Carina Lau Sighs To Give Edison Chen Another Chance

The day before yesterday, Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) went to Chengdu to attend a promotional event and accepted an interview with the mainland media, explaining her earlier move on Weibo of uploading an intimate “face rubbing against face” photo taken with Edison Chen (陳冠希). The said photo incurred rife discussion amongst the netizens, who were worried that Carina’s taking of the photo with Edison would follow in the tragic footsteps of Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) and Nicholas Tse’s (謝霆鋒) marriage and eventually end up in divorce.

Carina expressed that her act of publicly disclosing this photo was to tell Edison that he’s great, remind Edison that he still has friends around him and that anything negative is only those that are hiding in the dark, looking at him. Carina professed that she had seen Edison grow up, saw him experiencing some test in his life and that he (Edison) had already paid his dues. Thus, she hoped that the outside world would give Edison a chance for rebirth.

When mentioned of netizens worrying about her marriage, Carina smiled and said, “I want to thank them. By putting me and Edison together, it makes me feel younger already!” Asked about sources citing that she was rumored together with Edison before and that she was also rumored to be involved in the past sex photos scandal, Carina replied, “Show me those photos; I wish to see them too!”

With regards to rumors that her marriage with actor Tony Leung (梁朝偉) was on the rocks, Carina expressed that every couple also has their own marital problems but the crux was how to go about solving them. Asked when she would conceive a child for Tony, Carina responded, “We did communicate about this. We will leave it to fate and depend on Heaven’s arrangements. Heaven has already given us aplenty.”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

Ah K: What do you guys think? Does Edison deserve a second chance at stardom and by the public? Has he paid up his dues as stated by Carina?

Well, I’m not too sure whether Edison has really changed for the better since he previously shouted at a reporter to get out and laughed when his security guard threw that reporter out by the collar. But even criminals get a second chance at life so maybe Edison should be given a second stab at stardom by the public too? Hmm…and Carina’s reply that every couple has their own marital troubles but most important is to go around solving it, makes me wonder whether did she and Tony really meet with some trouble in marriage paradise earlier on?

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    1. For those of you who can’t see it, Edison is an assholee……..a real a-hole…….does he deserve another chance? What for? Does he have any talents? If he really did have talents, no need for people to give him chance, he will automatically get it……..question answered.

      1. I think he’s more stupid than a asshole … I mean come on, you have all the $$$ in the world and you rather go and bring your laptop to get it fix than to buy another one … plain stupid! You are right, I really don’t think he has any talent, his vocals sucks, can’t really act … only thing that striked him into stardom was just his baby face, but that will eventually fade.

      2. Kay: I don’t know tho, I think he wanted to keep those pictures… or recover other “important files”, only reason I would fix my laptop if it broke down

    2. @kwan: True but if he really wanted it so bad, he should of back it up or something, lol

  1. I don’t really care if he should given a chance or not but it seems like the media is not giving him a chance. All we hear is negative news about him. It is hard to look at a brighter side about him. But if I have to choose I guess he should be given a chance.

  2. the media is already on his dark side, they won’t let go of it. hah. Carina sounds like a mom to Edison.

  3. First, Carina is not the smartest woman in the world. So that’s that.


    “What do you guys think? Does Edison deserve a second chance at stardom and by the public? Has he paid up his dues as stated by Carina?”

    Frankly what dues? What second chance? He didn’t do anything wrong in the first place. All the women were above 18 and willing participants. He did not film them in secret and he didn’t upload those pictures. I personally am disgusted with him is because every women he was with, he treated them like some porn star wannabe, a lack of respect with the love of camera is his main problem.

    He has no dues to pay. But his character (“yan bun”) is a suspect and why most public can’t accept him again is because of this. If he wants fame again, he should lie very low, go elsewhere, gain name and come back really famous. Problem with Edison is there are many more young equally talented guys in HK trying to make a name with a more decent background or rather, a more perceived decent background. What he did was not the act of a bad boy. People love bad boys. It was the act of a creep and a jerk. No women like that 2 qualities.

