Cecilia Cheung Withdraws from “Sisters Who Make Waves 2” Because of Faye Wong?

Following the success of Chinese variety show Sisters Who Make Waves <乘风破浪的姐姐>, which pegs mature artistes competing for a spot in a new girl group, a second season is in the works. A preliminary list of contestants in the new season has been revealed to includes: Viann Zhang (張馨予), Michelle Chen (陳妍希), Feier Li (李菲兒), and Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝).

The lineup is making waves on social media, but there are also rumors that Cecilia wants to pull out after learning Faye Wong (王菲) is invited to sing the theme song. Given the long history of Cecilia and Faye as romantic rivals over Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), it would be a rare sight for the two stars to share the same stage.

The trio was involved in one of Hong Kong’s most famous love triangles. Despite an 11-year age gap, Faye and Nicholas had a high-profile relationship in 2000. Breaking up one year later, Nicholas began dating Cecilia and after an on-again, off-again relationship, they eventually got married. When they split in 2012,  Cecilia took custody of their two sons. Meanwhile, Nicholas and Faye reconnected in 2014 and are still currently dating.

Cecilia Not Seen on Set

Since filming for Sisters Who Make Waves 2 has started, many of the contestants have been photographed in Changsha, yet Cecilia is nowhere to be seen. It is said that Cecilia immediately halted her plans to fly to the set upon discovering that Faye will sing the theme song for the program.  Concerned that the media will shift the focus to her past history with Faye, Cecilia wants to withdraw from the show.

However, contrary to the rumors, netizens who are following the development of Sisters Who Make Waves 2 believe that Cecilia is still signed on after spotting the star’s personal photographers in Changsha, in addition to discovering that the program director recently followed Cecilia on social media. The signs led many netizens to believe that Cecilia is not leaving the show, but is actively preparing for a showdown on stage.

Source: On.cc 

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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