Gillian Chung Hints at Divorce Reason

Just when many believed Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) would find forever with Taiwanese gynecologist Michael Lai (賴弘國), the pair shockingly announced their divorce only 14 months into their marriage. Michael was visibly distressed and heartbroken, but has moved onto a new relationship. As Michael has allegedly gotten engaged to his new girlfriend and is preparing for his third marriage, interest was renewed over his short-lived relationship with Gillian.

In an earlier episode of Chinese variety show Because We Are Friends <​​因為是朋友呀>, Gillian hinted at the reason behind her divorce while sharing her experience on relationships with good friends Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) and Joey Yung (容祖兒) during a holiday trip.

“I have very low requirements for love. The bottom line cannot be any lower than it is already. If you cross the line, then it’s really over–no ifs or buts,” the 41-year-old singer said.

While Gillian did not reveal what her bottom line is, she gave an incident as an example, “There was a time I asked if he could pass me a towel, but he threw it at my face. When I said to him that it hit my face, he ignored me.” Gillian was disappointed in his change in behavior, as he would have expressed his concern and asked if she “was okay” in the past.

For a long period, Gillian felt frustrated with her partner but did not express her feelings often as she dislikes quarrelling. “I don’t like arguing, because I can’t express my feelings in words well. It’s not cold treatment, but more like I’m not bothered to explain.”

Even if she told him that she did not like his attitude, Gillian believed his reaction would have resembled, “Do I annoy you now?” which would automatically start a fight.

Although there were no name reveals, many believe Gillian was talking about her ex-husband, Michael Lai. Gillian’s anecdote was interpreted as shedding some light behind their divorce.

Saddened by her divorce, Gillian is grateful for her friends’ support to help her during such low times of her life. She is thankful for Charlene and Joey for supporting and protecting her.

Source: HK01

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  1. No point talking about old times… You both have moved on… There may be two sides to the coin… But that stays in private domain..

  2. I am just gonna say it. Guy is on 3rd marriage and he ain’t even 40 yet. Girl is 41 yo and doesn’t know how to or doesn’t communicate her feelings when she’s upset and lets it build up. In no universe would this have worked. They just met at the right time and their compatibility was only for a limited amount of time. I think they each have their own strengths and weaknesses but she might need a more patient, insightful, and considerate man while he might need a woman who doesn’t have that many resources because people usually who have a lot of resources are used to getting their way? I could be 200% wrong.

    1. I agree with you, they clearly both have their issues that affected their marriage. Their divorce painted Gillian as high maintenance and demanding but as it’s his third divorce he’s clearly not perfect either.

  3. I mean you know, any guy who’s truly interested in Gillian has already seen her “whole package” if you know what I mean haha…they’re probably trying to see if she still has that side of her since the “scandal.”

    1. Why are you trying to make it out like she’s done something especially unsavoury or sleazy? She had a relationship like any other person in this world. Her pictures were illegally exposed, she hasnt done anything wrong so stop with the shaming.

  4. I hope both of them will move on now that their divorce has finalised, and find happiness with another person. Not all divorces are bad. Sometimes it is better to end a marriage that is toxic and hurtful and just move on. Both comes across to me as difficult people to live with. Hopefully they will learn from the past marriage(s) and learn to become a more supportive and caring spouse.

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