Cecilia Cheung Blasts Wong Jing With Sarcasm, Criticizes Script As Being No Good

The movie that starred the mother and son team which consisted of Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) and her real life son, Lucas Tse (謝振軒), held it’s premiere in Hong Kong yesterday.

Lucas who had just started school, was unable to attend the premiere. On the other hand, his mother, Cecilia Cheung, was earlier blasted by the Mainland investors of that film for not attending enough promotions. This incurred Cecilia’s manager to retaliate and clarify matters on Weibo.

Yesterday night, Cecilia appeared at the movie premiere of that said film in Hong Kong. It was not known whether she was unwilling to be aggrieved but during the premiere, Cecilia blasted the script and the scriptwriter as being no-good.

This left Wong Jing (王晶), who was both the scriptwriter and the director of the film, with no choice but to act according to circumstances and to play it by ear, transforming Cecilia’s remarks into a joke, in hopes of driving away the unwanted guest.

Attending the premiere of her movie, Treasure Hunt《無價之寶》, Cecilia was donned in a Jean Paul Gaultier floral jumpsuit and had a new explosive zig zag hairstyle.

This also marked Cecilia Cheung’s first public appearance in Hong Kong after agreeing to a divorce with Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒).

Upon her appearance, Cecilia made known that she wouldn’t be accepting any interviews from the press and only had a verbal exchange with the emcee. After staying to have the toasting ceremony and cutting of mooncake, Cecilia immediately fled the scene, rendering the remaining cast and crew speechless. In fact, Cecilia only stayed at the movie premiere of “Treasure Hunt” for a mere ten minutes!

Wong Jing Take It As It Comes

Earlier on, the Mainland investing company that invested in “Treasure Hunt” blasted Cecilia for accepting a filming remuneration of ten million when she had refused to abide by her side of the contract, which required her to attend promotional events for the film.

Upon learning about this, Cecilia’s manager went on Weibo to clarify matters and defend Cecilia, stirring up a war of words with the investing company.

Last night, when Cecilia was on stage, her every sentence was dripping with sarcasm, even going as far as to rebuke the script for being lousy. When the emcee asked her about any amusing stuff that happened during her time filming with Lucas, Cecilia responded, “Lucas was just being himself. I am usually the one who would help him to bathe every night. Hence, during filming, we were just performing our normal day-to-day activities like sleeping and bathing. Lucas didn’t even know that we were acting in a movie.”

As for whether Lucas had displayed any acting talent, Cecilia replied, “Lucas has my DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid), he also loves to change dialogues and deliver some lines “off-the-cuff”. Maybe he felt that the scriptwriter was not good, he didn’t even followed one dialogue from it, he just self-invented the dialogues and presented it in a way which surfaced the naiveness of a child.”

Cecilia continued, “Lucas’ scenes took about a day to film in Hong Kong but he still felt very happy and comfortable.” (Emcee: Did Lucas suffer from any acting relapse and requested to shoot another movie again?) “Nope! Maybe there isn’t any good script around lahs!” It could be seen that after trampling on the screenwriter, Cecilia continued to crush the script!

Despite Cecilia’s harsh bashing, Wong Jing, who was the producer, scriptwriter and director of “Treasure Hunt”, did not flinch and continued to be all smiles. Wong Jing responded, “Wait till Lucas is 18 years old and I will give him a movie about courting girls to film lahs!”

After saying her piece, Cecilia didn’t went in with everyone to enjoy the movie but instead, she slipped through the back door of the cinema and left. However, before leaving, Cecilia still stopped to accept flowers from her fans as a form of polite gesture.

About rumors of Cecilia’s refusal to promote the film, Wong Jing professed, “This isn’t Cecilia’s only promotion. The previous time we promoted at Guangxi and the praying ceremony is also considered as another promotion too. But of course, as the producer, I feel that the more promotions done, the better lahs!” (Reporter: Cecilia refused to accept an interview this time?) “Take photographs of her lors! Because she also has nothing to revert to the things you guys ask her!”

