Gillian Chung’s Ex-Husband is Engaged to New Girlfriend

Although a doctor, Michael Lai (賴弘國) has been gracing entertainment headlines due to his former marriage with Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) which ended May 2020. While Gillian had asserted that she will likely never remarry again, Michael allegedly proposed recently and is engaged to former flight attendant Alice. This would be Michael’s third marriage.

History of Being Unable to Stay Married for Long

Despite many news outlets deducing the reasons for Michael and Gillian’s divorce, neither disclosed the real cause. One thing is true – neither of Michael’s previous two marriages lasted very long. His first marriage to Taiwanese influencer Ivy Chao lasted only six months.

Shortly after his divorce from Ivy, Michael started dating Gillian, with whom he had a 14-month marriage before calling it quits. At the time of their divorce proceedings, Michael was quoted expressing his sadness over the matter and still held on to hope of reconciling with Gillian. In addition to the heartache of his divorce, Michael’s mental health also suffered due to the poor performance of his cosmetic gynecology clinic during the pandemic. During this time, netizens noted his tiredness and dropping weight.

After meeting his new girlfriend Alice in August 2021, Michael’s mental health began to improve. His social media also started to liven up, as Michael began sharing photos of activities with family and friends. Successfully proposing to Alice at her birthday party, Michael was said to have asked her to marry him after finding out she is pregnant.

Michael’s new girlfriend, Alice, is a former flight attendant.

Sources: World Journal; HK01

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