Gillian Chung Loved Edison Chen the Most

Her revelation hurt Juno Mak, who supported and defended her publicly.

With the recent news of Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) and Michael Lai‘s (賴弘國) divorce, many fans are disappointed that the 39-year-old star couldn’t find long-lasting happiness in a relationship. Looking back at Gillian’s romantic history, actor/ director Juno Mak (麥浚龍) was the one partner who stood out the most. He had stayed by her side throughout Gillian’s nude scandal in 2008, which was the lowest point in her life. Although he was ready to do anything for Gillian, Juno was later hurt by her words.

Loneliness Followed the End of Every Relationship

Forming girl group Twins with Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍), the two won the adoration of many teenage fans at the height of their popularity. Gillian has always been known for her beautiful looks, with Edison Chen (陳冠希) and Shawn Yue (余文樂) almost getting into a fist fight over her once.

Soon after joining Emperor Entertainment Group, Gillian started dating Edison and later revealed in interviews that they were together for a period of four to five years. While they were dating, rumors of her being with Shawn Yue and Alex Fong (方力申) surfaced, and more of her various romantic entanglements continued for over 10 years, showing how much Gillian craved security from her relationships.

She said, “My first boyfriend instilled the idea that one dating partner should follow another, so I’d be overcome by loneliness every time I ended a relationship.”

The infamous nude photo scandal in 2008 thoroughly shattered Gillian’s good girl image, nearly destroyed her career, and caused her to be dropped by sponsors, with all her work coming to a halt. The lesson she learned from the scandal was an important one. “I am someone who trusts others easily, true friends are hard to come by and my family would also remind me to be careful of someone or other, now I’d listen and take time to observe someone. This is really important.”

Juno Defended Her Despite Dad’s Opposition

Rumors first surfaced between Gillian and Juno in 2007 when they worked on the set of the film Trivial Matters <破事兒>. Their relationship came to light when the media spotted them wearing similar rings.

With Gillian’s emotions diving to a new low during the nude photo scandal, Juno took good care of Gillian and gave her lots of support. He allowed Gillian to hide from the hounding media at his luxury apartment, and supported her publicly while berating the unethical press and those who disseminated the photos.

There were even rumors that Juno, the son of CCT Telecom Holdings director Clement Mak (麥紹棠), had the intention of forking out $100 million HKD to fulfill her contract and to marry her. Despite his father’s strong opposition to their relationship, Juno remained unwaveringly loyal. Possessing talent, riches, and loyalty, Juno was a great catch by any standards, and many had thought the two would get married after weathering stormy times together, with Gillian becoming a wealthy housewife and finally being able to put her painful past behind. Yet it was not to be.

Gillian Loved Edison the Most

In 2009, Gillian was interviewed on Be My Guest <志雲飯局> when she revealed that she had zero income the previous year due to the impact of the nude photo scandal. As the sole breadwinner of her family, she was immensely pressured but thankful to receive help from Juno and his family. On the show, she described him as “really loyal” and “the most reliable.”

When chatting about her former lover Edison, however, she actually said that he was the person she loved the most. Not being able to win her heart despite giving his all to protect Gillian without regard for her past, Juno was understandingly heartbroken by her revelation.

Source: HK01

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  1. Sounds like she needs a bad boy type who gives her the excitement but is not good for her…Juno and Michael were too “good” for her…

    It’s always the forbidden fruit (in this case she can’t have Edison) is always the sweetest and most loved…

    Can’t see her finding someone like Juno again…

  2. She loves who she loves. Once a man has a hold over a woman’s emotions, no one’s other attributes can win her over.

    Look at Grace Chow. 9 years together. It’s not like she lacks money or options. But Show won her heart.