  4. I rmb that Carina was very supportive to EDC during the scandal time.

    I agree with Funn’s comment. The reason why ppl can’t accept EDC isn’t the scandal itself but his action in the pix.

    Because the pix are revealed, anytime ppl see him, they will link him to these pix. It can’t be helped.

  5. If the media have anything to say about it he won’t be given a chance. If he’s not breaking up marriages, he’s sending booty calls or secretly cheating on his girlfriend. The man can’t catch a break when comes to movies in China because the media will attack whatever director offer him a film. Yes, his fashion and music are doing well but that’s where it ends period.

  6. It is really hard to give someone a second chance after they have done what they did. Also, even if people want to it is hard to just forget everything because Edison seems to continue with his perverted ways. It’s like you get a cut, it may heal but a scar is still there…

  7. Really ?! He did not do anything wrong ! Those girls were well aware they were being photographed, so what’s the problem ?! If you take nude pics, be prepared that there are chances of them leaking for the world to see, so you can only blame yourself ! Too bad Edison is was not well known in Hollywood, because if this scandal happened there instead of Hong Kong, he would be the biggest star of all and this whole thing would have given him a great push in his career.

  8. Wonder if Carina were to be one of those who’s nude pictures were taken by him & leaked out, will she be singing the same tune?

  9. Edison did nothing wrong. The public is split on Edison–some like him for his personality and some dislike him for his personality. His weibo has 3 million followers, which means he’s quite a popular guy. It’s not the public that needs to give him a chance, it’s he who needs to give himself a chance in improving his skills in the entertainment world–acting, singing, etc.

  10. I totally believe that everyone in life should be given a second chance PROVIDING they are willing to change and feel remorse of what they have done. Unfortunately in this case, Edison doesn’t seem to feel anything at all and I just don’t like his kinky ways. With regards to Carina Lau. Its sad because I am a fan of hers but don’t agree that she should get too close to the opposite sex now that she is married. Do people nowadays really have to do all this touching and showing of affection in a big way? I think you can be friends with the opposite sex even after you are married but don’t have to do all the touching or kissing even. I am not saying that she has done that but she doesn’t seem to care very much about her marriage right now. Since I got married, I wouldn’t even flirt with another guy, not even verbally as I find it wrong. I think good friends can be supportive of each other without alll this physical thing – thats my view of course and I am sure that a lot of people would say there is nothing wrong with it.

  11. second chance at stardom? hahahaha if he had any talent to begin with he might make a comeback. also if he wasn’t a douchebag he might be accepted again.

  12. Why is Carina having positive feeling for Edison and stuck up for him knowing all these rumors will follow and it’s going to be ugly. She kinda admits there might be marital issues with her and Tony like it’s normal for couples. Would it be a good idea to give your man that kind of stress underneath all the other rumors. I think it wasn’t a smart move from her, there is absoultely no benefits for own relationship which it should be more important.

  13. If he was honestly talented and valuable for the entertainment industry, then I would probably give him a chance. But he’s so disposable. Who cares.

  14. Carina doing this probably to get an attention from her husband. Which is the smartest thing to do and can get backfired.

  15. Yeah I never thought of that; maybe its Carina’s way of trying to get Tony’s attention. I don’t think it will get backfired as he seems a very understanding guy and totally in love with his wife. He was so understanding even when she had those gang rape scandals
    around her so this episode with Edison Chen is nothing compared to back then.

  16. The rumor might be true that they might be in the process of divorce. If not she wouldn’t seem careless about how Tony feels. I mean everyone knows what Edison is. In another hand would she enjoy seeing Tony and famous porn star taking pictures like this?
    When your 45-50 yrs old you long for a different stage of life. In tradition many have had kids…of course it will deeply affect their relationship unless the both hated children otherwise it could be the main reason they are heading for a divorce. Even though you try to lie to yourself is okay but deep down inside it is a big deal for both of them.

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