Charlene Choi Explains Breakup

Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) had broken up with her boyfriend of six years, rich second generation Anthony Shek (石恆聰)earlier this year. It was rumored a third party, Miss C., had entered their relationship. Many people speculated the woman to be Dada Chan (陳靜) or Miss Hong Kong 2022 second runner-up Joey Leung (梁超怡).

Charlene clarified their breakup was not due to a third party. “As far as I know, he didn’t have any other targets since our breakup. I feel sorry for him–he’s suffering from the slander and has not clarified [the rumors]. We’re still very good friends and often eat dinner together. It’s normal single men and women have people interested in them romantically.”

Asked if there is a chance for them to get back together, Charlene avoided answering directly, “I’m putting aside romantic matters. I don’t have time to think about it right now, but I’m enjoying life. I always had many romantic pursuers, but I’m very picky and now I don’t even have time to care.”

As to whether she already set eyes on someone new, Charlene wittily replied, “If I did I would have answered you. Since I didn’t, you know what’s up. I’m like a 24 hour convenience store! I’ve never been closed.”

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  1. It’s too bad, he’s a good looking fellow! I mean I guess people say William Chan is also good looking, but he’s not my type, so I think Anthony is better looking lol

  2. Looks like Charlene and her twin can’t keep a man for too long. Maybe they are man-blighted, lol.
    There is a saying, just because I may not like something more than the other product, it does not make the liked less product more undesirable.

  3. It feels like a double standard thing to say, but with the kind of success Charlene and Gillian has achieved, they prob won’t accept anything less than perfect (for them.)

    They have all the money they’ll ever need, so it’s not like they need a man for his wealth. So they aim for someone loyal and good for them, but just like the rest of us plebians, relationships are tough and it’s easy to get sick of each other

    1. @Coralie, LOl, Sorry, I have to say it is never my intention to troll you..but I do find some of your comments are slightly similar to my thoughts. Lol.
      I was reading this article early this afternoon and was telling myself. It must be so hard to find a partner when one is rich and successful. Either you date for too long, or too late or date but never have time to get married and 7yrs inch arrives, you breakup. Where else, people like myself. Date, marry and even with ups and downs, we are still stuck together. My marriage is no longer exciting, passionate nor filled with fun surprised. We are just so comfortable with each other, it is hard to imagine how we reached this stage. I bet if I had money, I might have not make so much effort during the down years….
      Conclusion, I am happy to be a normal person in a normal relationship with my very normal man. Lol.

      1. It’s okay :). I’m glad we think alike. There’s nothing wrong with being picky and I’m glad they are. It’s better to find the right partner through multiple relationships than it is to stick to someone they can’t see a future with. But relationships are hard and to stay realistically with one for a long time, esp when choices are abundant, it’s even more difficult. Having money both simplifies and complicates things.

      2. The article is not about rich women finding Mr. Perfect to build a lasting relationship. My comments were based on the fact that Charlene abd Gillian can’t find a man to really settle down with. Then I heard all this baseless rambling about how depending on the financial status of a string, independent woman, a famous obe at that, Charlene or Gillian can choose quality men. That was so irrelevant to the topic and my comment. Funny thing is, it looks like despite their powerful disposition in life, they are still searching for the right one.
        Now I am reading about rich 2nd generation children? Where did they come from hahaha??!!

  4. The money these two women have has not found them that perfection now, has it? It is sad when people believe that celebrities can act and behave as they like because they have achieved game fortune and they have good *looks*, which was created by a skillful plastic surgeon 99^ of the time. It is an affront to women xfor some of us to think that a next to perfect husband can only be obtained if the women have money. Maybe the men don’t find these two so perfect either.
    Love has nothing to do with money or perfection. They simply can’t seem to find their forever love for some reason. Maybe it will happen in later years, who knows. However, for women to think that these two, or any rich woman can seek out perfection in a man because she is rich is first class delusional thinking.
    For the record, poor women want certain things from men too, and they deserve whatever realistic, good qualities they desire.
    Perfection is love, commitment, communication, respect, compromise, sacrifice, a listening ear honesty and faithfulness
    If a man or woman has that in their partner they have the perfect husband whether they are rich or poor.

    1. Surplus of money doesn’t mean happiness, but it sure as heck makes it a lot easier to get rid of the ones that don’t create happiness.

      We all have to make compromises, rich or poor. But when you’re wealthy, those compromises can be on your terms. Hence many wealthy men marry poorer women who will do their bidding.