(Did you feel that Cecilia has fulfilled enough of the promotions obligations?) “I had already shot over a hundred dramas, I will not force my friends to do something that they are unwilling to do.” (In the future when Cecilia takes up movie offers, will her arrangements be like this too?) “I have not seen her for a long time, you guys should ask her management company instead.” (Will you be collaborating with her again?) “See how the tendency goes lors, will find her again if it’s appropriate and suitable.”

Not planning to collaborate again for the time being

Asked whether it was because Cecilia’s asking price has increased significantly, Wong Jing laughed heartily and said, “Her asking price has never been cheap, even before she had gotten married, it was also not cheap.”

The reporter then asked Wong Jing whether he would take this opportunity to talk to Cecilia about her mood after divorce. Wong Jing responded that this was also the first time he had seen Cecilia ever since she had divorced with Nicholas Tse but he expressed that he rarely talks about personal matters thus he did not ask Cecilia about her private affairs. Wong Jing  also continued, “Cecilia is already an adult lahs, I am also considered half an uncle to Cecilia hence I do not need to deliberately bring it up.”

Actually, Cecilia was in high spirits throughout the premiere. Upon reaching the premiere, she had even privately chatted with former rumored squeeze, Ronald Cheng  (鄭中基). The duo even erupted into bouts of laughter in between their conversation. It turned out that Ceilia had joked that Ronald looked like “King of Cat” Elvis Presley.

Cecilia later proceeded to cut a giant mooncake with Jacquelin Chong (莊思敏), Phillip Ng (伍允龍) and the rest of the cast and crew. In the midst of cutting it, a piece of the mooncake bounced and shivered, which drew attention from Cecilia and Ronald, who exchanged glances amongst themselves and laughed.

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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    1. I agree and I think she is lucky to still be able to have jobs and all. She is over her prime but is still arrogant… That is sad… I guess some people take things for granted and doesn’t realize it until things really hit them.

    2. I agree. If she does not enjoy making movies, she should just disappear. I have no interest in watching her movies.

    3. Yep, agree. Cocky and unprofessional. The reports regarding Ceci and Nic’s split did not make me dislike Ceci as much because I felt both parties had their rights and wrongs, but this time, I’m losing respect for the actress.

    4. Yes she sounds arrogant. It’s not like she has much talent in the first place.

  1. stupid people for giving her jobs in the first place and paying for so much as well. definitely overpaid!

    1. Well many entertainers are way overpaid. I remember reading an article about which careers were overpaid and actors/actresses and many people in the entertainment circle and sports players were at the top of the list. But ones that do important jobs like teaching and anything in the educational field were way underpaid… However, luckily they are one of the most prestigious careers.

      1. But not all of them can make much money, infact a large number can not gain fame and are kicked out of the circle. This job is not that stable and you don’t really have a stable income every month and you can lose your job overnight and be bashed. Everything has two sides, I never think being an artist is easy.

      2. @NX,
        I know that but I think a number of them still make more than the average person does. Of course life in the circle is not stable and being an artist is never easy. But yet more and more people want to become one because I guess many still dream of making it big and earning lots of money.

        I feel that every job or career is challenging to some extent. I think you can lose any job overnight if you are not careful. Also, due to this bad economy and recession, anyone can get laid off the next day and be unemployed. I guess it is harder in the circle since many would see your face and know you so it would be hard to hide anything…

    2. I also wanted to add, I think that is why many people want to join the circle. Even though many of them aren’t even talented but want to join since they think that it is easy money…

      1. but after her behaviour like this who would really want to give her jobs? still can’t figure out where the money comes from.

        does her movies really sell anyway? i wouldn’t want to spend anything watching her whatsoever.

      2. I wonder the same thing… I heard that Nic did give her some of his assets and all. I find it sad that Cecilia seems to be the type that still takes things for granted. If she knew how to treasure things more, then I don’t think her marriage would have ended the way it did.

