Nicholas Tse to Leave Money for His Sons

The actor-singer turned celebrity chef Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋) is not only savvy on-screen and in the kitchen but also behind the books. Checking off “entrepreneur” on his to-do list, the business-minded Nicholas has great investments across the food and beverage, film, and real estate industries. With significant assets on hand, Nicholas already made plans to leave his sons Lucas Tse (謝振軒) and Quintus Tse (谢振南) money.

Although the 39-year-old Nicholas did not personally address online reports of his poor relationship with his children, which blew up last October when his eldest son 12-year-old Lucas reportedly described him as an absent father, Nicholas’ actions spoke louder than words. According to Taiwanese reports, Nicholas established a fund of 946 million RMB, and the beneficiaries are Lucas and Quintus.

Even though the boys’ mother, Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝), spends more time with them than Nicholas does, it does not mean he loves them any less. In recent years, Nicholas has been drowning in work following his founded success in the F&B world. After dabbling and thriving in various reality and cooking shows as “Chef Nic,” he established his food brand Chef Nic’s Cookies.

As if he didn’t have enough on his plate, the business-minded star also dipped his toes in the film and real estate industries. But one of his greater achievements is probably the post-production computer graphics company, Post Production Office Limited that he founded in 2003, which reached a value of output of 5.68 billion RMB during its prime. It was later acquired at a high price by a listed company. Nicholas’ successful investments across all three industries have demonstrated that he is a wise businessman.

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  1. I mean who else would he leave his money for, it’s obviously going to be for his two sons

  2. I’m not judging anyone but leaving your money to your kids doesn’t mean you love them so much to do that. The kids need your loves, your attention much more than material & financial stuffs. Obviously when you die, your money will automatically go to your kids unless you have the will going to someone else. But kids growing up they need their parents physically there for them. I don’t know how often he sees his kids but to have your child open up about you being an absent parent throughout their life hurts a lot.

    1. @joyce Yes, some parents probably thinks all gifts and money is gonna fill that void of being absent. But you know sometimes it depends on the kids thou. I have seen one that dad is absent since they were in their single digits and b/c the $$$ was always there while they were growing up, they never hated him even thou they hardly see each other. Some might have hatred but some don’t. Guess sometimes $$$ does play a big role in things it’s reality.

      1. @wm2017
        Yes but sadly even if the kids do not hate you, you do not have that bond with them so you get distant. I had an aunt like that and I found out later in life why she and my cousins do not feel like mother and children. It was because she never took care of them. Being there for them and forming a bond is so important. That is why you have the saying, your birth mother is not as great as your adopted mother.

  3. Hopefully for him the sons don’t only love him for his money but who knows.

  4. I am more curious on how the media actually had access to such information and if Nicholas will respond to the news…

  5. Someone who doesn’t deserve your affection doesn’t deserve your anger. That’s probably why they are not mad, not because they like his money. Cecilia has a lot of money too. They simply don’t know their father, so can they hate him? The absent parent comment by Lucas was accurate, so if it hurt Nicholas, I don’t think that’s the kid’s fault. Kids are blunt AF.

    1. @jesspepperwang Agree wholeheartedly. I hope Nic doesn’t regret not spending time with his kids when he’s old and gray. The growing up years are the most precious. Anyway, both Fay & him are rich. Who knows, maybe they’ll decide to have a baby in the future. A guy can never be too old and there’s the option of finding surrogate mothers since money is not an issue.

      1. @bizzybody
        I agree and I hope he finds time to be with them or he will regret it down the line. He used to visit them before as I have seen photos as proof. You truly wonder if his relationship with Cecilia had gone sour that he stopped coming maybe? Who knows? But he needs to make an effort for his sons.

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