Nicholas Tse Never Considered Reconciling With Cecilia Cheung

Since Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) and Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) announced their decision to divorce earlier, frequent rumors circulated, claiming that Nicholas was interested in reconciling with Cecilia for the sake of their two sons, Lucas and Quintus. The rumors even claimed that Nicholas will share the stage and appear as a guest together with her.
Nicholas and Cecilia both denied reconciliation rumors. Nicholas’ cousin and assistant clarified, “Reconciliation? Nicholas never considered the possibility.”
Yesterday, Nicholas appeared on mainland program <麥霸英雄匯>. One fan claimed that Nicholas will make an appearance with his father,Patrick Tse (謝賢). The program host denied that Patrick will appear on the show, as only Nicholas was scheduled to make an appearance and sing a song.
In addition, Nicholas’ mother, Deborah Li (狄波拉), was spotted shopping at a supermarket in the Central district with her fashion designer friend. Lingering for less than half an hour, the duo emerged with two bags of shopping goods.
Source: Orientaldaily
Jayne: With Nicholas and Cecilia’s current schedule, it is too easy to avoid each other. Although both declared they still loved each other weeks before their divorce decision, the love will likely fade very soon as they no longer see each other anymore. It’s too easy for a divorced couple to become strangers….

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      1. Yeah, those boys r innocent and now they have to follow her “ehem” grow up..

      2. Personally I feel all “four” of them should grow up.

  1. I hope not Jayne. They have 2 sons to consider. They can never be strangers because of their sons. I predict when the hurt is gone they will do a Bruce-Demi.

  2. Sigh…the two boys are so innocent. Parents becoming strangers–how fun is that!

  3. Is tt Nic’s latest picture? he looks really thin and lost so much of weight!

  4. Both Nic and Ceci were akready a stranger to each other during their marriage time, Now both of them are too busy with their activities.. They might become a stranger to their boys in a future unless both of them are willing to cut some works and spent times with their boys. I felt so sad for the boys… The boys have no choice..

  5. They might act fine in front of the children but inside who knows

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