Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse Reconciled 5 Months After Divorce?

Entering 2012, Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) and Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) may have reconciled five months after their divorce! Returning to Hong Kong the day before yesterday, Nicholas brought Cecilia and their elder son, Lucas, to met a feng shui master, who posted their group photo on Facebook. The photo circulated widely on the internet and led to excited speculations that Cecilia and Nicholas may have reconciled their relationship!

Nicholas Tse: “Cecilia Cheung is Still the Mother of My Kids!”

Cecilia and Nicholas’ 5-year marriage ended in divorce earlier this year. The pair possessed joint custody over their sons, Lucas and Quintus. During their childhood, both Cecilia and Nicholas grew up with parents who were divorced and did not want their sons to repeat their experiences. After cooling down, the Cecilia and Nicholas got along better. Loving each other passionately in the past, the pair were willing to try to accept each other again. Yesterday, the Oriental Daily published an exclusive photo of Cecilia, Nicholas, and Lucas taken with feng shui master, Mike, disclosing the possibility that Cecilia and Nicholas may reconcile!

Confronted by the reporter awaiting outside his home in the Admiralty district, Nicholas waved and appeared to be in good spirits. Asked whether his relationship with Cecilia had improved, Nicholas answered sarcastically, “We have always gotten along poorly!” The reporter countered, “No way! You, Cecilia, and Lucas took a picture with the feng shui master the day before!” After the reporter persisted in asking about the couple’s reconciliation, Nicholas finally said, “She is still the mother of my two kids! We will still see each other. I will only say this much!”

Nicholas revealed that he had met with feng shui master, Mike, due to the upcoming New Year and did not expect him to post their group photo on Facebook.  Asked whether he had asked Cecilia to go together, Nicholas avoided the question, “If we see each other, we see each other. I did not know that Mike will post the photo online. Anyhow, let’s forget it! I cannot be angry over everything!”

It appeared that Nicholas’ mother, Deborah Li (狄波拉) had more recent opportunities to see her grandchildren, Lucas and Quintus. Perhaps Cecilia gave the green light to do so. Nicholas said, “I went to my mother’s house yesterday to see her and my kids.” Often away from Hong Kong due to work, was he concerned that the kids will not stick to him? Nicholas said, “They stick to me!” (Were the kids naughty?) “No, they’re not.”

Asked by the reporter, Deborah Li was in good spirits and indicated that she often had opportunities to see her grandsons, Lucas and Quintus. Asked about Cecilia and Nicholas’ relationship, Deborah said, “I do not know. However, I am very happy to see that they are such good parents to the kids!”

Nicholas and Cecilia Still Love Each Other?

Despite Nicholas’ noncommittal response to the reporter, his good friend, feng shui master, Mike “betrayed” him. Nicholas and Mike had known each other for a long time. Nicholas consulted with Mike over feng shui issues for his production company as well as his personal problems.  In July 2011, during the heat of Nicholas and Cecilia’s impending divorce, Mike posted on his blog, “Mr. Tse  is still saying, ‘I will love her forever. My heart only has her.  She is irreplaceable!'”

After posting the photo of Nicholas and Cecilia on his Facebook page the day before, Mike commented, “The love between two people will not be over despite separating.  People in love will learn from the twists and turns, while growing to understand each other better, realize the good qualities about each other and will not separate again.” Mike’s words appeared to hint that Cecilia and Nicholas’ reconciliation was in sight!


Excerpt from Oriental Daily

Jayne: If Cecilia and Nicholas are still in love, it is only natural to miss each other desperately after their divorce became reality. Whether their love for each other is enough motivation to work things out and give each other another chance is another matter. I do wish to see them reconcile.

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  1. what a nice piece of news to start the year .. always good to see a turn around in life.

    Jayne – Happy New Year! Thanks for all your great news this year.

    1. Pandamao,
      Happy New Year to you too! Hope you have a great year ahead filled with new adventures!

    2. i agree to what u wrote. Wish things out good for them. Happy New Year to all on commenters and to jayne.. good luck and good health.

  2. @Jayne,So sweet what you wrote same here wish to see them reconcile,let the kids growing up with parents.
    Happy New Year to Jayne and all commenters.
    Awesome sites for everyone,enjoy!!

  3. What a nice beginning in the 2012 new year. In my opinion, Nick & Cecilia better be back as wonderful family again. Your kids do still need both of you. Our worst experience in past could makes us better in the future.

  4. you don’t know what you love until it’s gone. Happy new years everyone =)

  5. Maybe they’re just being nice to each other for their children? Remember Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen? Worse and now vacationing together. Some people are just weird. Hate and not hate enough and yet love and not love enough.

    1. But Nic didn’t deny this. He just danced around the question. Based on Nic’s personality, if it’s fake, he would deny it without any hesitation. I don’t think they’re reconciled yet, but have plans to with little steps at a time.

      1. Well, people do get lonely over the holidays.
        If their marriage was salvagable, they could’ve just separated instead of filing for divorce. I think their problems are still there and I don’t foresee a smooth reconciliation.

  6. wow. their relationship is all over the place lol. well, i wish the best for them, whether it’s separated or together, as long as they’re content with it.

  7. Hopefully this news of the couple reconciling is true! 😀 Definitely a good way to kickoff the year.

    1. if this is true they will hog the headlines again in 2012 ROFL

    1. Could try… but his pants are not baggy enough. Won’t get any results except arrested.

  8. I dont think they’re reconciling. Anyway, they can still meet after all they’re still the parents of the 2 young boys.

  9. I think they both should go their own separate ways.. Nic has kept a cool head about the divorce and if Cecilia did the same, then there may be some chance. But she did make some very hurtful comments about Nic during their separation, and eventually these comments will boil up during their next argument.

  10. if they reconcile, that is great but they need to see some sort of counseling. you may be upset and still love the person but if the relationship is the same as before, they will end up unhappy once again and the kids will be in the middle of this mess all over again.

  11. It would be good if they reconcile, however, if they did not learn from their past mistakes and continue how they were before then I think it is best to just be friends… Sometimes divorced couples are better off being really good friends and raising their kids together at times. But to come back together as a married couple may not be a good idea since they make come back to being the way that they were before and the cycle will just repeat itself again…

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