLL

        and no way did Wong faye let go of adorable BEIJING Dou Wei


  14. Wow, 11 years? It’s somewhat to believe but what can we say? It’s fate.

    1. I think back then, the public was non-supportive of their relationship and though he was only doing dating her for popularity. Now that she is not as popular as before and he is at the height of his career, both their divorces are an opportunity for them to see if they can regain what they once lost.

      I wish Nic and Faye the best and hope they find true love (with or without each other!

    2. 11 year difference is someone who is your real estate broker or who handles your financial aid application at the bursar’s office – it’s not a real female candidate for ROMANCE!


      no WAYYYY

      its your supervisor at work

      or your mother’s next door neighbor


      1. As long as both are adults, why should age get in the way of love? Whether their choice is right or wrong, them are the ones to bear the consequences. Why are you so worked up over this?

      2. I agree, if both parties are adults and they’re okay with it, green light!

      3. 11 years difference is nothing compared to Nick’s dad who is practically 50 years older than his sweetie.

  15. Does anybody feel that Faye and Cecilia actually do look similar? Was wondering if Nic went out with Cecilia ‘cos of her resemblance with Faye.

      1. Yeah. I’ve always thought he was into the rock n roll type of girl. Faye and Bondy seemed to be those type back in the days.

      2. Yup, they are certainly are NOT the goody goody types? hahaa LOL…
        This is insane but a good drama for TVB script?
        Wow, his tastes sure are interesting? haha lol….

    1. Among the women Nicholas dated, I guess Bondy Chiu is seemingly the most fortunate in love. She’s now happily married to a good husband outside the entertainment industry.

  16. Nic deserves someone better. Why get entangled in the past again and not start afresh with another girl? It’s like an obsession. A kid who never got what he wanted and wants it so desperately. The one who cling on to him he never appreciated. I will pity Faye if he walks out from her one day. It will be her 3rd divorce?!

    1. ^ Agree.

      I also had the impression he wasn’t that into Faye the first time around (he was riding on her fame coat-tails, and she liked the bad-Ass rebel type) … NOT to the extent “she was the memorable Ex he loved most” anyhow.
      Why he was cheating then with Cecilia by the side in the first place, while with Faye, first time round??

      Embarassing enough being caught when they were in the car crash together, and Faye found out … why is she even in this a second time?
      Rocker dude ex was a mistake, fine
      Li Ya Peng didn’t work out = sad, bec I thought they had a good thing going. Fine

      1. I think Wong Faye’s career is about to finally blow up and they need to handicap her so she seems flawed.

      2. “I also had the impression he wasn’t that into Faye the first time around (he was riding on her fame coat-tails, and she liked the bad-Ass rebel type) … NOT to the extent “she was the memorable Ex he loved most” anyhow.”

        Well, they proved you wrong didn’t they?

        And I had the complete opposite feeling about them.

    2. what parent wouldnt wish for their child that they find the right person and not acquire callouses with multiple experiences

      its ccp not some hannah quinlaven who is at the beginning of her strawberry milkshake years because Jay Chou or Do Duk Wai is finally ready to settle down

      it would make Nicolas Tse look so tactical when obviously Eason whatshisname found the right person for himself asap – its such a lie that this didn’t happen to Nicolas Tse when they have two kids.

      its a lie that his dad just took a much younger hai ke yi option when he couldnt make it with famous beauties and settled for dek bor lai because my mom said nicolas tse’s mother without mother looked better cleaner and sassier than angelababy.

      1. correction – without MAKEUP

        was a purer and therefore prettier version of angelababy with a pointy little voice and a sassy but kindly air

    3. yeah as if she was being passed around like some kind of comfort women lie about chinese women being fickle

      there is no way wong faye needs to be like that

      she is not Japanese

      Rie Myazawa with a youngster I believe


  17. even if it is the right thing to do , I really hate the propaganda bureau for creating this story and if she is pregnant again by a third baby daddy – it will be so insanely gross and the public will really suffer such news

    GROSS – please stop grossing us out for the cause

  18. What if a past paramour approached CCP or someone similarly vulnerable and damaged like Lee Lai Jun from Happy Ghost – wouldn’t we look askance at some possible triad looking to exploit them – my god, what if someone claimed they were still interested in Lam Keet Ying???

    I think a PSA message must be sent out that it is chemically impossible for there to be surviving embers when replacements have been made in between.

    It’s not an ego thing – it is literally a chemical thing or a neuroligical thing where those old pathways have been replaced or destroyed (paved over by new highways as it were)

    so do not become like Uma Thurman in Golden Bowl who believed that “those old feelings they come back” – eww if they were still extant, they couldn’t have been substituted or occupied by others.

    This is going to influence a lot of Great Happiness Space shenanigans and if it does for orc and goblin so be it – but Chinese females cannot possibly believe this.

    It would be like reusing a discarded tissue – when do we ever do that?

    this is CRAZY

  19. its like Connie Nielsen who probably didnt have any beau in the interim in Three Days to Kill


    Robin Wright Penn marrying John Travolta while Sean Penn was in the loony bin in Delovely

    we can believe that someone waited for someone but we cannot believe that someone returned to someone after being with someone else

    NO WAY

    this is so unChinese rules and regulations – I don’t mean romantic bullshi. I mean hard core Chinese NO WAY.

    nevermind the crazy age difference in the WRONG direction

  20. never believe authenticity of unrequited

    never believe love triangle

    and never believe you can fool an orc or goblin into genuinely mistaking margarine for butter – they wont be fooled – you can only entertain them like Mary Margaret Ohara in Museum Hours – you can never safely rely that you’ve got them to behave

    1. I know. SORRY.
      But here’s another one:

      maybe this is to knock triad loan sharks interested in bullying CCP for Nicolas Tse money since they just injured her dad

  21. So complicated ** But it is guaranteed there’ll be loads of news about N & F in the coming months…..not forgetting CC’s as well. I wonder what new ‘tricks’ CC will come up with this time to stop Nic from dating again.