      Charlene and Gillian don’t need yes men, which is another can of worms, but want to find equitable partners who are self-sufficient and cater to them as well. It’s many times harder for women just based on our preferences.

      Times are changing, though, and many women don’t mind a stay-at-home spouse to look after them instead. But with so many to choose from, like Gil and Charlene, they can also be so much pickier.

  5. It still comes down to however modern we become, money and fame cannot buy love, happiness or so called perfection. Rich women have married rich guys and were not happy. Some have marrued poor or rich guys and were happy. My mom is a business woman, she and dad are extremely wealthy Asians multimillionaires in North American terms. They have been happily married for 32 years. It has nothing to do with my mom being from a prominent family, or looking for perfection. It had to do with falling in love, building a family and being there for each other.
    Like @Hohliu said, the first glow of passion is not there, but trust, commitment and respect and holding your family close and together are still essential for any marriage.
    All the fame in the world will not achieve anything meaningful in a relationship for these two women. Sometimes in life, individuals put the standards roo high of what these celebrity women should have un a man, creating an unreachable plateau that is too unrealistic to attain.

    1. Idk if we’re talking the same points, but being wealthy makes it easier to be pickier about a partner and have higher relationships standards. It also makes it easier to get rid of a partner and pick another one.

      There are very few ultra wealthy couples that last very long. Then again, there aren’t that many ultra wealthy couples either. It does boil down to each other’s values, being able to compromise and stay realistic, but also, having money makes it easier to find a partner or multiple partners (note: not relationship lasting, but just finding one.)

      1. I feel bad for poor people being overlooked as not having the ability or freedom of choice to be picky about their partner. If these women? and other rich women have the ultra luxury of choosing their ideal man, why is it that Charkene, Jillian and many others can’t seem to find a happy, or at keast lasting relationship or marriage?
        Poor women have the choice to be picky too and I know some that settle for quality new. Quality men don’t necessarily mean rich men. Rich nen and women can be riff raff scum too.
        We can’t go around chosing partners for ourselves and rich celebrities based on our social and financial stations. We will never find Mr. Perfect. Maybe some 0f us need to revise our way of thinking.

      2. My GF makes a decent living on her own. She has money, but it doesn’t hurt to add another set of wages to her savings. Because she has everything that can be achieved through individual means, she is exceptionally picky about her partner. She’s been with many partners in her life (rich and poor), but when she was poor, she was much more reliant and accepted bad behavior from her BFs. Now that she’s older, wiser, richer, she doesn’t have to accept anyone who doesn’t fit into her standards precisely because she’s self-sufficient.

        Women in poverty don’t have as much options as those who are wealthy because partners with money is attractive. And they will accept a lot less just because of that. They’ll compromise based on the wealthier partner’s terms and make do with what they have.

        I’m not saying poor women don’t marry for love. They absolutely do. But it’s a lie to say money doesn’t factor into the relationship.

  6. Like I said, I have seen rich women, and men who have all the fame and money in the world, and they still choose crappy, riff raff partners, as they themselves are riff raff. Having all the money in the world does does not mean these individuals will choose a quality partner. That has happened to rich and poor people alike. If life worked like that, Charlene and Gillian would have been in lasting, happy relationships. This kind of strange, backward, outdated thinking is the Asian mentality. It is so sad and funny at the same time that despite all these rich women’s money and fame, they come up short when choosing men of quality and substance.
    Love should never be about money. Unfortunately, that too is another twisted way of thinking for Asians, especially the Chinese.

    1. Sometimes I think them being extra selective and not having a lasting relationship is also indicative that they have high standards. No man or woman can be everything for someone, but rather than capitulate or compromise on their values, they choose to leave. When you see trend of educated women all over the world initializing divorce first, it makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

      Educated women have more self-respect than to stick with a deteriorating relationship. And rich women have more self-worth than to work on a failing partnership.

      Is it being unrealistic to be selective given that information? Is money really not a big factor in relationships, given that money is one of the biggest reasons for divorce? Stats say otherwise, nothing to do with Asian mentality

      1. There is nothing wrong with being an educated, self sufficient woman who has goals in life. I love and encourage such traits in women. Just to clear the record, no woman or Nan should have to sacrifice their values or morals for a relationship. Such a relationship will only lead to hatred and toxicity. There are things to compromise for a partnership but those things aren’t them.
        Being a strong, independent woman does not, and should not give any educated woman a free pass to run from a relationship if there are problems. Both partners should try to work out the kinks in their relationship. Anyone who is going to bolt at the first signs of trouble in paradise, their relationship commitment should be questioned. That person, or persons must be very selfish, entitled and narcissistic.
        Hahaha, such women should say, “hey world, I am not poor, I am rich, (famous), educated, independent and know what I want, so if I see any cracks in my relationship, I am Outta here!!” Wow, double wow. I’m pinching myself to see if I am reading right while I shake my head.

