Shupei Qin Talks About Her Initial Impressions of Edison Chen

When Edison Chen (陳冠希) and Shupei Qin (秦舒培) first started dating, they did not receive much support. With the 2008 sex photo scandal still fresh in everyone’s memories, Edison still carried the toxic image of a bad boy who no one wanted to be associated with.

Edison and Shupei tried to keep a low profile at first. Neither admitting or denying their relationship, it wasn’t until the birth of their daughter, Alaia, when they decided to go public. The couple aren’t officially married yet, but they live and interact like a married couple. Their parents are also supportive.

According to Shupei, her parents were against her decision to date Edison at first. It wasn’t until she forced them to fly over to America to meet Edison when their opinion of him changed.

In an interview for a Chinese fashion magazine, Shupei openly talked about her initial impressions of Edison—and they weren’t bad.

“I watched him yell at a blogger on Instagram, and I thought he was cool and realistic,” she said. “When I first met him at a fashion event, I found him funny, attentive, and extremely smart.”

Shupei and Edison were introduced through a mutual friend, and when they first started dating, not many approved of their relationship. Shupei’s biggest obstacle, however, was her parents. She brought her parents over to America so they could meet him. Edison stayed true to himself, and naturally changed their minds.

“Our love isn’t complicated,” said Shupei. “All we want to do is to be with each other everyday, and do things with each other that make us happy. We do whatever that comes to our minds. There are no constraints. It’s a very comfortable relationship.”

Edison is Shupei’s biggest supporter, and that is why she loves him. “When I’m with him, no matter what I choose to do, he’ll be there by my side to support me. Being supportive is very important, and with Edison’s support, I found my confidence.”

Source: Eastweek

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