        I would not pay to watch any of her movies either. I heard that she is even trying to make a come back in singing. I was so shocked since her singing was not even that good to start with. I bet her albums will not sell well…

      3. I can understand why she is coming back to filming because she did get famous from acting with Stephen. However, Cecilia’s singing career was not even going anywhere to begin with so there is no point of making a comeback. Yea, she had a few good songs here and there but it was more so good for the lyrics and composition, not her voice.

      4. Ceci used to have pretty face but look at pic above how old she looks? She’s 30 but look like 40 with that haggard face. If she dont have looks anymore I dont know what she will sell besides her attitude gossip

      5. Actually this photo of Cecilia quite normal, but she was really very pretty in the recent Gucci show in HK! Still looked her age

  2. If her contract states that she needs to attend promotional events, then she needs to abide by those rules regardless of whether the script is good or not. Her manager’s response is quite stupid.

    1. @Judy:

      I agree! Started a war of words over Weibo somemore! Who would want to invest in Cecilia’s movies now? Seems like an investment that is thrown into a black hole and won’t come back.

    2. Contract is contract. I wonder how long the manager can stand if she keep having this cocky attitude

  3. Because the media “promotes” her too much after the scandal, she thinks she likes an Hollywood star. If she thinks the script is bad, why did she take the movie?

    1. Well it was probably her only offer at the time and since she was desparate for a comeback so she took it. I say Cecilia is lucky, besides, look at Gillian, she has no film offer ever since “Edison-Gate” and now relied on EEG’s connection to get her jobs. Her comeback movie was fully funded by EEG, and then she started doing guest appearances too. But Gillian was lucky to have Charlene because she can attached herself to Charlene and milk the last of Twins. Cecilia got a lot more offers when the media started to promote her alot during her divorce with Nicholas. I’m usually ok with her but I don’t like her arrogant attitude.

  4. Her movie “Treasure Hunt” barely did well in the Mainland so I guess she trying to blame it on Jing and his bad script. You can’t help but say she’s lucky because with her bad behavior and screwed up image she continues to get high paying roles and music deals. I want to know why she so popular with directors? She no where near the person she use to be. And to think the public took her word over Gillian.

  5. Oops! I just realized I spelled Elvis Presley as Elvin -_-” Haha will amend it later! 😛

  6. Never liked her as she is rude and arrogant. Never liked her films either. She has actually got better after she got married to Nicholas but she is showing her true colours again. Hope nobody offered her parts in films after this!

  7. I agreed I never like her since she kept saying don’t take pictures of her sons. But she was the one exposed them to the paparazzi. Also, what an ugly outfit and unfit hair.

    I wonder if she was ever born with a silver spoon in her mouth or she just a new money.

    Don’t know why some people do not appreciate and treasure what they have. But instead acting like an ignorant fool.

    1. She’s also the one out of the two parents who seem keen on making Lucas enter ent biz

      1. Well she knows that entering the business can mean easy money,so she of course want her sons to follow that route.

      2. @ HTS

        It’s easy money only if you are popular have jobs. It’s an unstable job. Can go for months to a year without income.

      3. @Kidd,

        I think HTS meant.. easy money for Lucas since he already popular and famous (being son of Nic and Ceci).

        step into showbiz is not an easy making money unless you have connection or talent plus luck or etc..??… If I have to guess.. percent of success in showbiz is small.. one out of 100 or 1 out of 1000 ?? I don’t know ..

      4. @Kidd,
        Of course I know that… Being in the showbiz is a very unstable job… Being a fan of celebs for over 20 years, I should know that..

        Yea, that was what I meant and thanks for helping me clarify. Having connections in the circle is very crucial for success…You can be a very talented person, however, without the connections, luck, timing,etc… you aren’t going to go anywhere….In Lucas’ case, both of his parents were celebs so that gives him an edge over many others who would want to join the circle. His father, Nic, also had an advantage over others since both of his parents were celebs before.