      2. Charlene has been in multiple relationships for many years. I wouldn’t call that running away at the 1st sign of incompatibility.

        All I’m saying is that a woman with resources won’t capitulate so easily and they don’t. You don’t agree which is your prerogative.

        Love is not easy, finding the right partner isn’t easy, but for most regular folks (and women who are older), we might compromise more on a partner than we think. Sometimes even if values align, there are other issues present, for example, maybe the guy is not romantic. A woman who values a man who is good to family, prioritizes his career, etc, but isn’t great in developing the relationship, nothing will change him. And a wealthier woman might or might not accept that. Hence, the breakup. Poor women could do that, too, but they’ll compromise on that more easily than wealthy women, due to many different factors.

  7. All I get from this is pure undiluted disdain and disregard for the relationships of poor women.
    I was born into money from both parents’ sides. However, I am happy to surround myself with the less fortunate. I have seen poor women choose blue collar , hard working, men of quality, with whom they are very happy. I’ve seen rich women who cannot hold down a man after several years and they are searching for quality men. Si ce their education, money and social status gives them so many choices and advantages over poor women, I wonder why they can’t find the right quality men to share their satin sheets with.

    1. I don’t know where you’re getting disdain from. Next to kids, money is the biggest relationship issue. Which part of that is untrue? Who would see money as an issue – usually poor to middle class women. Who would compromise more on values if their spouse is wealthy? Likely the women. It’s the reality.

      Qualified women have a bigger pool of suitors to pick from. They don’t have to settle. So when these relationships can’t sustain due to whatever reason, they just bounce. If anything, I think that says more about the state of quality relationships – very difficult to find a guy who can meet their standards.

      If I were in there shoes, I’d be the same. What’s wrong with aiming high for a partner?

      1. @Coralie @Renren I have to say, being a once divorced person myself. I think the reason I had the courage to divorced from a very unsuitable marriage, he was a very nice guy but a avid gambler. I did not realised how avid he was till much later in the marriage. He too had a habit of cutting me off my close friends who did not approve of him. I was young and naive, but I did wake up…
        I have to say, with my own financial situation then, if I did not have my parent support, I may not dare divorce so easily. But youth then was my biggest assets. I could still make choices and build a promising career.
        I did find someone suitable after dating around 10yrs later. After one failed marriage, I was careful who I would marry. In fact, marriage was something that scares me. I dated a few super great guys but they had no financial means to make me secure. There are many young women who are ready to love and built a family with someone where 2 parties have to work very hard daily to get bread on the table for themselves and family. I was at that stage after one failed marriage, I knew it was just not realistic for me. I rather be single, working and living on my own then being with someone just for Love.
        The older I got and my career sky rocketed, I no longer view Love as pure as I did in my first marriage. But luckily, my found my husband years later, he is younger then me, he does not sweet talk me but he is like a anchor that keeps me from wondering away. And he has means to allow me to work or even not work if I choose not to. Just do what I want. Of course I went on to do alot and set up my own businesses as sitting at home was not my thing.
        I dont regret divorcing as I learn being with a gambler is just risky. Whatever money he may have now, it can just disappear over night, and it had happen before but he wins back, I cannot deal with such insecure emotions. I do know money can play a part in relationships. And I learn my pure first love was not going to make me happy if I stayed on.
        But in my current marriage, there are still ups and downs in my early 15yrs…in fact if it was not my anchor husband, I may just move out of it as I have a habit of wanting to run when I feel scared. But it is this anchor that taught me there are some relationship worth holding on to.
        So I feel what both of you said definitely have truth in them as I have personally experienced to some degree. I have to be honest, after the first gambler, I learnt the importance of money, I do find security being in a marriage where my partner has a higher earning capability to me. Love is important but not the Champagne bubbles…more the aged whiskey. But that really takes time to neuter.

