Aimee Chan Finds It “Embarrassing” to Film With Moses Chan

After marrying Moses Chan (陳豪) in 2013, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) took an acting hiatus to care for the couple’s three children. With her youngest child turning 7 years old soon, Aimee is both excited and nervous in her comeback drama. Aimee’s TVB Anniversary series, Romeo and His Butterfly Lover <羅密歐與祝英台> will be airing on October 16.

In the drama, Aimee will portray two characters – a twin sister and brother. Portraying twins of different genders greatly adds to the difficulty of playing both characters well. Working out at the gym diligently to prepare, Aimee was able to draw a clear distinction between the two roles. As the male twin, Aimee had to shave her hair. Aimee expressed, “The results came out really well. When I looked in the mirror, I really resembled a man.” In addition, Aimee also had to bind her chest. “Binding my chest made it very difficult to breathe. I had a lot of action scenes, so it required a lot of energy.”

As she has not filmed a drama for years,  Aimee felt a lot of pressure due to the fast-paced work environment and it took time “to get into and out of character.”  On the first day, she already had to film more than ten scenes, including a crying scene. “I had to film a lot of scenes for the next four or five days too. Everything felt like a blur. When the lights are in my face, I was nervous even just reciting my lines. I have never felt this nervous before.”  The pressure made it hard for Aimee to sleep and eat well.

Portraying a couple with her real-life husband Moses and sharing several intimate scenes, Aimee said it was quite embarrassing. “I worried for a long time. When we usually kiss, there are not a lot of people watching.”

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  1. She still wears a full face of makeup as a male, those super sharp(?) contoured eyebrows! These days and ages, if you said that’s a lesbian or a transgender, ok. But I ain’t mistake that as a boy, unless it’s a gay boy/transgender again >_> *face palm

  2. I hope she does not keep speaking English in the drama, or worst still speaking annoying Cantonese with English accent

  3. Aimee was never a good actress. It’s the way she speaks and acts. This series… just sounds cheesy and stupid. Pretty sure I’m gonna pass on watching this drama. Would be surprised if it ends up being good.

  4. TVB has had some wacky dramas that I enjoyed, like Ages Apart, so maybe this could be good? But the styling here isn’t working for me, especially on Aimee…. or maybe the photos they’re sharing just aren’t flattering.

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