  8. Ceci looks flipping crazy w/ the crimped hair and loud jumpsuit. Somebody call the fashion police!
    And arrest jacquelin too while they’re at it.

  9. Cecilia is so arrogant! I don’t know why any director still cast her when she is such a hard person to work with, besides, she is way more famous for her rumors/personal issues than for her work. I wonder how long she will last with her current company because in less than a month into the contract, there are issues that her company need to deal with on her behalf already. At this rate, Nicholas will be surpassing Cecilia in both reputation and professionalism even without trying. Actually, I never read any complaint about Nicholas when it comes to work as he does not involve his personal life into his work. Cecilia is still trying very hard to make the audience believe that she is a great mom, esp. with the “we were just performing our normal day-to-day activities like sleeping and bathing. Lucas didn’t even know that we were acting in a movie.”

  10. No serious filmmaker would consider her for any real role of weight really. She’s never really ‘acted’ – she’s only either been herself or jus looked like plywood on set. I can only name 3 movies to date where she was acceptable (but easily replaceable). Only in Wong Jing movies nowadays will you get this kind of ‘what acting standard?’ approach in suxh glory

  11. Arrogant airhead!! Who does she think she is?? I bet the directors only willing to cast her because she got INfamous but they better be sorry when they found out her attitude like this!! She’s overpaid for her non talent!!

  12. Whilst she is utterly unprofessional to diss her own movie, it is not the first time for a star to do so. I won’t say she is wrong to diss. I will however diss her for not even willing to promote the movie earnestly. Reality is, she is an a list star, so she can do whatever she wants, say whatever she wants. Truth is she is a very talented actress, she is not a non talent. She is however I agree, an airhead and maybe erratic these days in her behaviour. She will grow out of that and believe me, count down the days she will issue a public apology to the director or.. maybe she won’t since HK stars rarely issue any official statements so I suppose she won’t. Big stars have big ego with difficult attitude. For as long as she is interesting and has market value, she will be in movies. And in HK already there are only a handful in movies, even lesser who can act. Do you rather her of Pang Shuang Shuang or Ron’s current girl?

    I rather Cecilia.

  13. That’s just Cecilia. Everytime after breaking up with Nic, she starts to act crazy and arrogant. That’s one of the characteristic traits that I really dislike about her. Her bashing of her ex, primarily Nic, and her ways of boasting herself as if she’s a tough girl gets on my nerves. I finally was able to listen to her new single, and it’s obvious that she was writing about her ex. She should’ve waited to release that single because by doing so immediately, she’s basically asking the media to create hype around her personal life again. I think she’s someone who rarely reflects on her behaviors and admits that she has made mistakes, both in her professional and personal life. She really needs a wake up call. I noticed she has gone anorexic skinny since her marital woes.

    1. Agreed, She’s extremely thin to point of her legs looking scary weird. Her face use to look so full and beautiful but now you can clearly see the emotional problems and stress in her appearance. Those pics above only make her look 10 years older. It seem the only good part of her relationship with Nic was those 2 boys other that was a total mess. She better be grateful for her luck before it runs out.

    2. Not quite understand why did Ceci have to bash her ex, primary Nic ? It would be very interesting if Nic is dating again. What will Ceci react to that news ?

      I watched few of Ceci’s movies. Her acting did not considered A list actress at all. I would considered C lis. However it is amazing how she got A list salary. Too much drama, arrogant and stupid.

      Her pciture looks scary.. May be it will be a best seller for halloween

      1. More love = more hate. It’s more like a resentment. I remember when there were rumors that Nic was going to marry Faye in 2003, Cecilia went insane–and I mean out of the world insane. Paparazzis caught her with a voodoo doll. It was believed that she used it with intentions to win Nic’s heart back. But her excuses were that she was only practicing child rearing. Really? Who would believe her? I hope she just could buckle herself up, and sees that not having Nic is not the end of the world.