    Just because a man treats a woman well, doesn’t mean she’s indebted to him with her everything. Unfortunately this is where the idea of Mr. Nice Guy comes in, except most of the time, they’re really not that nice. Likewise, even though Juno was there for Gillian, doesn’t mean she likes him like that…if she wanted to be with him only because he’s nice to her, then that’s insulting him

      1. @hetieshou the same logic applies. I wonder why you brought up that question. Do you know a guy IRL where a woman loves him so much but experienced unrequited love and therefore you’re asking if she deserved that fate? Because if the only reason you’re asking is to somehow take on the mantle for a man’s injustice, then I think you think too low of your own gender, and by default, yourself

      2. @coralie
        Excuse me but I am offended by your statement and you sound like those hardcore feminists. For your information, I have 7 brothers in real life and my brothers have been used and abused by bad women so I see things from a guy’s prospective better than most people do. I do Not think lowly of my own gender or myself as I am a good girl that treats my man well. Unlike many greedy women who always wants the guy to serve them and all that. I believe in equality and I see many people here side with one gender over the other too much. I grew up in a sexist family with all boys but that does not mean I think lowly of one over the other. I like things to be fair but many here always say that men have to chase the women, treat her well,etc. the women should treat their men well too. I remember once my brother got laid off and was struggling to find a new job. His wife who is my sister in law was all complaining about how she had to support him. I then told her that if the husband can do that for the wife, why can’t the wife do that for the husband??? Luckily, my sister in law is modernized so agreed with me.

        Yes, I do know women who loved men that did not return their love. I felt bad for them regardless of gender but everyone needs to realize that love cannot be forced. You can never be happy if you force romantic love.

      3. @hetieshou I do know what I’m saying. Everyone has a right to know what they want. And if someone pursuing them aren’t what they want, they will either reject them or settle. It’s life. Nothing’s fair in love or war. Just because you want something doesn’t mean you’ll get it, regardless of how hard you work at it.

        And as to your earlier comments, I am sorry to offend you, but it does sound like every time you respond to something, it’s to take the man’s position. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does make me think you think so lowly of women that you will take men’s side for everything. I am a feminist, not hardcore, but I definitely fight for women’s rights and try to right wrongs when I see them. But I don’t let my ideals blind me to gender inequality, for men or women. For Gillian and Michael, I did not say Michael’s wrong. I said their issues stem from incompatible differences, but they knew about these issues up front. Michael is just as culpable as Gillian is because they both are traditional-minded and retain that mentality. So what you see as inequality because Gillian spends so much of Michael’s money, is not an issue the two of them necessarily care about because they both agree that man takes care of woman. It’s a moot point.

    1. @coralie True, a man can do nice things for a woman but that doesnt mean he is actually a nice guy. If the spark isnt there it doesnt matter how much of a catch he is in other peoples eyes. Theyre not the ones dating him.

      1. @megamiaow yup. It’s also dependent on what a woman wants in the relationship. some women are happy with a man who is good to them. some women want a man who has a lot of chemistry with them. some women are just happy to have a man, any man. It’s not always straightforward, but at the very least, Gillian did not pursue Juno in spite of his wealth. I think his family is even richer than Edison’s? So in that sense, she didn’t do Juno dirty. She let him know she wasn’t interested.

      2. @coralie I definitely remember the whole Juno and Gillian’s rumors/relationships. Juno was more interested in Gillian at the time as he was pretty much a nobody in the ET world other than coming from a rich family. It pretty sad since there was a sense of feeling that Gillian only settle for him as he was there for her during her low point but as soon as she got on her feet, the relationship was pretty much gone too. Maybe Juno came on too strong and someone like Gillian likes to challenge of chasing the guy like her relationship with Edison. I’m happy Juno found success in his own career much later on though, he didn’t come off as a bad guy.

      3. @coralie
        Do you see what you are saying? You are saying the women wants this and that. What about what the guy wants? It goes both ways…

      4. @megamiaow my friend broke up with her bf of years. Her family didnt understand why, as he was “perfect” in their eyes. But she asked him if he loves her & he couldnt even answer…

  3. It’s sadden for fans that their marriage couldn’t last longer. For whatever reason the separation may be, either “she doesn’t love me anymore” or couldn’t live up to their standards(money/lifestyle/distance), it’s good that they called it quits so they can both move on and start anew. She may have loved Edison with all her heart once upon a time, and maybe, she still does a bit, but both individuals have moved on with their lives. All these speculation to the reasoning why she wanted to divorce was pretty simple, she doesn’t love him anymore. You can fall out of love.