      2. @Hohliu Thanks for the grounded comment! I think the idea that I separate the privileges between normal everyday woman and wealthy women, ticked her off. I thought I was reasonably fair in my assessment. It’s the same kind of arguments you hear from rich 2nd generations who say they work so hard from scratch to get to where they are, with no help from their parents, without accounting for the privileges their parents gave them simply because they’re wealthy.

      3. @Hohliu I love that you’re frank and honest about your wants and needs. Your experiences, while different from everyone, echoes a lot of similarities from what I see. The idea that money plays no part in love is idealistic talk at best. At worst, it’s naive, even if I can admire that sentiment.

        My GF is an idealistic type. She doesn’t care what career her partner has, but even she was scared of leaving when she was in a vulnerable position and her partner had more power financially. Nowadays she doesn’t care and will leave a relationship easily if the guy doesn’t meet her standards, because she can and an unhappy relationship is worse than being single.

      4. @Coralie, relationships are just so tricky. There is no right nor wrong way. I know of abused cased where the partner cannot cut off from their abusive partner because they still feel dependent on them. I learnt after chatting with them, it is for for me to judge. But there are also guys I know whose partner will spend their hard earn money like water but they are still happy spoiling their wives… I know I cannot be in such relationships but there are always people who can. I bet Charlene must have seen or experience different relationship breakdowns that makes her so cautious.
        But I do know money does play in part in my relationship, but not in the sense I want to marry rich. Just need to not worry about bread and butter…the filling of not having enough is just scary. Which is why I never understand how can couples with no money management skills nor even wanting to work to earn money can keep having more and more kids. Isn’t the daily lack of bread and butter stressful??

    2. That is the problem. These narcissistic women know they can bounce from one relationship because there are more fish in the sea, and they don’t have to stick around. That reflects badly on their character, abd women like that are labeled high end bWitches , and deservingly so. They might be in a relationship for a couple of years, but any tension develops and they run away because they are selfish, self entitled narcissists. They never know the joy of making it work because I love this man. In fact, the only person they love is who stares back at them in the mirror. Poor women on the other hand, make a life with their spouse and put the effort in to make their union work because they value the things that really matter in life. They also happen to live in the real world, and they love their men. You have a far out, unrealistic view of relationships and rich peopke. You do seem to have issues with poor women.
      I know many poor women who marry rich men and most of them are still married.
      Maybe your precious rich women might not have what the rich men are looking for, hence the constant break-ups. Wake up and snell the coffee called real life, reality. It can be brutal, hurtful, tough etc. However, reality is honesty which a lot of these fans need a good dose of.
      I’m with @Hohliu when she said she doesn’t worship these celebs. They haven’t made the celeb yet that I will worship.
      Then instead of living in a reality world, the sheep , otherwise known as fans, have their heads buried so far up the celebrities” *rose gardens*, haha that they cone to social media and write the most incredulous nonsense in said celebs’ defence

      1. Men do it all the time, just on the DL. And their relationships don’t get scrutinized the way women’s do.

        Aaron Kwok, the perpetual bachelor for the longest time, and dumped his ex after being together for 10 years. I bet you he had more than one GF before Lynn Hung that didn’t work out, but you don’t hear people say he’s a selfish prick. Same with Leon Lai. And then there’s also Andy Lau, too. None of these guys settled until they were like in their 50s! Are they all narcissistic, selfish and egotistical?

        Maybe they are, but when it comes to finding a partner, and you’re self-sufficient, why settle for less? What about that is so threatening to you? It’s great if Charlene and Gillian just learn to love who they’re with, flaws and all, as there’s a sense of nobleness in all that, but relationships don’t work out for many reasons. Sticking around a miserable relationship is called torture.

        I’m not a Twins fan, idk where your delusions came from. I don’t disdain poor women. I like all women, from all walks of life. I’m just stating facts.

  8. Delusions? I’m not the one who goes around thinking that rich women can settle for top quality men because they have money and fame. I’m not the one who believes that poor women have to settle because they are poor. I’m not the one who seems to have a strong dislike for poor people, especially women. Since these rich women are so fixated on finding quality men because of their social and financial status why are they not with Mr Right at their age?
    What does Andy Lau or Aaron Kwok has to do with the topic at hand? You are all over the place.
    I font like any of these men , and myself along with people not sheeple, gave them hell about how they conducted certain things. You must have been on vacation and missed the social media comments.
    Delusional, Delusional I beg to argue that you appropriated the term, coined it more or less.

    1. They find ones that are right for them right now. The ones who are just good enough. Then if things don’t work out, divorce. It’s not like normal women don’t go thru the same thing, but there will be more reluctance to leave.