        I actually like her acting in The Lion Roars and Mighty Baby.

      2. @Cloud

        hmmm. If she loved Nic that much then she should behaved and should not bashed Nic in public at all. She was a one who asked for divorce. Now she got her wish, then she should moved on with her life.
        Bashing Nic again with a song is another bad move. I am more convince that she will badmouth Nic to their kids too. It will cause more damage to the kids.

        I have not watch The Lion Roars and Mighty Baby. I watched on few movies that offer thru NetFlix. I like Michelle Yeoh and Ziyi Zhang in Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon. Their acting are considered as A list actress. Ceci is not even close to Yeoh and Zhang at all.

    3. If you saw Cecilia when she just debuted, she was really very beautiful. Of her heyday, when she and Gillian were both young in their early twenties, they were the two most beautiful actresses around. Edison had good taste… didn’t he?

      Their beauty were luminous, pure and natural. Gillian’s face was very sweet, like a child’s. Cecilia looked sophisticated but still pure and uncorrupted.

      Of course, the thing call age comes along, and like all women, they eventually aged. Over the future, we will see the continuing worsening of their (looks), unless they use other (plastic)interventions.

      But Cecilia’s start quality was so strong, propped up by her star partner Nic as well, which is why up to today she is still considered marketable and worth it for directors to cast her.

      As for her personality lapses, many have already commented, so I shall not repeat them. But yes, I tend to agree. She is acting like a big shot superstar… teethering on the verge of loss of self control.

      1. Beauty won’t last forever. Only talent and personality will last forever.

      2. Whether you agree or not, talent and beauty go strong together. Yes, your talent will always remain as you get older but roles will come less and less especially if your married with 2 or 3 kids in your late 40s. If you do get a role it most likely will be secondary to the main lead who’s much younger. Also, both Cecilia and Gillian are still consider gorgeous women. Though Gillian’s career is not as powerful as Cecilia she still working with TV series, music, ads and a few movies. She made close to 20 million in 2010. Trust me she’s not struggling.

      3. @Nelly

        Perhap my previous message was too short and it might misleading to difference interpretation.

        I have no argument that Ceci was very beautiful when she was young. Indeed she was very beautiful in the Master Q movie (2001). By looking at her picture (now), she looks scary and not beautiful any more. Her beauty will not last forever and it will go downhill with her age. If Ceci continues to be arrogant (personality), it won’t last forever.

    4. Now, I’m worried about the kids. If she’s bashing her ex in her song, will she badmouth he ex to her children? That would not be healthy.

      1. She did not badmouth her Ex in the song. But when she was on that one mainland show promoting that song, she made this remark: “That person who went through trial with me is not important (to me).” In the chorus of the song she says, “I don’t resent heaven, don’t resent earth, nor do I resent you.” Her statement implies that Nic was the one who made the mistake in their failed marriage. But yeah, bashing of Nic is very typical of Cecilia. She did that before when they broke up many years ago.

      2. I have a feeling that she will badmouth her ex… That is not good for her or her kids. I hope that she can think for her kids more…

      3. But we aren’t also sure that if the kids live with Deborah and Nic, Ceci won’t be badmouthed.

  14. I hope Cecilia will be able to overcome this around of negative news after her divorce. While I think she is trying her best to overcome her recent divorce with Nic and to stand on her own two feet, now she is face with another wave of news which is so much against her. Is real hard for Cecilia now, trying to earn some decent money for herself but get only blastings from the public. So being a celebrity is not that easy. Trying to get up and move on also not easy especially for Cecilia. Be very strong Cecilia and remember there are people still at your side.

  15. I really cannot stand this person – her scandals, her arrogant attitude, not a good actress but ridiculously overpaid. Why are some people so damn lucky in the world? Some artists never get to the top no matter how hard they work. But then life has never been fair. I just hope that her fans see through her by now.

    1. That’s just how life is sadly.. In the circle and in real life. Life is unfair. What I find even more sad is people don’t know how to treasure what they have and take things for granted if things come to them more easily than others.

