Aimee Chan to Star in Comeback Drama with Moses Chan

As one of Hong Kong’s most prolific celebrity couple, Moses Chan (陳豪) and Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) are envied for their loving and supportive relationship. While Moses’ career steadily climbed throughout the years, Aimee stepped away from her acting career to focus on her family. After more than nine years of hiatus, Aimee could be making a comeback with Moses in a new drama.

In an interview, Moses revealed that he and Aimee will be playing leading roles in Romeo and His Butterfly Lover. Moses shared, “The producer had wanted to cast Aimee a long time ago, but she rejected a lot of projects to take care of the children. Now the children have grown up and it is a rare opportunity to get a good script. She should pursue her dreams.”

Moses continued, “I actually didn’t want to play a couple with her, but it has been a while since Aimee has acted. If I wasn’t playing the leading male role, my heart will be in pain. In fact, it’s not good if there are too many emotional scenes in the drama as it would leave too little imagination room for the audience. This time, I am the man behind her and supporting her.”

When asked who would be taking care of the couple’s three children – 8-years-old daughter, and 7-years-old and 6-years-old sons, Moses responded, “I actually don’t know. It’s a headache. Maybe it will be their grandparents, or maybe it will be my brother or other relatives.”

Moses also shared the secret to his marriage, “I am very grateful for having Aimee in my life. She is my angel and brought me several little angels. Our values align and we don’t quarrel. There would be disagreements, but we will not say words that will hurt each other. We would calm down first and then listen to each other’s ideas, think in the other person’s shoes, and communicate honestly.”

To keep the marriage strong, Moses revealed that he would give Aimee hugs and kisses every day and would go on annual vacation trips without the kids, “I believe that a family should be filled with love so that children can grow up in a loving environment. The relationship between a husband and a wife is different from the relationship between parents and children. You can’t always focus solely on taking care of the children; you must make time for your significant other and go on dates. You must do it even if you don’t have the time so your relationship can continue to grow.”

Sources: HK01

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  1. I don’t understand paragraph 3: ” If I was not the leading male role is not me, my heart will be in pain.”

  2. Yes I agree very very BAD actress why she coming back!! I’m for sure not watching

  3. Over the past years, I find Moses more and more annoying to watch. Maybe is his strong male opinions. I forget what he had said about other people, but it’s a bit much. His relationship with his wife is giving me a toothache. Why would I want to watch them act?

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