  4. the image they are trying to paint her ex husband as unfaithful, she’s not any better either.

  5. she is so drama and fake. portray herself to be innocent, ignorant and naive but in fact she is not.

  6. They are BOTH not victims.

    I doubt this Michael dude is blind either.
    You marry a celeb with reputation and baggage behind her, you know what you’re in for as well.
    He couldn’t have NOT seen or figured out that she was very high maintenance either.

  7. I do think Gillian probably loves Edison the most of all her relationship based on their long history together. Now, I’m wondering if they would had reconnected and reconciled their relationship if the whole sex scandal never happened?

  8. I was very happy for Gillian to have found her Mr Right and got married. From my perspective, after the Edison scandal, it’s hard to find someone decent and get married. I felt sad for her after knowing she got divorced. But the more I read the news, the more I feel this woman aggravates toward loneliness, greed, wants to prove things, and so on. She isn’t really as innocent as she looks. Although she’s been given a life with good looks, easy way to make money, wide base of people to support her and cover up for her, her life isn’t destined or worthy of someone decent to be by her side. Even when she did, she would not allow these men in her life. She aggravates toward Edison people. Good luck with paying back karma after you played this non celebrity guy all the way to the ditch. If you she was cold feet at time of marriage, then call it off.

    1. @mimi it was reported that she didn’t want to call off the marriage cause Michael and her had agreed on filming a few show already. It’s all about image for Gillian and because she didn’t want to lose face, she went ahead with the marriage in hoping that she’ll fall more in love with him. Idk if it’s Gillian herself (as in it’s just the person/personality) or her bad fortune that she is always caught up in something negative. She literally changed her name several times in hoping for better luck. But she’s very lucky in a sense that’s she has so many people helping and supporting her. Any other company would had given up on Gillian but she’s very fortunate that EEG continues to support and fight her battles for her. Just like Edison when he was in EEG, Gillian is quite troublesome too, the company and the company’s artists keep having to save her from all her unnecessary drama.

      1. @vlol she doesn’t have bad luck at all. She is lucky to have been given chances and being backed up by EEG and her EEG friends despite her uneducated/non thought out actions with zero consequential thinking. Like I said she aggravates toward bad boys and of course with bad outcomes. That’s her life. It’s the life choices that she makes which leads her down this road. BUT luckily, she earns money easily compared to an average person who is educated or uneducated. I don’t hate her but I do dislike her for being so lucky lol. I don’t feel bad for her at all if she can’t find someone, because it’s really her choice to choose not to be with someone

  9. Yes, she had to play the innocent card back then in 2008 as ‘ foolish and naive ‘ I mean what else can she do if she had to get back to the entertainment wagon. She had to blame it on being young and stupid what else? haha lol…I still remember on one of those utube clips of twins having dinner or whatever luncheon gathering w/both twins and the big shot bosses. The big shot stressed how the other twin is always so well planned and pick up the tabs. Obviously, they all seem to think the other one is a bit more matured and had a bit of a better imagine besides her lying thru her teeth on being married/divorced. In my opinion, they both sound like teenagers when they speak/talk no matter how old they are and it was esp bad for this G one. She just didn’t sound right. I don’t know if that’s just the way they speak or whatever but to me they are just in that NEVER grown up mode. haha lol…I don’t know how to describe it so I would be so surprised how popular they are in HK. In any case, let’s just say both are NOT innocent parties here. The guy – First marriage didn’t last very long either so his good looking face might be true w/the flirting but doesn’t mean he did cheat thou and all but I think she’s worse. First of all, even thou I don’t remember much on the JUNO guy but he did seem smitten w her and for her to talk about who she loved the most on national tv after the fact? NOT cool! Let it go, your bad boy will never go back to you period. I think for someone like her in her almost late 30’s and a decent looking guy came along yes let’s just get it official w/o thinking too much.

    1. @wm2017
      Gillian is poorly educated and has been babysitted by EEG since her teenage years. She’s still living in the past and has the teenager mindset. She probably hasn’t read a book for a few decades. I’m expecting her to be quite helpless when the company finally dumps her when she ages. I don’t doubt that Gillian in her 50s will still be dressing like a young girl and dating young men…

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