Bosco Wong’s “Dead Ringer” Takes TVB Anniversary Slot

Hot on the heels of From Hong Kong to Beijing <香港人在北京>, TVB is slated to air Dead Ringer <疊影狙擊>, the first external production to take the TVB anniversary slot!

A Media Asia-Youku Co-production

Co-produced by Media Asia Entertainment and Chinese streaming platform Youku, 24-episodic series Dead Ringer is one of TVB’s four anniversary dramas this year alongside light-hearted comedy, From Hong Kong to Beijing, Romeo and His Butterfly Lover <羅密歐與祝英台> starring popular real-life celebrity couple Moses Chan (陳豪) and Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), and anticipated The Queen of News <新闻女王>, actress Charmaine Sheh’s (佘詩曼) comeback series.

Charmaine Sheh and Kenneth Ma’s “The Queen of News” is one of TVB’s 2023 anniversary dramas.

The choice of Dead Ringer was an unprecedented move on TVB’s part as it has never featured an externally produced series since the anniversary drama tradition started back in 1979; dramas that have been aired in the slot include some of its most successful homegrown productions Police Cadet ’84 <新紮師兄>, The Justice of Life <他來自江湖>, Journey to the West <西遊記> and A Step into the Past <尋秦記>.

A Calculated Move to Court Bosco?

Meanwhile, the unconventional decision was speculated to be due its star-studded cast comprising many former TVB faces, including male lead Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Derek Kok (郭政鴻), Eddie Kwan (關禮傑), Eric Li (李天翔) and Chun Wong (秦煌), while the successful track record of previous collaborations with Media Asia, as seen in hit series Modern Dynasty <家族榮耀>, was another strong push factor.


TVB’s move is also seen as a deliberate move of paving the way for its former siusang, Bosco Wong to receive overdue “TV King” honors. With his soaring popularity in the Chinese market, the possibility of a collaborative series featuring Bosco, even if in a guest-starring role, could secure much-needed viewership and hype amid a climate of dismal ratings.

Watch “Dead Ringer” trailer:

Source: WorldJournal

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