Cecilia Cheung Does Not Hate Nicholas Tse After Divorce

Yesterday, the official release of Cecilia Cheung’s (张柏芝) latest single, Once <曾经> marked her return to the pop music industry. Within a few hours of the song’s release, a large number of fans supported Cecilia’s new song.

After her divorce from Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), Cecilia concentrated fully on her career. Cecilia wrote the lyrics for her new love ballad, Once, which intentionally or unintentionally expressed her feelings after her divorce. The lyrics included, “I’m not blaming Heaven, Earth, or you. There is no hurt that I cannot withstand….” Despite the easy tune, the lyrics were quite sad and many fans left messages wishing that Cecilia continued to remain strong.

Despite being criticized as possessing a “male goose voice,” Cecilia released eleven music albums, including Star Wish <星语心愿> and other classic songs. Returning to the pop music scene after a 5-year hiatus and choosing a sensitive period to do so right after her divorce, Cecilia’s publicity staff member noted, “Cecilia has always been a very strong person. This new song represents her emotional state; she does not blame anyone. She only hopes to start a new life and wants to tell fans that she is well. There is no need to worry about her.”

Despite only releasing a single at this time, Cecilia was in the process of recording songs for her new music album.  Cecilia’s publicity staff revealed, “In fact, Cecilia was ready to hold a concert prior to getting married. However, she chose to retire due to her family situation.  Currently, we are helping her with her new album and recording songs. A concert is in the pipeline. We hope that fans will be able to see a mature  Cecilia then.”

Source: Tom.com

Jayne: Cecilia comes across as someone possessing extreme emotions. Hopefully, she has indeed moved on to the “healing” stage in her divorce, as there was a lot of anger when she blamed Nicholas earlier for “framing her to ruin her public reputation” and blasting him for playing video games and ignoring their children.

I do think that Cecilia leads a much too hectic lifestyle currently. I hope she slows down in her career a little bit to have more time to relax and find herself again, as divorce can be life changing. As indicated by her successful film and music comeback, she still possesses a large fan base and commercial value, so there is no need to do conquer everything at once.

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  1. Never been a fan of Cecilia and never will be. I wonder if she’ll ever put her kids first? I’m not being sexist by saying that a woman can’t have a career but I feel that she needs to give some time to her kids, especially as a single parent.

    Also, had no idea she sang…

    1. Totally agree with you. I just find her a to be a very selfish and self-centred person. Her motto is always “me, me and me”!!! I wonder whether she has a heart of steel or not.

  2. I believe that they will reconcile in the future… maybe in a decade but I think they’re made for each other! (Both just as bad) 🙂

  3. Cecilia does possess extreme emotions. One moment she would have the most extreme admiration for Nic and the next moment she could develop an extreme hatred towards him.

    1. Voice ok. Quite nice. But, singing is very very amateurish. Won’t get pass audition round she competed in singing contest.

      She made the TVB singers sound like pro singers.

    2. She lipsinc. The audio is pretty much recorded b4 hand, studio quality, not live.

      1. Hah? Studio quality? If studio quality is like this, I fear listening to the live version.

      2. Yah! Studio voice projection definitely. Anh you have my fear, Kid! LOL.

      3. My goodness. That was lipsynching? She was singing out of tune. I can only imagine how bad her lives must be.

  4. haven’t heard the newest song but I’ve always liked her singing voice better than her talking voice. I have a few of her CDs.

  5. i actually loved 星语心愿, maybe it was because of the movie.

    i’m glad she’s doing well. i really was hoping Nic and Ceci stay together ;( i wonder who Nic will date next.

    His past gfs.
    1. bondy chiu
    2. faye wong
    3. cecilia cheung

    1. I love 星语心愿 too. I didn’t even know Cecillia was the singer then (Heck, I didn’t even know who she was then since I have never watched any of her movies.) but I thought the melody itself was so hauntingly beautiful and the singer sang it well. I was so shocked when I first heard Cecilla’s voice so incongruous to that pretty face of hers. Singing voice definitely better than talking voice.

      1. I just listen to 星语心愿. Cecilia did sound good in that song. Way better than her current singing.

    2. then who Ceci will date or marry
      – Ed Chen
      – Ed Chen
      – Ed Chen


      1. Provided Ed chen is still interested in her since she already had 2 kids.

      2. Since Ed Chen is consider a pervert then he should be happy with whoever he end up with.

  6. I think her voice is awful. She used to be a good actress, being a singer, not quite.

  7. I agree that Cecilia’s singing skills are really bad, and I didn’t like her new song at all. Anyways, she used to be a better actress at least, what’s wrong with her nowadays?

    1. Yeah I personally had a good impression on her as a budding actress in the past.She impressed me in films such as Fly Me to Polaris, Lost in Time and One Noght in Mongkok.

      1. Hey I like her in Lost in time and the first one of the Lion. I know she is filming the second Lion but haizz, I dun have much hope.

      1. No, that’s not what I meant…Anyways, I never had any respect for Cecilia generally, but I just feel sad when I see any person becoming worse over the course of time.

  8. her body shows it all, that she was under depression over the marital prob with Nic. When she was with Nic, she gained some weights and she looks nice but when she’s not with Nic, she looks aneroxia. Just like the 1st time she broke up with Nic. Even she told reporter that she’s healed sort of, deep inside she’s still grieving for losing Nic..

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