Cecilia Cheung Advises Divorced Women: “Dare to Fall and Hurt”

Remaining strong after her divorce from Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) appeared in a televised interview on The Scoop <東張西望> last night, teaching divorced women to have the courage in falling and hurting, while learning from the experience. Insisting that she did not make her comeback in the entertainment industry due to financial pressures, Cecilia wished to set an example for her two sons instead.

Cecilia revealed, “Encountering numerous problems earlier, I was very unhappy. I did not dwell on the unhappiness because I could not plunge to any further lower points. Afterwards, I can only do better and become more successful!” Recently divorced, Cecilia mentioned that if she were to re-marry again, it was necessary to retain confidence to make her future husband admire her.

Asked about her current lifestyle, Cecilia admitted that she did not chase after designer labels and luxury cars as she did in the past. Material goods cannot bring people happiness. “When I was a teenager, I loved to drape designer labels all over myself. Now, I wear less expensive items! I’d rather take a taxi nowadays, as it is unnecessary to find parking spaces and you can chat with the driver too!”

In addition, earlier rumors claimed that Ronnie Cheung (張栢文) asked his elder sister, Cecilia Cheung, to borrow money to finance the purchase of a sports car. Ronnie stated, “I will not respond to any questions regarding my sister! I did not ask my sister to give me money to purchase a car!”

Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Did Cecilia Cheung do something to her face, such as the injection of derma fillers? There is a subtle change to her features, which is quite distracting.

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  1. Ceci has been very high-profile after the divorce. She’s everywhere. I’m kind of getting sick of seeing her talking about her standing up tall after falling down low. Her newest song is all about her being strong as she marches on forward.

  2. Jayne, probably she is just too thin.

    Oh Cecilia, do heed your own advice. It is ok to fall, since you can stand up again but never be bitter. A hurt woman is to be emphatised with but a bitter woman is just plain annoying.

  3. Oh my God, she wants to set an example to her two sons – what example, being a selfish greedy good-for-nothing person. I am being very kind in my words as I know that there are still millions of fans of hers around, though heaven knows why!!! I agree with Cloud – every single word. What she needs is a really good lesson – maybe really get hurt by someone then she will know what its like in the real world.

  4. Her ears look so painful and gross! Does she really need all of those holes pierced ? I can understand two…. but ughhhhhhh!!!

    1. She looks scary in the picture is my opinion.

      Like an overstretched egg about to break any moment.

      Veins popping, tight thin skin…

  5. That’s a old pic above. Cecilia is much thinner now in the present. And how is she setting a good example for her boys if she’s barely with them? I’m glad she’s standing on her feet again after the divorce and scandal but she needs to slow it down a bit. Its like she’s trying to avoid her pain by overworking herself. I can’t help but feel sorry for her.

  6. I feel sorry for her children. It doesn’t sound like she learned anything from her recent divorce. The only scary part of this pic was the veins on the side of her forehead other then that I think she looks great, she is indeed a very beautiful woman.

  7. I think she is a attention seeker person.. she need not tell the whole world abt it…. it is something personal.

    1. Maybe she’s showing to Nic that she too can stand strong after divorce who knows? Some ppl tend to showoff by attending interview/media conference just to show off to their ex

      1. Sigh, this may make her feel better temporarily (or not), but definitely not good for her in the long run.

    2. Yeah, I agreed with you. She is seeking for attention. It’s funny that she acts like she is an expert about how to recover after divorce. In a past I did not actually don’t like” her. Now I am starting to build up a lot of dislike toward her.. too much drama, too much lied, self center, etc..

      I think Ceci is acting like an ex-wife scorned.

  8. Even Edison shocking scandal cant doomed her up, just a divorce for escaping broken marriage is not a big deal .

  9. Cecilia Cheung is like Jennifer Aniston after the high profile divorce. She’s everywhere milking the “split”; except she was lucky enough to not be humiliated that her husband left her for a much hotter woman.

    I didn’t like pre-, during, or post divorce. She over-rated.

    Jayne- I don’t think she has any work done to her face. She has always have that odd feature. It’s now more prominent because she’s much skinnier. Plus the angle of the camera and the close up caused the odd and somewhat stretched facial expression.

    1. I think I started to understand why Nic was silent whenever Ceci was in bad mood during their marriage. With this kind of attitude, she could went crazy whenever she was unhappy even small thing.

      Now I am worry for the kids. Even she love her kids dearly, she could go crazy whenever thing does not go her way.

      1. It’s quite sad, if you put yourself in the shoes of her kid Lucas. Imagine if you knew that your mom’s sex pictures are exposed for the whole world to see (when he is older), and your mom is really crazy and a nutcase… as in shouting and screaming…

        If she is so uncontrolled in public, as normally stars try to maintain a nice image in public, you can guess how crazy she gets in private. No wonder Nic is scared she will do something extreme.

      2. Not bipolar. She seems more like she has a borderline personality disorder. All the signs are there.

      3. I think she fits with bipolar more so than BPD. But then again, no one really knows if she has any disorders but her doctor. I just find that there is something odd about her. Oh well, for the sake of their children, I hope she doesn’t have any of those things, and if she does, hopefully, she’ll get the appropriate treatment.

  10. i am not a fan of cecilia but i have to say,afer all she has been through n now with a divorce she is still standing n trying to get on with her life,good on her!

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