      No, you’re def delusional. I’ve always championed women, but that doesn’t mean I’m blind to reality. You think because I spit facts and numbers that it somehow proves I find poor women disdainful. Ever hear that what you dislike in others is exactly what you don’t like about yourself? Nevermind that they’re false accusations.

      I bring up the men because it’s apparent behavior of the rich and famous in all sexes. They have the currency to do what they want. Similarly for women. I even said that it feels very double standard thing for me to say, because while I dislike men like this, I don’t think it’s so bad for women to do, because they can take their time to search for a good enough man for themselves.

  9. The article is about Charlene having trouble with staying with someone. The reason being that she wants to find someone who better suits her. She doesn’t lack suitors, the problem is staying with one long term.

    What are the reasons she has trouble staying with someone long term? Well, contributing factors could be she has unlimited candidates to find her better half, esp since she doesn’t have to be concerned about his wealth.

    Somehow you twisted this into some argument about how being wealthy doesnt have anything to do with her situation and that love has nothing to do with money. That’s something someone who’s out of touch with reality would say. Sure, there are those who don’t care, but majority of us do, hence the divorce stats related to money.

    1. Out of touch is more you. I mentioned that Charlene appears to be man blighted. You are the one who rambled on about money and her chosing a man with money. Funny thing is, the men she was involved with all have money and fame. The article never even mentioned that she is looking for a wsalthy man. You were the one who brought that up. You even brought up how rich women can choose who they want because of their wealth. In that case, I think that Charlene and all other rich women should be happily involved in a relationship. Money cannot buy love ir compatibility, can it?
      You are the one who needs a reality check.
      Has it occurred to you that maybe Charlene is speaking about a man who suits her on a psychological, mental, and emotional level? Have you once thought that she feels something is missing from these relationships to go forward with spending her life with these men? Money was not a factor in her breakups, but you certainly made it look like she wanted a man with money, and she has the pick of the draw because she has money. You are the one who twisted the article. You are the one who is out of touch. My spouse is not from money. My out of touch Asian relatives do not like that. She is from a different ethnic culture who most Asians hate, but I love her and my brother and parents love her and that is all that matters. I could have chosen anyone I wanted, after all, rich peiple have first dibs remember, hahaha, but I chose who I love. I guess I am out of touch for doing that, hahaha.

      1. Okay this is my last reply to you cus I’m tired of debating nonsense. I am saying exactly what you are saying, that she has wealth and therefore riches don’t have to be factored into her relationship, which opens up her candidates pool and therefore, she can have anyone. With plenty of choices, it is harder for her to stay with someone, because what she’s looking for would have to meet her really high standards, and she can have any pick of the litter. It’s precisely because she’s rich that she can choose to leave easily as mentioned above with anyone she’s dissatisfied with. I’m saying affluence makes it easier to have more partners, but staying together is still difficult because she literally don’t need to worry about anything else with the other partner than the stuff she cares about (emotional & physical support.) If that partner doesn’t meet her criteria anymore, then she leaves. Simple as that. Poorer women might have a more difficult time doing that, so they stick around longer even with bad partners.

        At this point, if you don’t understand the logic presented here, there is no point in talking to you.

  10. It is living in an alternate reality world I see… hahaha.
    Of having money and independence means that someone will run at the first sign of trouble in paradise, or this person is conforming to my needs then that partner who is ready to bolt should stay single.
    An individual’s money means nothing if their train of thought on a relationship is like like. It makes them come across as spoilt, out of touch with relationships, entitled and immature. Oh, I forgot, when women are rich, they can behave in such a manner, they earned a free pass to behave that way, haha!!
    Poor women have walked out of relationships too. They might not get a Bill Gate or Elon Musk, but they have left relationships that are not working out for whatever reason.
    You seem to think through the almighty dollar and its so called ability to sustain a relationship. If that was the case, Charlene would have settled into a cozy relationship. Then tell me why she and lots of rich women can’t find these QUALITY MEN you think are the answer to their prayers.
    Quality does not cone from someone’s bank account, just look no further than Donald Trump.
    If Charlene settles for a bank teller, I bet you would wonder why a woman of her financial RICHNESS has settled for him. You would be disappointed in her, wondering if she has gone Loco.
    That bank teller might have those relationship building qualities she is looking for.
    Thank God my parents taught me to see beyond the dollar. Asians still have a long way to go to come into modern civilization .

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