Edison Chen Turned Black-Faced Upon Hearing Cecilia Cheung’s Name And Shouted At Reporter, “Get Out!”

According to Hong Kong’s media reports, Edison Chen (陈冠希) who was allegedly the main culprit that sparked the change in Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋) and Cecilia Cheung’s (张柏芝) marriage, nearly bumped into Nicholas in the Central district a few days ago.

On July 15th, Edison appeared in Shanghai at the same time as Cecilia did. However, upon hearing Cecilia’s name being mentioned, an enraged Edison Chen immediately went black-faced and shouted loudly at the reporter, “Get Out!” This resulted in the press conference having no choice but to be canceled.

Rumors of Nicholas and Cecilia’s troubled marriage first ignited on May 8, 2011 when Cecilia Cheung allegedly asked to be seated next to Edison Chen and even snapped a photo together on the plane.

In fact, Nicholas, Cecilia and Edison’s fate were quite intertwined with each other. The day before yesterday, July 13th, Nicholas went to the Central district to have a haircut and nearly crossed paths with his foe, Edison. After Edison knew that Nicholas was just around the corner, he immediately left the scene in a rush.

Three days later, Edison flew to Shanghai for a press conference and nearly ran into Cecilia, who was attending the Miu Miu fashion show. Coincidentally, Nicholas’ younger sister, Jennifer Tse (谢婷婷), also flew to Shanghai on July 15th to attend an event.  The fate between the Tse, Cheung and Chen families were intertwined was beyond words.

Security Carried Off Reporter By the Collar

Earlier, Cecilia had a great time at the Miu Miu fashion show, coquettishly snapping photos and chatting with other guests. Cecilia also dined and watched the fashion show and magic performance at the same time and left at approximately 10 PM.

It was known that Cecilia had applied for leave from the drama production team of  The Lion Roars Again <河东狮吼II> to fly to Shanghai to attend the Miu Miu fashion show and there were also rumors that Cecilia will be staying behind in Shanghai to prepare for China’s Dragon TV’s <舞林大会>. However, this was certified to be false by the production team as Cecilia had already left Shanghai yesterday and was expected to reach Ningbo in the afternoon to resume work on the set of The Lion Roars Again.

Edison Chen, on the other hand, attended an event yesterday at approximately 11 AM in the morning. Because he and Cecilia had appeared at the same place at the same time, this resulted in plenty of speculation. A reporter thus asked Edison whether he and Cecilia had arranged to meet up and see each other again. Edison who had previously talked in a matter-of-fact voice about the plane incident with Cecilia, immediately turned black-faced upon hearing Cecilia’s name and fumed loudly to the reporter, “Get out of the room!” and indicated to the security guard to chase that reporter out.

The security guard then used his left hand to grab the reporter by the collar and used his right hand to chase the reporter out. Edison Chen, who witnessed this entire scene, actually secretly snickered. Since the remaining media reporters went silent, there was a stale atmosphere, thus ending the press conference on an abrupt note.

Reporter Complained Edison of Being Ill Mannered

After that incident, the reporter (known by his surname as Luo) who was instructed to be chased out by Edison Chen, accepted an interview and said disgruntedly, “Edison Chen’s security guard used his hand to push me out of the door. I said, ‘Don’t push me. I will walk on my own,’ however he still continued to push me out of the door. I think that an artiste can choose not to answer but he (Edison) had no reason to chase me out like that. He doesn’t treat the media with any courtesy. There is a complete lack of respect.”

In other news, Cecilia Cheung continued to rush work the filming of The Lion Roars Again.  Film investor, Yu Yuxing (余毓兴), expressed that Cecilia will likely complete filming by end of August. The film progress has been going on smoothly within expectations, undeterred by Cecilia’s many requests of taking of leave.

The film production team has also accepted Cecilia’s future request of one to two days’ leave to head back to Hong Kong to look after her sons. Meanwhile, Nicholas has been resting at his hotel for the entire day yesterday. There were completely no sign of any movement.

Source: Sina.com.cn

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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  1. LOL @ the “shut up” from Edison.

