Gillian Chung Gains Weight After Divorce

Remaining low profile since her divorce with Taiwanese doctor Michael Lai (賴弘國), Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) recently made an appearance during a live-selling online event. While fans were happy to see Gillian back at work again, many were shocked by the star’s sudden weight gain.

Wearing her hair up during the video live-selling event, Gillian’s bloated appearance distracted netizens from the products she was selling. Many netizens left confused comments as to why Gillian’s face looked swollen. Although the star’s loose t-shirt dress managed to hide her body, it was still evident that she gained a fair amount of weight. Some netizens even accused the event organizer for using a Gillian substitute as they did not believe the woman on screen was the celebrity herself.

Trying to offer an explanation, Gillian asked, “What am I supposed to do to prove to everyone that I’m actually me?” She even tried singing one of Twins‘ old classic favorites as proof.

However, those with good memory would remember Gillian’s weight had fluctuated in 2015 due to hormonal imbalance. Gaining 20 pounds during this time, she ate at least seven meals a day during the worst periods of her hormonal imbalance. Though she had successfully lost the extra pounds in 2018 in preparation for her wedding with Michael Lai, the problem is back gain as Gillian continues to battle hormonal weight gain.

Source: Ettoday

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  1. I have PCOS so hormone imbalance and have gone through IVF and birth control pills.i am not far from Gill’s age and never gained any weight. I know Gillian wanted her husband’s sperm last year. She said her husband was busy opening clinic. Maybe now that she got his sperm and successfully pregnant she decided to ditch him?

    1. @vortex123
      lol, could it be worse to take the child and ditch the dude?? on a different note, hope you get good news soon if it hasn’t already happened.

    2. @vortex123
      If that is the case then that is sad and good luck to you. I have told myself that if I cannot have my own kids then I do not mind adopting.

    3. @vortex123 Her hormonal imbalance could be hypothyroidism which is a common culprit for weight gain. Didnt Christine Kuo go through the same thing?
      They gain weight even if they are eating normal and not hitting the burgers and chips.

      1. @megamiaow
        Very good point! My brother has hyperthyroidism and lost lots of weight until he took medication. Hypothyroidism makes you gain weight but it can be put under control with medication. Yes you gain weight even if they did not overeat.

  2. Some people are crazy. So the girl gained some weight. Not like she gained 100lbs to the point where she is unrecognizable. Come on. Accusing the organizers of getting an imposter. And Gillian entertaining them by singing to prove she is who she is. Really. All of this is so ridiculous.

    1. @gnomageddon IKR?!? She looks normal to me. Sometimes I wonder if it’s the celebs that set “bad examples” for the fans/mass or is it the fans that set “unrealistic ideology” upon the celebs. It’s like what came first, the chicken or the egg?

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