Nicholas Tse Renounces Canadian Citizenship

Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) revealed that he is renouncing his Canadian citizenship during an interview on CCTV program Lan Yu Reception Room <藍羽會客室>. With “Operation Qing Lang” in full force, Chinese celebrities with foreign citizenships are rumored to be the next targets as their patriotism is questioned.

In response to skepticisms on his loyalty, Nicholas expressed, “I was born in Hong Kong, so I am originally a Chinese person…. In fact, I have already sent in my renunciation papers.”

Nicohlas’ manager, Mani Fok (霍汶希), shared that she only knew of the matter on the day of the interview and understood it has been settled.

As reporters reached out to his father, Patrick Tse (謝賢), on his thoughts over Nicholas’ decision, he commented, “Whatever he does is his decision, but as his father, I’ll support him.”

According to previous reports, Patrick once revealed during a show that he immigrated with his family to Canada in 1987 in hopes to change the environment for his children, as he was concerned that they would grow up spoiled due to their fame in Hong Kong.

With blacklisting measures against problematic celebrities and fandoms becoming highly enforced, increasing nationalism on the Internet is more pronounced than ever. As celebrities with foreign nationalities are being called out, their actions are also closely monitored by authorities. Nicholas likely believes it would be a safer option to show his faithfulness to China, before the next wave of cancellation takes place.

Source: World Journal

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  1. Dont see an issue here. Considering the high earnings and his popular status, why would he want to continue to pay heavy taxes annually to a place where he doesnt live anymore. His life and work is in China. He cant even enjoy the benefits from the Canadian government. I live in Canada and the rich gets taxed alot. Might as well get rid of the Canadian citizenship from a place he no longer resides. Oh right because Canada and China are not on good terms so this is big news. Pft.

    1. And i want to add that even if he refuse to pay taxes including showing his annual income from overseas, government will cancel his citizenship in the future.

  2. Good for him. Hopefully others will renounce their non ccp citizenship and stop taking advantage of other countries and go back to china..

    1. Yup and maybe this will stop those who go overseas to have anchor babies. But I heard the US no longer allows this, however, not sure about Canada and other countries.

      1. Why do internal China Citizens used that loop hole to have their children? Could it be that China’s governing and life is not for them or they want to give their children a future better than what China can give them? Its called choice and everyone should have right to choose. Cancelling someone is just not right and evades humanity and civil liberties, its abuse of a person. Over the last few years, China seem to be going backwards for their citizens and its such a shame.

    2. He is not from China. This is the problem. China continuously want to gel Hong Kong and China as one, and full stop they are two countries with very different social and lifestyles. He is doing this to avoid investigations of taxation and well he has probably dumped so much money away over the years, he could just leave China when his one dimensional facial expression is no longer hired. China as well as most of the countries in this world are in big financial issues due to covid and they are using taxation to pay for the shortfall. However instead of investigating the big companies who sought after government assistance ie: Furlough but still paid their directors big bonuses, they are going after those who just work and pay their taxes. Double taxation rules have always been in place and its nothing to do with China and Canada having strained relationships in the last year or so. China has strained relationships with so many countries they might as well just lock up their citizens and do not allow them out.

      1. China and HK are two separate Countries? So funny… Now this is a delusional person if I do meet one here.. You can continue living in your little world…

  3. No one should have to show their loyalty by renouncing their nationality. This is typical China letting their millions out to the western world and telling them either you give up your adopted nationality or we will cancel you out. Again this is why so many Hong Kong citizens refuse to be silenced. As for Nicholas Tse, he is a moulded money making puppet from day one and well because of his decline in popularity in Hong Kong and I guess the wife scandal affected his career, as they split and I guess some might have felt that his wife was being punished for something she did before their time together, so him and his management decided the China market would his only choice, as he feeds not only his own family – his parents and Faye Wong etc, he has to feed his ex-wife and his two children, so if he got cancelled from China his rice bowl would be broken. Also he is doing this as he is probably worried that he will be picked up for taxation investigations and whatever else china wishes to dream up. Personally you should not have to display your loyalty to any country under due rest or pressure, you should only do so if you feel strong about it.

  4. he is not doing for his royalty to China… He just don’t want to loose monet & blacklist by the chinese goverment… That’s trash

    1. Absolutely, its all about his money, no such thing as loyalty to China, if its paving money he is there and will say anything to ensure he doesn’t get blacklisted and cancelled out.

      1. Cannot really blame him as who wants to suddenly lose everyone overnight like Zhang Zhe Han? I don’t think getting his original citizenship back will do much as China blacklisted their own citizens and celebrities too.

      2. Well, with Canada now also under strained relationship with China, it’s not like it’s a haven anymore.

  5. How did he get away with asking someone to stand-in as the driver when he crashed his car in HK a long time ago?

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