Charlene Choi & Ronald Cheng Divorce on Good Terms

After secretly marrying in 2006 in Los Angeles, USA, Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng will be obtaining a divorce. Despite each of their own sizeable fortunes, the pair separate on good terms and will not split their property assets.

Ronald, the son of billionaire Norman Cheng (CEO and Chairman of EMI Music), owns a million dollar home in Repulse Bay. When Charlene married Ronald in 2006, she could have retired from the entertainment industry and lived the life of a socialite due to Ronald’s wealth.

However, Charlene insisted on working and accumulated a sizeable personal fortune as well. After marrying Ronald, Charlene sold her waterfront luxury home and profited $5 million (HKD) from the sale. She secretly moved in Ronald’s house afterwards. In 2009, Charlene earned approximately $50 million (HKD) from her album sales, movies, ad endorsements, theater engagement, and other sources of income. Charlene is a millionaire in her own right.

With their upcoming divorce, Charlene is eligible to split Ronald’s wealth and assets. However, the pair did not want to argue over financial matters and have decided not to divide their assets.

In a recent press conference, the pair also clarified that the divorce was not due to Ronald’s involvement with a third party.

Source: the Sun

Jayne: How many more secret marriages are we going to hear about next?! Knew Charlene and Ronald were a couple, but never  thought they were married!

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  1. Welcome back Jayne – absolutely loving your articles. I’m so glad someone finally decided to not just simply translate word for word.

    I saw true love in these two and im loving how they didnt want to split the finances and everything.

    My speculation is … charlene is in a third party relationship that ultimately ended the relationship. however, ronald probably was at fault several times in the past which caused charlene to make this move.

    from a girl to girl … i can see charlene no longer loves this man!

  2. Hi pandamao, your theories do sound highly possible. The media is abuzz with rumors about Charlene and Ronald involved in a love rectangle. Some tabloid reports are highly accurate and this may be one of them.

    One thing I do notice is that more “insiders” seem to be talking to the paparazzi a lot more lately. As the paparazzi seems to have revealed many scandals last year and this year (Kenix & Frankie’s scandal, all the secret celebrity marriages in the USA, etc.)

    So many betrayals in confidence…you have to watch who you talk to.

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