    2. Look at the bright side, if she has nothing, fans won’t like her. She is this famous, means she has something. You can’t see but other ppl can see. Don’t hope that her fans see through her by now because if they changed their views on her, they changed.

      The artists who can’t get the top, maybe they lack the luck but bigger, charisma. You like them, you can see their good works, too bad, other can’t see. It’s matter of view.

      1. P/S: There is also a case that her fans changed view on her and still accept her like this.

    1. Jenni, maybe we have different preferences. I actually like Ceci, both in her acting and personality, more than Zhang ZiYi. Zhang Ziyi is also arrogant, but I feel that she worships money more than love. Ceci, on the other hand, worships love more than money. It’s unfortunate that Ceci is mentally unstable. I’m guessing something must’ve happened to her during childhood. Her dependency on a man is abnormal.

      Oh, I read that article many weeks ago. That could be the reason, also the fact that she just got a divorce, for Ceci’s bizarre behavior.

      1. No blame here. However if you think I like Ziyi because of her personality then it is completely wrong here. I am no fan of Ceci, Yeoh and Ziyi I happened to watch crouching tiger hidden dragon. I liked both Yeoh and Ziyi acting. I don’t even know her personality and her background at all.

        Based on Master Q and Crouching Tiger, Yeoh & Ziyi are much better in acting than Ceci. Sorry if it is kind of offend you as Ceci’s fan. Of course, it is your choice. I just spoke from my point of view.

        I could see your point of view to say Ceci worship love more than money. May be a little :-). However if she worships love then she should never bashed Nic in public and caused to broken marriage. It was not easy to marry someone you love deeply then her mental was somehow contribute to broken marriage. Of course broken marriage were contribued by both Nic and Ceci. However it was hardly to understand why she had to bash Nic in public (if she worships love more than money).

        Also, having unhappy childhood did not give her an excuse to bash anyone at all.

        I hope that it is clear enough. We have different in point of good/bad acting. I have no problem when you said you like Ceci’s acting. You have your point of view. So I am. No blame here :-).

        Speaking about worship Love.. I think a person worships love was Barbara Yung. She was a good and talent actress.

        I hope that Feng Chui is right. May be Nic will dating next year and will marry someone. At least it will help Ceci to move on with her life. Or Ceci will find someone beside Nic. Cheer !

      2. I am shocked that you said that you like Cecilia’s personality?? It is true that none of us truly know her real personality, but from her actions and all, you can sort of see how she is.. But I guess since you like her, your opinion of her will be bias. I am not sure if Ziyi worships money and I don’t think that she needs to since she already makes a lot herself. I read recently that she would rather find someone that she has a connection with whether than a rich person. But who really knows??

        As for acting, each to their own…

      3. Good lord. I meant to say that I prefer Cecilia’s personality over Zhang ZiYi’s, who also has her own problems. Maybe I’m just feeling sympathetic towards Ceci. I’m not even her fan. I have criticized her. I don’t care if you all bash her. What I see in her is a female who came from a tough background, who was sane before dating Nic, and became insane after the breakup. It wasn’t easy for her to be with Nic in 2002. The public called her out, and gave her every bad names possible, and even made insulting posters of her and posted them out on public walls…that was before her insanity. Anyways, what I’m feeling towards her is sympathy. The more bizarre she acts, the more I find her unbearingly annoying and unlikable.

    2. Didn’t Feng Chui predict Nic would divorce his wife this year? If so, then I’m looking forward to his second prediction next year. Hmm, I wonder who lucky girl is? She probably someone who look similar to Cecilia. LOL

      1. If it is a girl that looks like Cecilia then I would not be shocked if he dated Gong Mi…

  16. Ceci might be arrogant or what, but it’s an embarrassment for Wong Jing’s script to be said as boring by a 6 year-old kid.