    I bet both Ed and Nic are regretted now for knowing Cecilia who is a troublemaker and friendship wrecker lol. Edison might had enough of the disturbance from the media and reporters thus, making him so angry at the conference. I bet he also think Cecilia is nothing now but a troublemaker to him. I personally think Edison is an arrogant person with a straightforward personality.

    As for Cecilia, I hope she’s happy with her current situation after all she did..

  2. Veejay, I totally agree with you about Edison’s character. he is very self absorbed and narcassistic. Tell me something, has he ever made a public apology to the people of Hong Kong, the women in the nude photo scandal and their families? It was the least he could have done, only, he never did it. That says quite a bit about his selfish arrogant character.

    Like I said, it takes two to make a marriage crumble, but for Cecilia to take pictures and asked to be seated next to Edison on the plane was indeed an insult and a slap in the face to Nicholas. What was she thinking of.

    1. I didn’t remember whether did Edison apologises to those women but Cecilia asking to be seated next to Edison is truly a stupid act for insulting Nic. I think she got what she deserves. I’m in full support for Nic… I heard Cecilia is reluctant to have joint custody of the kids with Nic, she wants them all by herself. Not sure if Nic will agree with her request or not though..got to wait for further news.

    2. Call me crazy, but why should Edison apologize to anyone? Those were private photos and they were taken in private with all parties consent. Those girls have no one to blame but themselves, hope they learn from their experience.

      1. Agree with you. Why have people decided that only the women were victims but not him?

        And second, he DID apologise. To the public AND the women.

  3. One small part of my heart feel a tinge of sympathy to Edison. It must be a good day 🙂

  4. Edison looks like he is near death lately, hollowed eyes and ghastly appearance. werent there rumors of him contracting AIDS? i didnt believe it before but it could be true for all we know. he usually doesnt make outbursts like this, maybe he has so many problems, finally lost it.

  5. “A reporter thus asked Edison whether he and Cecilia had arranged to meet up and see each other again. “

    I can’t help but say the reporter deserve it. What a stupid question.

    ” I think that an artiste can choose not to answer but he (Edison) had no reason to chase me out like that. He doesn’t treat the media with any courtesy. There is a complete lack of respect.””

    I thought courtesy and respect should go both ways? You didn’t respect him very much either.

    “Since the remaining media reporters went silent, there was a stale atmosphere, thus ending the press conference on an abrupt note.”

    What event is Edison attending? It’s funny that the media reporters all keep silent after the incident? So, they have nothing to ask Edison beside questions related to Nic/Ceci? What about questions on the event itself?

    1. Kidd, I totally agree with you. Reporters can go overboard a lot of times and expect celebrities to respect and cooperate with them.

  6. I have never liked Edison Chen and have no sympathy for him and he deserves whatever comes his way!

    As for that horrible Cecilia being asked to be seated next to him on the plane. Definitely adding salt to the wound – stupid woman. Has she no feelings for anyone but herself.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that Edison isn’t prince charming in your world, princess.
      But no one deserves to a recieve death threats just because they have slept with many girls. It’s not like he raped those girls. So give Edison a break. Its been years now. Move on.

  7. Pineapple and Veejay, you all are so right. That was such a silly thing to do to ask to be seated next to Edison. I wonder if Cecilia publicly meant to humiliate Nic by doing that. She does get angry and impulsive and does some crazy things.

    @ Fox

    That you Fox for that bit of information. At least he apologised.


    I don’t care much for Edison but, you made some very valuable points, well said. The reporter should indeed ask Edison some questions about the event at least.
    Jim, I guess a leopard can never change his spots.

  8. I only hope that one day Cecilia gets a taste of her own medicine and then she’ll know what its like to be slapped in the face. I have lots of patience and would celebrate if that day ever comes!!!

    1. I wonder if Cecilia ever feels regretted for asking to be seated with Ed? What do you think? She’s losing her beloved husband now.

      1. They can hook up now and make some babies that keeps them busy so we don’t ever have to read any news or see any movies with any of them in the foreseeable future!!!

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