Kenny Kwan’s Quarantine Routine at Home

After filming for Female Forensic Scientist JD <女法醫JD> in Malaysia got halted, Kenny Kwan (關智斌) flew back to Hong Kong to begin his 14-day quarantine at home. Recently, he has been frequently sharing his updates on social media. Other than showing his home-cooked meals online, he also posts home workout videos. It turns out Kenny is quite busy even when he’s not working.

On the eighth day of his quarantine, he uploaded a short beauty transformation video. At first, Kenny appeared unshaven with messy bed hair, but he turned into a pretty boy within seconds after he shaved, styled his hair, put on contacts, and sprayed on cologne.

He expressed, “I decided to clean myself up today. I don’t know how I’m so busy every day.”

The singer-actor gets up at 8 a.m. to brush his teeth, wash his face, and make breakfast. Then he starts meditating when the clock strikes 9. At 10 a.m., Kenny exercises until noontime before preparing lunch. After he eats and washes the dishes, he’ll sit on the balcony at 2 p.m. to enjoy the scenery and go on Instagram. At this time, Kenny will also light some fragrance. When it’s 3 p.m., he will ride a bicycle for an hour before taking a cold shower.

Afterward, at 5 p.m., he makes coffee – sometimes while singing. He’ll begin making dinner when it’s 6 p.m., eat it, and wash the dishes all before 8 p.m. Then, he will build figures, play the guitar, read a book, or talk to his friends over Zoom.

“Every day at 10 p.m., I look forward to watching dramas at this time. Why did no one tell me The World Between Us <我們與惡的距離> is such a tearjerker?” Kenny asked.

He’ll take a break at midnight to floss, brush his teeth with the lavender toothpaste that he just bought, and use mouthwash. He then continues to watch shows until he falls asleep.

Many celebrity friends, including Joey Yung (容祖兒) and Paisley Wu (胡蓓蔚), expressed his daily itinerary is very fulfilling.

Source: Sing Tao Daily

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