  22. Ermmm… Cleo? Calm down… it’s okay.. *slowly moves away…*

  23. In the past I always like their relationship. Now that the two, especially Nicholas Tse has matured, they make a better pair. I’m sure all these accusations and judgements that people are making, has crossed their minds when they thought about reconciling. They took a large step to be with each other again. The media/fans will go crazy. There will be a lot of nasty words, and its admirable that they want to overcome this together.

  24. I feel quite disturbed that some creep took those intimate photos of them…Did they get stalked or something?

  25. this is the same as him and Cecilia when they got back together in 2006? they separated for a long time and got back together. then everybody thought it was true love. i remember some article or poem written about their love, it sounded like a fairy tale. then a few months after the article, they split. i can imagine this is the same deal.

    1. Good point. People think nic considered cc as the love of his life back then…but dont forget, he married and got back together with her after faye kinda made it impossible for them to reconcile. In a way, cc seems to be a consolation prize.

      Then again, he shouldnt have cheated on faye to beginwith if he had really loved her. The fact he did, signified he was lacking something in their relationship, whether it’s on her or him. And he chose CC to fill up that emptiness. But theres no way to know what nic is looking for. I have a feeling whatever it is, has a lot to do with his parents.

      1. Precisely. That’s what I was saying to.

        If Faye’s the most memorable Ex to the point he loved her most = why the embarassing (and cruel) way of her finding out that he was 2-timing her with Cecilia behind her back, back then?

  26. He cant forget the ex. Many years pasted and everything return to the start point.

  27. Faye is pregnant again ? How old is she now ? The kid belong to Nic ? So, it’s 3 kids, 3 different dad ?

  28. Fingers cross that the news is not true. He is better of with Cecilia Cheung.

  29. Am i the only one having trouble understanding what Cleo is trying to say???? Anyways this is a weird pair. They sound so messed up. If it’s true Faye is preggers that means her 3 kids have 3 different dads. Talk about dysfunctional!

    1. No one ever knows what Cleo rambles about; you can tell she’s really articulate, but lacks any real sense. A shame, really.

    2. >They sound so messed up. If it’s true Faye is preggers that means her 3 kids have 3 different dads. Talk about dysfunctional!

      Nothing Hollywood doesn’t have; or heck, even many ‘blended’ NAmerican families have.

      Sometimes with yet another divorce permutation on the list down the road and the wonders of twisted litigation/custody laws, the kid may well end up living with parents who are completely NOT even her biological parents!

      1. That is so true! I once read somewhere the parents got divorce … then the parent who got the child marry and divorce again! the step-parent got the child and marry again….

    3. You’re not the only one, she wrote a lot but I didn’t understand a thing she wrote. LMAO!!

      1. At first I thought you meant Cecelia until I realized it was the commenter Cleo. ….. And omg you’re sooo right! She responded to my comment above and started mentioning about Japanese and war stuff -_- wtf. I’m not even Chinese. I came here to comment about Nicholas and faye not a war! And whos CCP? Cecelia? I thought it was some business Nicholas owned.

  30. If I were them I wouldn’t even bother having another kid since both already have kids with their ex. I find it very remarkable that they can rekindle their love after 11 years. Not many ppl are able to do that. Guess it’s fated. I am sure they are more matured now too and know what they truly want since they have been with different ppl. As to why he cheated on Faye with Cecilia, well all I can say is he allowed his little bro to think for him lol man …. Well it happens

  31. Give Nicholas n Faye a few years, they will break off too. Now they look so mismatch. Faye looks so old after giving birth to kids, they look like mother n son together. But then again, why not? It’s good entertainment.

  32. I actually like them as a couple.. I think they really did love each other but because of pressure for their big age difference before when he was a nobody drove them apart. Now he is successful and I would say equal to Faye now and much older. Their age gap now doesn’t seem as bad since he’s in his 30s instead of 20s. I honestly think he is better off with Faye then with Cecilla.

  33. Not sure anyone of you knew this Brit actor Maxwell Caufield (acted in Grease 2 with Michelle Pfeiffer and he also acted in The Colby’s in the 80’s). Very good looking chap who married at 21 to Juliet Mills who was 18 years his senior and they are still together 34 years later lol. And I can tell you he was super duper gorgeous at 21 and the wife really looked like his mom lol but then guess it’s true love lol so maybe it’s same here with Faye & Nic

  34. I don’t know Faye that well. She speaks English? Just curious.
    Whatever it is, this is damn Romantic !!!!
    Good luck!:)

  35. Didnt he cheated on her for Cecilia. Why is faye sitting on his LAP and making out, Shes being a bad example to her kids, do her kids not live with her

  36. Tots agree that Faye and Cecelia look somewhat similar-so that’s Nick’s type! But I always thought that Faye and Nic had chemistry in their prior relationship, and thought it was a shame they didn’t rekindle even though both were divorced. Now I’m so happy that they are! This also shows that Nick is not some casual playboy that will settle for just any woman! More points for him in my book!

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