    Wong Jing responded, “Wait till Lucas is 18 years old and I will give him a movie about courting girls to film lahs!”

    What did he want to hint?

    1. Lucas did not say the script is boring. It’s Ceci who said it.

      I think Ceci was being very unprofessional. She’s supposed to be there to promote the movie and she went and bash the script.

      1. Maybe he felt that the scriptwriter was not good, he didn’t even followed one dialogue from it, he just self-invented the dialogues and presented it in a way which surfaced the naiveness of a child.”

        She implied that Lucas think the script is not good so he changed it himself.

      2. “Well, I on the other hand, think she is quite straight forward .”

        Straight forward but still unprofessional.

        You only like her straight-forwardness because you like to go against the flow and because the one she targeted was Wong Jing (whom you already have a grudge on).

      3. Even she targeted Michael Bay or Stephen Spielberg, I still think she is straight forward.

      4. And I dun think I go against the flow to think Wong Jing’s scripts has problem and it’s still an embarrassment for Wong Jing.

      5. You go against the flow by supporting Ceci. When the majority bash, you will support. This has always been your pattern.

        So, you will come up with support for every criticism people throw at Ceci.

        “Even she targeted Michael Bay or Stephen Spielberg, I still think she is straight forward.”

        But, you wouldn’t be so gleeful about it.

        And if it’s someone you really like that she target you would have kept you mouth shut even if still think she’s straight-forward. You wouldn’t voice it out as support of her.

      6. Cloud above is protecting Ceci.

        Not sure meh, Kidd. Sometimes I’ll be crazy and act dun like the normal me.

        And you dun think that I dislike Wong Jing just because of the Da Tang incident? Lol. From day first when I watched Wong Jing’s works, I think his jokes are lame and du mb. This one has Dicky Cheung and it’s a so-called wuxia one, in Qing dynasty. Have Dicky’s wife in it, too. I love Dicky so I watched it, but the script is sure to be for 3 years old kids. Watch it to bash and laugh is a good way for stress. No, I have never think that Wong Jing can product any good stuff.

      7. Cloud above is protecting Ceci.

        Not sure meh, Kidd. Sometimes I’ll be crazy and act dun like the normal me.

        And you dun think that I dislike Wong Jing just recent? Lol. From day first when I watched Wong Jing’s works, I think his jokes are lame and dumb. This one has Dicky Cheung and it’s a so-called wuxia one, in Qing dynasty. Have Dicky’s wife in it, too. I love Dicky so I watched it, but the script is sure to be for 3 years old kids. Watch it to bash and laugh is a good way for stress. No, I have never think that Wong Jing can product any good stuff.

      8. @Fox:

        Oops haha, I think it’s because the system mistook that actor’s name as something indecently explicit heehee!

        Anyway, your previous comments are up and running now, sorry about that and thank you for being so patient! 😀

      9. @Fox,
        The series that you are referring to is Duke of Mt. Deer 2000 starring Dicky, Athena, Monica, Zhang Qian(his wife),etc… It is a JY novel and Wong Jing made a mess out of it. I forget if he was the same one that made the remake of Jue Da Shuang Jiao with Nic, Dicky and Fan Bing Bing. In the one, he turned Jiang Yu Lan into a girl!! I really dislike a lot of Wong Jing’s works as well. I am shocked that JY allowed him to make the DOMD 2000 remake.That was a complete joke and messed the whole adaption up.

    2. I am not protecting Ceci. I think she has serious mental issues that need to be addressed immediately. Her pictures of late always show her with exaggerated smiles and laughs. She looks scary.

      1. @Cloud,

        Sorry if my email was kind of “little hard” :-). When reading your email, somehow I mistook that you are her fan and like her attitude. I hope that it is no hard feeling :-).

        Ceci attitude is suck. My opinion is she is a loose cannon. It is not a good thing for a mother to raise kids even she loves her kids very dearly. Kids grow up to learn from people who live with them.

        With her mental issues, the kids will face an unhappy environment.

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