This is What Gillian Chung Has Been Doing While Being Stuck at Home

Quarantine measures in Hong Kong from the COVID-19 outbreak are still ongoing, and many celebrities are still out of work. Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) is Hong Kong, but with her husband Michael Lai (賴弘國) being quarantined in Taiwan, the couple are now separated until who knows when.

Fortunately, social media exists, and it looks like Gillian is relying on it more and more to cure her boredom.

Recently, a netizen who was watching a live stream by a Douyin (TikTok) celebrity, Yu Yanlong (余衍隆), noticed that Gillian, who is a verified member on Douyin, had been leaving comments on his livestream. It turns out that Gillian had sent the influencer over 20,000 yuan in virtual coins, and also a few virtual gifts. Netizens checked Gillian’s Douyin profile, and found that the Twins singer had already give over 400,000 yuan in cash.

Upon realizing that the fans noticed her, Gillian “hijacked” Yanlong’s live stream halfway and chatted with the fans. Yanlong also chatted with her.

Gillian’s reps were reached out for additional comments. Asking if Gillian had been “secretly” supporting Yu Yanlong, the rep said, “Gillian has always been following Douyin influencers. Yesterday’s live stream was her first time sending gifts. She was actually using someone else’s account, so it’s ridiculous to say that she’s already given out 60,000 yuan. All that money wasn’t to just one influencer, but a couple. She follows both female and male influencers. The purpose of gifting gifts is to help them PK. She’s only being supportive. She accidentally sent some gifts to the wrong users, too! She’s just having fun on the app. She’s not trying to be secretive!”

Gillian said she’s only just learned how to use the app. “I was sending gifts to more than one person. I only spent 20,000 yuan that night!”


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  1. well, how is this different from women paying to go see a strip show. she’s bored, nothing else to do plus watching does not mean cheating. it’s funny that people noticed though but nothing wrong morally. btw, this guy is an edision chan lookalike . same bad boy look and facial structure. edison looked better though.

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