Bosco Wong and Ron Ng Star in New ViuTV Drama, “White War”

Frequent co-stars, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Ron Ng (吳卓羲), can be seen again in ViuTV drama, White War <戰毒>. The duo are starring alongside Kenny Kwan, Chrissie Chau (周秀娜), Gallen Lo (羅嘉良), and Karena Ng (吳千語) in the action thriller, which premiered on July 9.

Yuen Chun Hin (Bosco Wong), Ching Tin (Ron Ng), and Hui Sau Ping (Kenny Kwan) were once good friends who joined the Police Academy together. Going undercover to infiltrate a drug cartel, Chun Hin is tempted by power and riches as he works up the ranks to become a drug lord. Framed by Chun Hin, Sau Ping goes to prison and sees the downfall of his once wealthy family. Though they were once good friends, Ching Tin is a righteous and ambitious police officer who vows to take down Chun Hin.

Further complicating their friendship is Chiu Ying Ying (Karena Ng), who was Chun Hin’s ex-girlfriend and also Ching Tin’s subordinate in the Narcotics Bureau. Sau Ping also had a crush on Ying Ying for many years.

Filmed in Thailand and Hong Kong, White War promises an action-packed ride. Though drug trafficking and undercover cops are a common theme in Hong Kong movies, White War will dive deeper into the mindset of drug users and explore the many gray areas of moral righteousness. The web drama marks Bosco and Ron’s sixth collaboration together, and Kenny’s first television drama since 2015.

“White War” Trailer

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  1. Anyone know when this drama was filmed?
    Ron should apply for a Guiness world record of having played the most cop roles

    1. @bubbles23 please name all the series where Ron Ng has played a cop. Not calling you out, I think he has played cops in 70% of his roles but I can’t recall most of them

      1. @longhair84 loool what do you mean calling me out.
        If you want me to name series where he plays a cop, I can name these off the top of my head: The Academy series (3), Forensic Heroes 3, Black Heart White Soul, The Four (historical), Flying Tigers (3), this White War, Shock Wave (2 movies), Ruse of Engagement, yes sir sorry sir….. There’s probably more… Idk what’s with the people casting him LOL

  2. At first I thought this drama was going to be another boring cop drama. The storyline is a bit generic but White war is actually pretty good. The pacing is pretty fast it is so much better than flying tiger. The only one that is unwatchable is karena ng she always has this resting b face going on. The mainland actress zhang ya zhuo actually did a pretty good job. Ron is actually way more watchable here. Bosco does a good job as usual. Still waiting for chrissie’s character to show up.

  3. I like the drama so far!! it’s good. I think it s better than the flying tiger series.

  4. There are so many TVB faces in this series that I had to double-check that it’s a VIU TV drama!

  5. Wow didn’t know this was on…

    Trailer looks good,

    10 episodes out , can binge watch , since life after death is finished

  6. Ughh… ANOTHER DRUG/COP/UNDERCOVER DRAMA. Seriously, I’m SO SICK of this genre. I can’t even give these series a chance anymore. There is NO creativity whatsoever left. HK industry has gone down so much this century. They made Infernal Affairs back in 2002. Then for the past 18 years and counting, this is the same genre and recurring theme they overuse year after year, movie after movie, drama after drama. I am so sick of it. It’s such a shame because I still want to enjoy my HK dramas. A good script is hard to come by, I get that. But I’m not even asking for good. Just VARIED. Something different, puh-lease. Smh.

  7. Watched 3 episodes. I can’t go on further. This drama is so trash with the cheap CGI, poor acting and terrible script.

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