Gloria Wong Regrets Modeling in Sheer Lingerie Photos for Edison Chen

Entangled in another sex scandal, intimate photos of Edison Chen (陳冠希) and 16-year-old student, Cammi Tse (謝芷蕙) circulated recently. Displeased with his behavior, Edison’s rumored ex-girlfriend, Gloria Wong (黃榕), scolded him bluntly for his fetish obsessions. In a telephone interview, Gloria revealed that Edison had asked her to wear a pink lingerie set to pose for some photographs in the past. The bra was made of thin transparent material, similar to a cheap set [purchased in a sex shop] for tens of dollars.

At the time, Edison scouted the best camera angles to shoot the intimate photographs, but did not ask Gloria to model any difficult poses. Gloria stressed that agreed to shoot the photos only once, which left her with a disgusted feeling, as if she were raped.  Subsequently, Gloria asked Edison to delete the photos, but she did not know if he did in fact do so. In Gloria’s mind, the lingerie photos represented a time-bomb ready to explode at any time. In retrospect, Gloria deeply regretted taking the photos for Edison.

Gloria revealed that Edison resided with his elder sister, Tricia Chan (陳見飛), for a period of time. He was too lazy to care whether Tricia was home or not and continued to urgently ask Gloria  to go to his house for “pressing needs.” However, Gloria and Edison did not play in the outdoors and remained within the comforts of home.

Gloria Wong: “They Went Beyond Kissing!”

Regarding Cammi Tse’s insistence that she did not have a sexual relationship with Edison Chen, Gloria Wong said in a Now TV interview, “I do not believe her. Edison will not let women off the hook so easily. In the leaked photos, both Edison and Cammi did not wear any clothes [as indicated by their naked shoulders]. Their cheek-to-cheek photos revealed an obvious reddish glow in their faces, as if they were very ‘high.’ Of course they did not simply kiss!”

Gloria did not consider herself to be taking advantage of the situation [to attack Edison], but only wished to tell the truth.


Jayne: Gloria Wong may be one of Edison’s ex-girlfriends who spilled the most dirt about him. So Edison’s photography fetish never went away.

If Edison were a Hollywood celebrity, more ex-girlfriends would have stepped forward to provide enough material for a scandalous biography already.

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  1. Is this the same Gloria Wong whose “model” photos consists of her breasts and butt hanging out in a barely there bikini? While I agree that Edison has major problems, I believe she is talking out for publicity.

    1. yeah, agree with you im so sick of these PR-horny biatches…

  2. No one was or is or will be victim of Edision Chen, they might either dream to be famous (like the sixteen girl), or might do enjoy sexual games (one of Twins, Tse’s ex-wife).

    Edison is really sick, he should be a call-boy. Why are there some people still support this pervert?

  3. Now it’s time for EDC’s old ex-es to come and reveal his bad past?

    He is sick but the girls dun make themselves any better from these type of scandals.

    1. They are not famous so scandal will not hurt their income but even provide better income. Mavis Pan(?) got lot of jobs after the scandal with Raymond Lam

  4. Gloria shouldn’t have talked about Cammie (on whether she has sex with EDC or not) in her interview. It’s not her place to talk.

    Gloria is just doing it for publicity.

  5. How is this idiot still hooking up with hotties?? Effing Charlie Sheen of Asia. unfortunately this doofus is still winning.

    Bring back male castration for deviants.

  6. People usually feel ashamed but this Edison Chen seems to never feel anything.
    Probably, he thinks he is so rich and kind of famous – so why bothers. I wish I would never see his face again in any filming products but reality turns me down

    2011 – Almost Perfect (2011 film) (Andy Lee)
    2012 – Initial D 2 (頭文字D2)

  7. I cannot understand what these awful girls see in Edison Chen. Maybe I am blind to his good points – my God, does he have any???

    I wouldn’t look twice at a sicko like him even if all the men in the world at died. Someone like him would probably end up getting into a lot of trouble one day, big trouble. Maybe in jail too and I would be the first to celebrate if that happened. What a sick pervert!!!

    1. LOL, if everyone acted like you we wouldn’t have all these scandals to entertain us. besides gossip magazines would lose readers and the doggies will lose their jobs which will decrease the GDP, hehe

  8. Surely there are other kinds of entertainment besides all these sex scandals!!!

    1. true, im also sick of reading about all these scandals. couldn’t care less about these so-called artist in hk.

      the quality of hk entertainment industry is pretty bad. to bad tony leung only have approximately 1 movie per year. can’t wait for the great magician…

    2. I agree and am SICK of hearing about all of this stuff. But the sad thing is many people love to hear about this stuff. Don’t you notice that the scandals get way more comments than many other articles??

  9. I think you’re right. We seem to hear more comments from the public than the actual article. I guess people on the whole likes to view their points. I am just sad that morals nowadays have gone out of the window – in fact, a lot of people in the entertainment industry don’t care about this type of thing, have no shame even. Once upon a time it seems to be the western world where people live together, have awful scandals etc…. but now even Chinese have gone that way. I am not an “old fogey” and have many modern ideas and believe that some of the old Chinese traditions are awful but this type of thing is just outrageous I think. But then with Edison Chen, I think he doesn’t have a decent bone in his body. This may well upset his fans but to me he is just a perverted moron.

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