Cecilia Cheung Accidentally Reveal’s Third Son’s Face at Birthday Party

Today marks Cecilia Cheung’s (張柏芝) 40th birthday, hitting a new milestone. But on her birthday, Cecilia didn’t take a break to celebrate. Instead, she celebrated the occasion as a party for her sons. On Sunday morning, she woke up bright and early to prepare a feast for 12 kids. She documented the process on her Instagram; the menu included egg fried rice, curry rice, and soft-boiled tea eggs. 

Five minutes before she turned 40, she recorded a video to thank her family, friends, and fans for congratulating her on her big milestone. She shared that her eldest son Lucas, 12, gave her an intangible birthday gift. “No matter what I give, it will be bought with mom’s money,” he had said. “I think the best gift is staying by her side.”

Lucas’ words have moved Cecilia to tears. “I’m sure these words speak the minds of all mothers of the world,” she said. “No matter what gift you receive from your child, even a hand-made card, it wouldn’t make your heart feel as warm as this. Lucas is so understanding, and he’s so sweet. His action speaks everything.”

Her second son Quintus, 10, went to Cecilia’s bedroom at exactly midnight and wrote her a love letter on his iPad with the color of Cecilia’s favorite handbag.

On the day of her birthday, Cecilia’s domestic helpers surprised her with a cake. Cecilia uploaded a video of them singing happy birthday. While Cecilia was careful to not show the face of her third son Marcus, who is now a year old, his face was reflected on the turntable.

Cecilia has always been very careful of maintaining Marcus’ privacy, even keeping the identity of his father a secret.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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