Rainbow Taxi Crew Continues Rescue Mission in “Taxi Driver 2”

Securing high viewership ratings for its first series with its compulsive storytelling, action-packed drama Taxi Driver 2 returns with Lee Je Hoon’s lead character taking his overseas revenge mission to Southeast Asia!

Debuts with Strong Ratings
Premiering on February 17, the second instalment looks to have lived up to its hype by averaging 12.1 percent in Korea. Helmed by director Jang Hoon and scriptwriter Sang-ho Oh, Taxi Driver scored the 4th highest ratings in SBS history for dramas aired in the Friday-Saturday timeslot, with a billion views on YouTube. With the return of season 1’s cast including Kim EuiSung, Jang HyukJin, Pyo YeJin, and Bae Yoo Ram, the new season continues the story of the five who join forces as “Rainbow Taxi” vigilantes to seek justice for the aggrieved using their own methods.

Their new rescue mission sees lead character Kim Do-Ki leaving Korea to locate youths who travel overseas on the lure of jobs, but later vanish.

Mirroring Real-life Events
Disguised in a prim and proper suit, Kim Do-Ki (Lee Je Hoon) looks the part of an aspiring youth searching for employment opportunities when he arrives in a foreign land. Yet another set of photos shows him holding a cup of coffee in a relaxed pose while in a prison setting – raising hope that he is watching baddies get their just desserts with the triumph of justice.

With the first episode paralleling recent real-life news stories of youths from Asian countries including Taiwan and Malaysia being entrapped and exploited after arriving in Cambodia on the promise of attractive jobs, the story pulses with adrenaline and excitement, as Kim Do-Ki puts himself in harm’s way in his attempt to rescue the victims.

Watch “Taxi Driver 2” Trailer:

Source: Korea Star Daily

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