More Details Behind Gillian Chung and Michael Lai’s Divorce

Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) and Michael Lai (賴弘國) divorced 14 months after marriage. The former couple did not give a reason for the split, though Michael did say in his Instagram announcement that it was partially because Gillian didn’t love him enough.

But according to sources, their split was more than just because of the lack of love. Earlier, a report said that their marriage started to suffer after their baby plans fell through: in February, Michael had his sperm tested and extracted for in vitro fertilization, but they had to cancel plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A source claiming to be Michael’s friend, however, said they have always held onto different values, and that was apparent since as early as the first day of their marriage. The source said Gillian and Michael had went through two big fights—the first happened in Los Angeles, when they got married. Michael did not like the way how Gillian would always insist to do whatever she wanted. The second happened over the 2019 Lunar New Year: Michael wanted Gillian to spend the holiday in Taiwan with his parents, but Gillian wanted to travel.

When Michael said he wanted to open a private cosmetics surgery clinic with a few partners, Gillian wanted to invest in the clinic as well. Michael, however, would rather borrow money from the bank than to get Gillian involved. Being a shareholder would mean that she would be a member of the board of investors, and Gillian would have strong influence over the clinic’s financial future.

The friend said Gillian and Michael do not value the same things, and thus have different views toward money. The two do not share the same lifestyle. Michael did not want Gillian to spend useless money, but Gillian would not hesitate to spend thousands of dollars on social media celebrities.


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Gillian Chung’s Husband Had Trouble Keeping Up With Her Extravagant Lifestyle

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  1. They obviously got into marriage too quickly. They barely knew that they have such contradicting lifestyles and values.

  2. She definitely obsessed with something that he can’t give her either money or sex just see how she looks at “Edison incident” anyway the more the media digs into this both are getting hammered by negative hate. Both side are playing the victims card.

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